Vigilant Product Overview - Alarmspecialists, Inc. Fire Alarm Systems

Vigilant Product Overview - Alarmspecialists, Inc. Fire Alarm Systems
Fire & Life Safety
Fire Alarm solutions
for today’s buildings
Big value
for small buildings
MC Series low-profile plug-in detectors measure-up to
the quality and performance standards that have made
GE fire detection products the industry’s best price-performance buy available today. Meticulously engineered
to deliver valuable features, superb reliability, and unbeatable quality, these smoke and heat detectors are
low-cost solutions for a wide range of conventional life
safety and property protection applications.
MC Series photoelectric, ionization,
and heat detectors
FireShield panels
and MC Detectors
Small buildings, big features,
unbeatable value
 FireShield remote
FireShield fire alarm control panels demonstrate that
value does not have to come at the expense of quality, and that small building owners don’t have to settle
for second-rate fire protection. With FireShield comes
a full lineup of advanced features designed expressly
for new and retrofit projects that cry out for simplicity,
yet need state-of-the-art protection. These two attributes aren’t mutually
exclusive in a fire alarm
control panel. At least not
with FireShield. FireShield
takes the very best
conventional fire alarm
technology available
today and blends it together with features that
benefit installers, contractors, building owners and
occupants to provide an
effective and economical solution for all small
 FireShield 3, 5,
building needs.
and 10 zone panels
Signature Series
Multisensor Technology
Signature Series
4D multisensor
Intelligent detectors that think for themselves!
Signature Series multisensor detectors don’t simply react to
conditions – they interpret information from several sources
in order to arrive at a carefully “considered” conclusion. This
means that a single multisensor detector can distinguish between a harmless puff of dust and a wisp smoke; between hot, humid weather and a serious life safety condition. What’s more, Signature
Series’ reporting function is so reliable that annual sensitivity testing is
not required, and it’s data communications is so stable that there’s no
need for shielded cable. This means that existing wiring can be used in
most retrofit applications!
Signature Series
automatic device
mapping can be
used to quickly
generate layout or
as-built drawings!
Powerful life
safety control
for mid-size
Intelligent detection,
Conventional detection – or both!
With options that support intelligent or conventional
circuits, or a mixture of both, QuickStart is an ideal
solution for new and retrofit applications alike. New
installations benefit from the widely acclaimed Signature Series family of intelligent devices, while retrofit
applications enjoy the best of both worlds. QuickStart’s
support for both intelligent and conventional circuits
ideally positions this innovative line of control panels for
upgrading an existing system all at once or in stages. In
fact, Signature Series’ unique ability to use existing wiring means expensive communications-grade cable and
costly rewiring is not required in most cases!
Audio ready and networkable!
GE’s networkable MIR2 fire alarm control panel supports
Signature Series intelligent detection, plus audio. As many
as five network nodes combine to up to 960 intelligent detectors, thousands of conventional detectors, and dozens
of remote annunciators. Meanwhile, MIR2 peer-to-peer
network communication delivers unprecedented survivability and rock-solid reliability. Powerful audio rounds out
this robust package with single or dual channel support
for emergency voice paging, evacuation signaling, and
firefighter’s telephones. MIR2 is a single source solution
where network, audio, and intelligent detection come
together in a seamless life safety package.
Innovative Signals
for every application
Genesis wall
Award-winning Genesis Series
notification appliances represent
the rebirth of fire alarm signals
with looks, features, and performance benefits designed for
buildings of today. Wall strobes,
horns, and chimes about the size
of a deck of playing cards offer a
discrete alternative to bulky devices, while speakers and ceiling
models with clean modern lines
blend inconspicuously with their
Though designed for discre-
 FullLight technology (left) immerses
the protected area in light – without the
gaps and dark areas typical of standard
specular reflectors (right).
tion, Genesis signals are also
engineered to command attention. Wall-penetrating high dB
output and patented FullLight
strobe technology immerse the
protected area with levels of light
and sound that
simply can’t
be ignored
– all in exchange for the
lowest current
demands of any
device in their class.
With Genesis horn-strobes
you also save on wiring costs,
thanks to exclusive technology
that delivers independent horn
control over just a single pair of
wires. This important and highly
desirable feature makes it possible to silence horns while the
strobes remain active.
Whether you’re designing for
a new landmark structure, or simply retrofitting a local strip mall,
competitively-priced Genesis
signals bring value, good looks,
and installation flexibility to
every application.
Genesis brings ondemand signaling to
every application with
an unparalleled range of field
configurable options including high/low
dB output settings; wattage tap selections; and selectable candela output and
flash rate – options that put you in the
driver’s seat when time is short, budgets
slim. This means there are fewer parts to
stock, less inventory to worry about, and
the flexibility to meet changing demands
– on the fly – without having to reinstall
equipment or order more parts!
Genesis wall
Genesis ceiling
horns, strobes,
and speakers
Genesis Series
The model of discretion
Whether your building is a multi-story office
building or a single-unit retail outlet, GE has the
products best suited to your application at a
cost that simply can’t be beat...
GE delivers the very best fire and life safety products for your
application with control panels, devices, and accessories engineered to work in unison providing reliable performance and
the features you need for successful installation and worry-free
operation for years to come.
With GE products you’re the one in charge. A wide range
of products gives you the freedom to tailor each system to the
particular needs of the building – and the budget of the building
owner – while flexibility built into every GE control panel leaves
plenty of room for upgrades, expansions, and retrofits long into
the future.
Cost-effective, reliable, and packed with features that
have lead the life safety industry for decades, GE fire alarm systems are the culmination of years of innovation and excellence.
Built on the successes of the past, meeting the needs of today’s
buildings, GE systems and devices remain the first choice for fire
alarm among informed decision-makers everywhere.
Find out more about GE fire and life safety products. Visit www. or contact your GE representative today!
T 888-244-9979
F 866-503-3996
Real value is in the details
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F 519 376 7258
GE is a single-source solution for all your small to mid-size
building life safety needs. In addition to powerful control
panels, economical detectors, and innovative signals, GE
offers a full range of exquisitely-engineered input/output
modules and accessories, as well as special-application
products ideally suited to even the most demanding applications.
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F 852 2142 5063
T 32 2 725 11 20
F 32 2 721 86 13
Latin America
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F 305 593 4300
© 2007 General Electric Company
All Rights Reserved
Signature Series, and Genesis Series
are registered trademarks of GE
Security, Inc.
Whether your installation is as simple as a single
room, or as complex as an office building, we have what
you need to make the most of your life safety dollar. That’s
because each of our accessories have been designed to
work in concert with one another and with our control
panels. No more compatibility issues to plague your workday. Just the simplicity of a family of products designed to
work for you, not against you.
From hazardous location devices to control
relays, from manual stations to batteries, you can rest
assured that every product meets same high standards of
quality and reliability that has gained GE a reputation as
the leader in life safety technology today.
door holders
Signature Series
imagination at work
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