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Personal FFT Analyzers
The jog/shuttle cursor, a wheel that combines the functions of a rotary
knob and a shuttle cursor, provides easy menu window setup operation.
The CF-4210Z/4220Z FFT analyzers can be used as OK/NG judgment
machines on production lines simply by installing the comparator
output card that is available as an option.
The incorporation of a 6.4-inch LCD screen has enabled a considerable
reduction in device weight (a reduction of 30% when compared with
the previous models, CF-4210A/4220A).
Personal FFT Analyzers
The CF-4210Z and CF-4220Z are
single-channel FFT analyzers that are equipped
with a range of basic functions.
There are two models available: the standard CF-4210Z model and the more sophisticated CF-4220Z
model that is provided with a microdot connector for direct sensor input and a floppy disk drive.
The optional comparator function (CF-0460Z) enables the CF-4210Z/4220Z to be used as OK/NG
judgment devices on production lines.
Built D screen
uttle y
J for eas
curso operation
Standard type
Lig sy carry
for e
Direct sensor input, floppy disk drive
provided as standard
1. 16-bit A/D conversion, 85 dB (typ) dynamic range
2. 20 kHz real-time analysis function (CF-0430) provided as standard.
3. OK/NG judgment is performed with respect to the power spectrum, 1/1 and 1/3 octave calculation results.
4. Up to a maximum of 16 blocks can be specified as the judgment area.
The comparison judgment method can be selected from five types: level, maximum value, area percentage,
5. segment
overall value and peak level.
6. The judgment results can be displayed on the LCD, or output using a relay contact.
Six types of functions such as Start, Start Comparison Judgment, and so forth can be freely used for the
7. contact
8. NG data can be saved automatically to a floppy disk (CF-4220Z only).
Note: The CF-0460Z option is required for points 3. to 8. above.
The comparator function demonstrates
its power on production line OK/NG
judgment applications.
The comparator function is available as an option (CF-0460Z).
A judgment block is specified for the amplitude level, and then contact output used to perform
OK/NG judgment of products on a production line.
The reference parameter used by the comparator is the rectangle
defined by the upper and lower frequency and level limits (hereinafter
referred to as "block"). Judgment is performed with respect to this
block. The maximum number of blocks that can be specified is 16.
The judgment level can be specified as (1) Upper limit value only, (2)
Lower limit value only or (3) Both upper and lower limit values. The
block's peak value or partial overall value can be used to perform
comparison judgment.
With this judgment method, a judgment area block is specified on the
power spectrum and one of five types of judgment methods selected
for OK/NG judgment. Control can be performed via transmission
through an RS-232C or other interface. A maximum of six types of
relay contact input functions can be used, and control in combination
with a sequencer can also be performed. The judgment results can
Acceleration pickup
be output via contact output to configure a system in combination
with an inline tool such as a rotating warning light or alarm.
Built-in contact input/output functions
The comparator function enables output of the OK/NG results. In
addition, it can be used as an external remote control function. By
registering GPIB commands to each of the six contact input terminals,
external control can be performed of such functions as start/stop,
changing of the judgment parameters, and so forth.
Comparator setup window
When evaluating product quality, it is not possible to judge phenomena such as sound frequency shifts
and level variations, the effects on rotational frequency caused by motor eccentricity, or the variations in
Why judgment using
FFT analysis is
the tapping sound caused by the generation of cracks from the overall sound and vibration levels or
from simply viewing the levels of specific frequency bands. For this type of evaluation, frequency
analysis performed by an FFT analyzer is essential. If the CF-4210Z/4220Z models have been
equipped with the CF-0460Z comparator function, a window specifying the frequency range and the
upper and lower level limits can be set up (up to a maximum of 16 blocks can be specified for the
judgment area) and the judgment method selected from the five types available: level, maximum value,
area percentage, segment overall value and peak level.
Crack inspection of flexible pads, castings, metal plates, etc.
The tapping sound changes if there
are any cracks present in
homogeneous material. A microphone
is used to measure the tapping sound.
Frequency analysis is then performed
and the results used to judge whether
any cracks are present.
Motor OK/NG judgment
The vibration frequency varies slightly
if the motor shaft moves eccentrically
or if an abnormality occurs. The
spectrum area percentage with
respect to the area defined by the
specific frequency band and by its
upper and lower limits is used for
OK/NG judgment.
Hammer tap
Acceleration pickup
MI series
Judgment of mobile phone ring tones
Note: An amplifier with a built-in acceleration pickup can be used for direct input.
