SlimLite Series - Dual-Lite

SlimLite Series - Dual-Lite
Emergency Lighting Unit
Catalog Number
Models available in black finish
The snap-together design of the injection molded housing and
many other labor saving features make SlimLite truly “contractor
friendly.” SlimLite’s aesthetic design incorporates a contemporary
low profile appearance which facilitates its use in limited space,
complementing today’s interiors. A 6-volt premium grade sealed
lead-calcium battery ensures maximum performance.
Standard Features
Model Number
• Easy to install
• Sleek, low profile design
• Flame rated, UV stable thermoplastic housing
• Bright white finish
• 6 volt, T-5 incandescent lamps
• Acrylic fresnel lens provides a focused beam pattern
• Adjustable lamp socket • Maintenance-free battery
• Universal 120/277VAC operation
• Fully-automatic, temperature-compensated, solidstate charger
• Reverse polarity and short circuit protection
• AC lockout
• Low-voltage battery disconnect
• Test switch and AC-On light
• Temperature range: 20°C to 30°C (68°F to 86°F)
• Meets ADA specifications
• UL 924 Listed
SL1 SL1-V Standard Model (6V, 12W - 120/277V)
Voltmeter Model (6V, 12W - 120/277V)
Options (Add suffix to catalog number)
-B -6H Black Housing
6 Watt Halogen Lamps
Accessories (Order Separately)
Vandal Resistant Shield
Wire guard
5 1/8"
(13 0 cm)
11 3/4"
(29 8 cm)
2 1/4"
(5 7 cm)
SlimLite Series
Emergency Lighting Units
Unit and Lamp Housings: Unit housing, back plate, lamp
housings constructed of flame-rated, UV stable thermoplastic
Finish: Textured white or black finish
Lamp Type: Incandescent wedge base type
Lamp Voltage: 6 volts
Lamp Wattage: 5.4 watts
Rated lamp life: 100 hours
Type: Maintenance-free, lead-acid
Power Consumption
120VAC: 6.0 watts
277VAC: 6.0 watts
Light Source
The unit is furnished standard with two 6 volt, 5.4 watt
incandescent T-5 wedge base lamps. Adjustable lamp
socket allows for maximum control of light distribution.
Acrylic fresnel lenses provide a more focused beam pattern,
generating more light at a greater distance than
conventional lenses.
Unit Wall Mounting: The unit back plate provides a universal
knockout pattern for mounting to outlet box. Keyholes are
also provided for securing unit housing to wall surface. A
single knockout is provided on top of housing for surface
wiring connection. Unit back plate mounts to 31/2”, 4”
octagon, or 4” square outlet boxes and standard plaster
rings. A built-in quick connect AC plug in the back plate
makes all AC connections when the unit is plugged in.
Molded-in latches allow the unit to securely attach to the back
plate without need for additional screws.
Wiring: Built-in quick connect “AC” plug eliminates unnecessary
wire connections.
Operating Temperature Range
SL1and SL1-V models: 20°C to 30°C (68°F to 86°F)
Input: 120/277VAC, 60 Hz. (standard)
Charger: Constant voltage, current limited, temperature
compensated type
Transfer: Solid-state design
Built-in Protection: Short circuit, reverse polarity, AC lockout,
transformer isolation and low battery voltage disconnect
Battery Recharge Cycle: Per UL time standards
Test Means: Integral test switch
Indicators: LED AC-On indicator
UL 924
Warranty Unit and Battery
Electronics Full Pro-Rata
3 years
SL1, SL1-V
2 years
8 years
Suggested Specifications
Self-contained emergency lighting unit shall be Model
_________ constructed entirely of flame-rated thermoplastic
in textured (white)(black) finish. A universal mounting plate
shall allow fast, easy wall installation to 4" square or 31/2" and
4" octagon outlet boxes as well as standard plaster rings. A
built-in quick connect AC plug in the back plate will make all
AC connections when the unit is plugged in. Molded-in latches
will allow the unit to securely attach to the back plate without
need for additional screws. A universal transformer shall
allow operation from 120 or 277VAC, 60 Hz sources. Lamp
housings shall be fully directional. Emergency illumination shall
be provided by two 6 volt, 5.4 watt T-5 incandescent lamps
and shall be positioned on adjustable sockets to allow for the
control of upward and downward light distribution. Emergency
power source shall be a fully rechargeable, maintenancefree, lead-acid battery. Electronics shall include a solid state
charger with regulated charge voltage, current limitation,
temperature compensation, and short circuit protection. A low
voltage disconnect and AC lockout will also be included in the
electronics. During normal operation, the unit’s charging circuit
will maintain the battery at full capacity. Upon interruption
of normal AC power, the unit shall automatically switch the
emergency lighting load to the battery. Emergency power will
be provided for a minimum of 90 minutes. During emergency
operation, the battery shall be protected from deep discharge by
a low-voltage battery disconnect circuit. Upon return of normal
utility power the unit shall begin a recharge cycle. The charger
will bring the battery to full capacity within acceptable UL time
standards. A manual test switch will allow a user-activated test
at any time.
Optional equipment will include:___________________
Units must comply with all UL 924 and NFPA 101 Life Safety
Code requirements.
Dimensions to be 51/8" (13.0 cm) high x 113/4" (29.8 cm) wide
(max.) x 21/4" (5.7 cm) deep.
Product Selector Guide
Output Watts
AC Input
Catalog Output
Number Volts
Hours Hours Hours Hours
SL1, SL1-V
Standard Remote
Lamp Capability
Dual-Lite •
A Hubbell Lighting, Inc. brand with representatives’ offices in principal cities throughout North America.
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