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Tecom Challenger System
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Tecom Challenger System
Disarming your System
Disarming your system is turning off those devices which would cause an alarm if they were left on when the
building is occupied.
Note that the security system is not necessarily turned off but that other devices may still operate which will
cause an alarm under different circumstances.
Disarming changes your system to Access. i.e. The area/building is occupied and the security system has been
set to allow normal access.
The disarming procedure will vary depending on how your system is programmed.
The recommended OFF/ON option is described in this User Guide.
Each arming station controls specific area/s
Only the area/s controlled by an arming station can be disarmed at that arming station.
Each PIN will only be authorised to disarm specific area/s.
When a disarming procedure is used, only the area/s assigned to the PIN will be disarmed.
If at any time during the disarming process the console sounds 7 quick beeps and displays the word
unsealed, refer to the section on Unsealed Inputs.
On entering the area, the system will allow you a pre-set time to disarm before an alarm occurs.
If there is a current alarm condition when you disarm your system, the alarm will be reset. To determine
the cause of the alarm, use the function Quick Alarm History.
OFF/ON Operation
To disarm the system, you must specify that you are entering an area, by using the OFF key.
Disarming Procedure:
Before commencing, the display must show:
There Are No Alarms In this Area
Enter your pin Press -
The result of step 2 will depend on:
Whether the system has been programmed to display the areas assigned to you PIN.
Whether the areas to be disarmed are sealed.
Areas not displayed:
If your system has not been programmed to display the areas assigned to your PIN, any of those areas
which were armed, will now be disarmed (provided all inputs were sealed).
The display will return to that shown in step 1.
Areas displayed:
If the areas assigned to your Pin are displayed, any of those areas that are armed will be listed. e.g.
0 – All 1, Office 2, Boardroom 3, Workshop
Enter Area:
From this display you have several options:
Disarm all areas
Select All armed areas listed
This will disarm all the areas assigned to your PIN and which were not already disarmed.
The display will return to that shown in step 1.
Disarm individual areas
Enter the area number
Press -
This will disarm the selected area immediately and remove it from the display.
If there are more areas than can be shown on the display the list will now show the next area.
You may disarm any of the areas listed by selecting them in this way.
When disarming is complete, press ENTER to return to the display shown in step 1.
Cancel the function
Press -
This will cancel the function and return you to the display shown in step 1. If you have already disarmed
areas prior to using this function, the areas will remain disarmed.
Display more areas
Press -
This will display the next armed areas in the list and update the information. Select form these areas to
disarm the individual area (as shown in (b.) above) or continue to press NEXT to view all the areas and
return to the first display.
The area light(s) will extinguish when the disarming procedure has been successful.
Reset an Alarm:
Resetting an alarm is the same as the disarming procedure except that the initial display will show:
Steps 2 & 3 of the disarming procedure can then be followed.
If the reset function is successful:
The area light stops flashing and returns to the off state.
The display will return to “There are no Alarms In This Area”, or the custom text programmed
for your system.
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