Estimation of the resonance frequency of components
Spectrum harmonics are used for the
OK/NG judgment of the sound quality
and level of mobile phone ring tones.
OK/NG judgment is performed from
the power spectrum used for analysis
when the components are shaken
prior to assembly.
External generator
Anechoic box
MI series
Judgment of turbine noise level
Continuous monitoring of rotational fluctuations
The noise level generated by the turbo
fan is held at peak-hold level. This
level is then used for OK/NG judgment.
The rotational fluctuations that occur
when film or paper is being wound
onto a roll result in bad production lots.
The amplitude value of the amount of
rotational fluctuation is monitored
Sound level meter
Roller encoder
Turbine plate
System configuration
Sound analysis
• Microphone: MI-1211/1233/1431
• Microphone preamp: MI-3110
External control
• 2-channel sensor amp: SR-2200
Judgment display
Input /output of
judgment control
• Sound level meter:
LA Series
Comparator card
Option (CF-0460Z)
Vibration analysis
• Acceleration pickup:
NP-3000 series
FDD (CF-4220Z)
Vibration analysis
• Acceleration pickup:
NP-2000 Series
Direct sensor input
Voltage input
• Charge amp:
Model variations
• CF-4210Z
• CF-4220Z (Direct sensor input function and floppy disk drive are provided.)
Processing functions
Time-axis waveform, power spectrum, phase spectrum, 15 band 1/3
octave, 5 band 1/1 octave
Probability density function, probability distribution function
Input section
• Number of input channels: 1
• Input signal connectors: BNC connector (front and rear panels)
Microdot connector (CF-4220Z only)
• Voltage range: ±10 mV to ±50 V, 12 ranges
• Dynamic range: 85 dB (typ)
Analysis-related specifications
• Frequency ranges: 1 Hz to 40 kHz, 19 ranges, and Zoom (CF-0431)
• Number of sampling points: 1024
• A/D resolution: 16-bit
• Frequency resolution: 1/400 of the frequency range
• Real-time analysis: 20 kHz standard (CF-0430)
Trigger section
• Trigger modes: Free, repeat, single, one-shot
• Trigger source: Internal or external
• Trigger position: Specifiable in one-point increments within the range of
-1024 to 1023 points
• Trigger level: Specifiable in ±1% increments with respect to full scale of the
voltage range
Secondary processing calculation functions
Frequency axis differential/integral function, power spectrum density,
partial overall, arithmetic calculation using memory waveforms
Averaging processing
• Averaging modes
Time axis waveform: Summation averaging
Power spectrum: Summation averaging, exponential averaging, peak hold
Phase spectrum: Summation averaging
Octave: Summation averaging, exponential averaging, peak hold
Probability density function: Summation averaging
• Number of averages: 1 to 8192
3.5-inch floppy disk drive (CF-4220Z only)
• Number: 1
• Format: MS-DOS format (1.2 M/1.44M)
Display function
• Display: 6.4-inch liquid crystal display
• Waveform display mode: Single frame, dual frame, two overlaid frames
• Display functions: Y-axis auto scaling, Y-axis manual scaling, maximum
value display function, search function, ∆ cursor function, list display, label
function, setup display, etc.
Memory section
• Screen data block memory: 30 frames maximum
• Panel condition setups: 4 types
Comparator function (Option CF-0460Z)
• Functions that can be processed: Power spectrum, 15 band 1/3 octave, 5
band 1/1 octave
• Specifiable maximum number of blocks: 16
• Comparison judgment: Level, maximum value, area percentage, segment
overall value, peak level
• Output of judgment results: When the judgment is OK: contact closed;
when the judgment is NG: contact open. Please note however, that the
OK/NG logic can be changed.
Display of judgment results: The OK/NG judgment results can be displayed
on the LCD.
• Automatic saving of NG data: When the judgment is NG, the data can be
saved automatically to the screen data block memory or to a disk (in
common with the auto store function)
• Relay contact input: Six functions such as Start, Start Comparison
Judgment, and so forth can be freely used as the ON/OFF switch.
• Interface: RS-232C
General specifications
• Power supply: 90 to 264 VAC (50/60 Hz)
• Power consumption: Approx. 50 VA
• Operating temperature range: 0 to +40˚C
• Storage temperature range: -10 to +60˚C
• Outer dimensions: 200 (W) x 292 (H) x 396.4 (D) mm
• Weight: CF-4210Z; Approx. 4.4 kg
CF-4220Z; Approx. 5.2 kg
• CF-0460Z: Comparator & RS-232C card
Outer Dimensions
* Outer appearance and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
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