How It Works - Anywhere Cart

How It Works - Anywhere Cart
Introducing the all-new
Intelli-Sense now available on:
• AC -Plus-T
• AC -Slim
• AC -Max
The new Anywhere Cart Intelli-Sense Charging System is
designed to more efficiently charge your devices while also
creating a plug and play environment for any and all educators.
• AC -Pro-II
• AC -45
• AC -Manage
How It Works
1. When the cart is plugged in, the Intelli-Sense Charging System will automatically turn
itself on and begin sensing the carts total power needs within 3 seconds.
2. The Intelli-Sense Charging System will go into power discovery mode to sense the
amount of power necessary for both groups A and B.
3. The Intelli-Sense Charging System will detect which bank needs more power. The
bank requiring more power will start charging until that bank is 1 amp less than the
other bank.
Quick Start Guide
1. Plug in device charging adapters so there
is an equal number in Outlet Groups A
and B.
2. Set Intelli-Sense timer to “Smart”.
4. The Intelli-Sense Charging System will switch charging to the other bank and charge
that bank until it is 1 amp less than the initial bank that was charged.
3. Plug in cart.
5. This will continue cycle until the total amps drawn from both bank A and B are 6
amps or less.
The Intelli-Sense timer will auto sense the
charging needs of the cart and start charging
in the most efficient and quickest method.
6. Once the total amps draw are at or below 6 amps, the The Intelli-Sense Charging
System will turn on both banks A and B and charge all devices at the same time until
they are fully charged.
7. When all the devices have reach full charge status, the Intelli-Sense Charging System
Cart will go into trickle mode to ensure that all devices will have a full charge
when deployed.
Once your devices are charged, it will
go into the trickle charge mode costing
you about $.03 per day to keep 36
chromebooks charged.
(Cost based on $.10/kWh)
An AC-SLIM cart is plugged into the wall by teacher.
- Cart turns on within 3 seconds and senses the power needed to
charge group A and B.
- Group B will start charging again and bring the power from 4 amps
to 3 amps.
- Group A requires 8 amps to charge their devices and Group B is
requiring 6 amps.
- Since both A and B are now requiring 3 amps each, for a total of 6
amps, both Groups A and B will charge simultaneously until all devices
are charged.
- Group A will get the power first and charge from 9 amps down
to 5 amps.
- The cart will then switch to group B and charge that down from 6
amps to 4 amps.
- Group A will then receive the power again and charge the devices from
5 amps to 3 amps.
- Once the devices are fully charged, the cart will go into a trickle mode
to maintain a 100% charge. If the power were to shut off for any
reason over night, once it was restored in the building, the Intelli-Sense
Charging System would detect the power and turn itself back on and
follow the same power sensing and charging flow as above.
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