TW158 Leaflet - Maritime Stress

TW158 Leaflet - Maritime Stress
Compact Thermocouple Welder Type: TW158
The TW158 is a capacitance-discharge welding unit used for the attachment of thermocouple wires
to a work piece. It is a more compact alternative to larger, heavier units but has the same energy
The only difference with a compact unit such as this is a slightly longer charging time.
Manual and Auto (Hands Off) operation
Variable energy level from 20 to 50 Joules
Runs on 4 x AA Alkaline batteries
Low battery LED indicator
Auto switch-off after 3 minutes to conserve battery
Output voltage maximum is a safe 60 Volts at 50 Joules
Lightweight padded carry case (Includes shoulder strap, belt loop and tool storage)
Unit weight approx. 1.2 Kilos
On/Off Switch: Turn Off when not in use to conserve battery
Auto/Manual Switch: To select Auto (Hands-free) or Manual (Push Weld) operation
Energy Control: Set to required weld energy (example: 25 joules for 0.7mm wire)
Weld Button: For discharging energy in Manual mode
LED Indicators: Show Wait (While charging), Ready and Low Battery conditions
To weld a wire to a steel body, the magnet is used to make a return contact.
The thermocouple wire is stripped back and the pliers are used to grip this wire about 15mm from the
cut end.
The ‘charge’ button is pushed and released. After a short time the LEDS change from ‘charging’ to
The thermocouple wire is held firmly against the steel surface and the ‘weld’ button is pushed . This
welds the wire to the steel body (Auto Mode: Weld is made automatically 1.5 seconds after contact).
The energy setting knob is used to set the required energy for different wire diameters.
Eye protection is recommended to guard against molten metal spatter when weld occurs.
The weld spark could be a source of ignition for flammable liquids or gases so ensure the TW158 is
only used in safe areas.
Avoid looking directly at bright spark when making the welded joint.
Ensure the thermocouple wire is not connected to any control equipment as these might be damaged
during energy discharge.
Ensure batteries are fitted correctly according to polarity markings on compartment. Internal damage
may result from wrong fitting.
The TW158 unit is NOT waterproof so avoid water ingress to front panel.
Clean unit using slightly damp cloth or, for tough stains, use cloth impregnated with WD40 cleaner.
Size: 137mm wide x 190mm long x 45 height (Excluding leads and carry case)
Weight: 1.2 kilos (Including batteries, leads and carry case)
Battery Type: 4 x AA cell (Alkaline 1.5V recommended for best performance)
Weld Voltage: 37 to 60V (20 to 50 joules output)
Charging Time: Approx. 15 seconds at 30 joules
Battery life: Approx. 300 welds at 30 joules (Fresh batteries)
EMC: EN61000-6-1:2001, EN61000-6-3:2001
LVD: EN61010-1:2001
Product is WEEE compliant
Note: Product is NOT user serviceable. Please refer to seller for repair.
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