Integrated Solutions DigiGate™ Controller and Accessories System

Integrated Solutions DigiGate™ Controller and Accessories System
Controller and Accessories
System controller (Syscon) and software
Together, the system controller and software form the
foundation for the facility’s access control, site security, and
facility management. DigiGate™ systems have proven their
dependability in thousands of installations around the world.
The system software provides flexible management tools that
accommodate a wide range of operational needs. The system
controller monitors, processes, and stores tenant activity.
Site graphics
The DigiGraphics site graphics program provides a high definition
display of the facility. See all access system activity as it happens,
complete with unit numbers. DigiGraphics is customized to the
facility and easily updated as the business grows and changes.
Built with stainless steel faceplates, touch-sensitive keys, and
comprehensive optional add-ons, the attractive and reliable
Digitech keypads have no moving parts, making them durable
even under extreme conditions.
Door Alarms
Hard-wired door alarms provide reliable individual door security
solutions that protect your investment and the valuable
possessions of your customers.
Access Control
System Features
 UL Listing in the United States and Canada. CE Mark for
approved distribution in the European Union.
 Scalable system design for tailored solutions.
 Vandal resistant and virtually indestructible.
 Two-way intercom communication.
 Built-in surge suppression and power backup.
 Access options include code, card, and radio control devices.
 Control of multiple sites from a single remote location.
Integrated Solutions
Products and services from PTI Security Systems can be configured
to address every facility’s unique requirements. A Digitech access
control system is particularly valuable in conjunction with:
 Intercom systems, to connect the office with remote locations
and enhance convenience and security.
 Gate operators, to automate entry and exit, control traffic flow,
and provide authorized access.
 DigiGraphics gives site managers the ability to monitor all units
in the facility from the office.
Controller and Accessories
DigiGate-700™ and DigiGate-485™ system controllers are equipped with built-in surge suppression and automatic
power backup. The controller links with most management programs and controls devices for access and exit, timed
activities, and alarm monitoring. The controller can interface with a PC for report generation and
tracking of customer activities. It operates independently of the PC, even if the PC is turned off.
The DigiGraphics site graphics program provides a high definition display of your site for tighter
control and more marketing power. See all access system activity as it happens.
DigiGate keypads offer a variety of options including built-in intercoms,
customizable LCD display screens, proximity readers, and card readers.
Some models feature an on-board tamper switch, device operating relay,
two independent alarm inputs to the system, 4-ine display, and easy wiring.
Door alarm systems, with hard-wired door alarms on all units, will attract
customers by increasing site security and creating a sense of comfort.
Owners and operators can increase revenues by commanding higher rates
for secured units and differentiating the facility from competitors.
Integration with Industry Management Software: Select the management software program that works best for your operation.
Access control: Take advantage of capabilities for flexible gate operating hours for weekdays, weekends, holidays, and other special settings. Set gate hours with
complete around-the-clock access, selective special-hours access, or specific gate hours only.
Single Computer Operation: Save office space by utilizing the DigiGate-700™ software in conjunction with other programs on the office computer.
Information Backup: The DigiGate-700™ system does not require a dedicated computer. All tenant information is stored on the DigiGate-700™ system
controller. If the office computer fails, the DigiGate-700™ system continues its access control functions.
Flexible Management Capability: Deter tailgating, prevent delinquent tenant access, change access zones, and run multiple reports with only a few mouse
clicks. DigiGate-700™ access control software can control multiple sites from a single location. Use multiple codes per unit or assign multiple units per code.
Multiple Hardware Options: Choose from a variety of attractive keypads, proximity readers, magnetic card readers, and 26-bit Wiegand devices to control access
to gates, doors, and elevators. Software accommodates up to 64 keypad/time zones and 4000 alarm points.
Technical Specifications
Information for DigiGate system controllers, DigiGraphics site graphics software, DigiGate keypads, and Digitech door
alarm systems can be found in the technical and installation documents for each product. Contact the Customer
Support and Services department at or visit the website listed below.
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