Plugging the CHAdeMO Charge Connector

Plugging the CHAdeMO Charge Connector
Plugging the CHAdeMO Charge Connector
1. Take the connector out of the charge connector holder.
2. Hold the grip and align the insertion guide of the connector with the
groove on the vehicle’s charge port.
3. Insert into port until it reaches end.
4. Pull the lever and ensure it enters the lever holder and is locked into
5. Commence the charging sequence.
Unplugging the CHAdeMO Charge Connector
1. A red is illuminated while charging. Make sure it goes off after the
charging session has finished.
2. Press the release button and make sure the lever returns to its original
3. Once again, press the release button and pull the connector out of the
vehicle’s charge port.
DBT CEV Rapid Charger
Operating the Rapid Charger
1. Press the ‘charge vehicle’ button to commence charging.
2. The user can either charge the vehicle with the maximum charging session (100%) by
pressing the ‘start charge’ button or set his/her own charging parameters(see step 3).
3. While setting your own charging parameters, user can set the charging time by ±5 minutes
and the charging level by ±5%.
4. Validate to get back to the previous screen and press ‘start charge’ button.
5. The charger will prompt you to connect the charging connector into the vehicle’s port.
Follow the instructions on the screen or read ‘Plugging the Charge connector’.
6. Validate to go the next step.
7. Before starting the charging session, the rapid charger synchronizes with the vehicle to
check the battery state and parameters. This step will determine the amount of power
needed for recharge.
8. As the charging progresses the screen display the charging time and level elapsed. Real
time charge voltage and current are also displayed.
9. Once the charging session is finished, put the connector back into the holder using the
instructions on the screen or read ‘Unplugging the Charge connector’.
 Users can stop the charging session anytime by pressing the ‘stop charge’ button.
Do not attempt to pull out the plug while charging.
 You can insert the connector before and go to the screen menu or insert the
connector prior to step 1
 Most car manufacturer’s recommend charging to 80% on a Rapid charger for
longer battery life.
Charging Station Etiquette
‘This is an EV charging station. Only park in the EV parking if
charging a vehicle.’
1. Vacate a parking location once charged and make available for others.
2. Unplugging a plug-in hybrid just because it has a standby gasoline
engine is not acceptable.
3. Never unplug anybody to plug yourself in, unless you notice that the
other vehicle is fully charged. If you do, leave a polite thank you note.
4. In case the vehicle is not charged, park alongside and leave a note for
that owner to plug your car in after his/her session is done.
5. Always leave ‘OK to unplug when charged’ note if you plan to be away
from your vehicle. This would ensure that other EV owners don’t get
held up and can safely unplug your fully charged car to charge theirs.
6. If using a standard 10 Amp socket on the distribution box please use
the middle parking bay.
7. Always Practice safe charging and report any problem.
Figure - Alexander Street EV charging station
Charge Connector
Parts and Functions
Operations Panel
Emergency stop
DC Charge
Charge cable
Figure - Rapid Charger
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