50` Serial/Power Cable

50` Serial/Power Cable
#99-02 Released March 18, 1999
50' Serial/Power Cable
SMART Board™ 500 Series Cables: Using Extended
Serial/Power Cables
Preventing Electrostatic Discharge Damage
When modifying or extending the 20' serial/power cable (#93-059-00) supplied by
SMART Technologies with SMART Board 500 series systems, precautions must
be taken to ensure that the new serial cable is grounded from connector shell to
connector shell. Systems in the 500 series require a ground path through the
serial/power cable. When working with the Board, users may introduce static to
the system via the Board or the SMART Pen Tray™ tool sensors. Without the
static ground path contained in the serial/power cable, the SC6 serial controller
inside the Pen Tray may be damaged. Therefore, when modifying the serial
cable, this ground path must be maintained. Refer to the following figures for
details on cable construction.
In this Bulletin
P1 DB9 (female) to P2 DB9 (female), P3 DC Socket
Pin Assignments
Warning Regarding
Modifying or Extending
the Serial/Power Cable
Warning Regarding
Using External Power
List of Serial Cable
Options that Can Be
Ordered from SMART
Solution to Noisy
Writing when Using
External Power
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+5 to +12 VDC
TxD to PC
RxD from PC
DTR from PC
Signal GND
(Not Used)
RTS from PC
DC power GND
Static Ground
DB9 Shell
P2 (PC)
2 RxD
3 TxD
DB9 Shell
Center Positive
Outside Negative
IMPORTANT: It is critical to maintain the ground path in the serial cable to avoid
damaging the internal electrical components of the SMART Board. Any extended
cables not supplied by SMART must be connected to a cable that is supplied by
SMART at either the Board or the computer end. Orientation of the SMART serial
cable must be maintained with P1 directed towards the Board and P2 directed
towards the computer.
If you are unable to provide a static ground path through the extended serial
cable, an external power supply with a ground connector to the building ground
must be used as an alternative. A suitable grounded 12 VDC power supply (#60012) is available from SMART Technologies. If you are using a power supply not
provided by SMART Technologies, ensure that it has the same characteristics as
the 12 VDC power supply listed on page 2. The power supply must also have the
negative polarity outside barrel of the 12 VDC coax connector connected to the
ground terminal on the AC power cable to provide the static ground path.
Alternative to the Keyboard Power Cable
The keyboard power cable (#93-061-00 (PS/2), #93-062-00 (XT) or #93-060-00 (Mac)) supplied by
SMART Technologies can only be used with a serial cable to a maximum of 20'. Any extra length
beyond 20' could limit the Pen Tray voltage to less than the 5VDC necessary to power the system. If
you need to extend the serial cable beyond 20', you must connect an external power supply to the
power socket (P3) in the DB9 connector to the PC serial port (P2) to provide the required voltage.
P1 (DB9 female to SMART Board)
P2 (DB9 female
to PC serial port)
P3 (power socket)
external power supply
Keyboard Power Cable Connecting to Power Socket in Serial Cable
An external power supply must have the following characteristics:
2.1 mm inner diameter — positive center post
5.5 mm outer diameter — negative outer barrel
6 VDC to 12 VDC output
minimum 200 mA output
IMPORTANT: It is critical that the 12V power connector polarity be observed. Reversed polarity will
open the internal fuse in the serial cable, thus destroying the cable. The fuse has been molded inside
the hood (P3) of the serial connector and cannot be repaired. If the fuse inside the serial cable is
open, the green LED power light on the hood of the cable will not illuminate. Power will not reach the
SMART Board, and the Ready Light on the Board will not illuminate.
Serial/Power Cable Options
The following serial/power cable options are available from SMART Technologies:
20' serial cable — #93-059-00
4' serial cable — #93-079-00
50' serial cable — #93-067-00
Angle adapter — #93-078-00
12 VDC external power supply — #60-001, North America 120V
— #60-004, Europe 230V
— #60-005, UK 240V
— #60-007, Japan 100V
— #60-010, South Africa 240V
— #60-012, universal, grounded
NOTE: The angle adapter is used to adjust the direction of the connection made between the Board
and the serial cable by 90 degrees. When using the adapter, the connection may be made horizontally
from behind the Board, rather than from below. Two adapters can be used together to place the serial
cable connection behind the SB5 if the Board is installed 0.75 inches away from the wall.
Noisy Writing Solution when Using External Power Supplies
Pen Trays containing v6.6 firmware may have difficulties with some unregulated 12V external power
supplies because the unregulated output exceeds 18 VDC, resulting in noisy writing. If your Board has
problems with noisy writing, first complete the following steps to identify the firmware inside the
SMART Pen Tray:
1. Open the SMART Board driver window.
2. Select Error Log from the Board menu.
3. Select the Version Info button.
4. Information similar to the following will be displayed.
COM 2 check sum: 0x8916
COM 2 hardware version: 6.6
COM 2 hardware model #: 130/6
5. Locate the firmware version inside your Pen Tray. The firmware version listed above has been
To resolve the noisy writing problem, you should use an external power supply with 9 VDC output. You
can purchase these power supplies locally or contact SMART Technologies to make arrangements to
receive the appropriate power supply.
NOTE: If purchasing a 9 VDC external power supply locally, ensure that it has the same
characteristics as the 12 VDC power supply listed on page 2.
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