Solar irradiance, 0-1500W.m-2
PV system output Vdc to 300V
PV system output Idc to 300A
Monitor charging circuits, PV (photovoltaic) cell, DC
motor, and many other applications.
Data stored in non-volatile memory.
Complete with Electrosoft energy
analysis software
Memory capacity of 32,000 (True RMS) values per
channel (10bit), up to 300 days continuous recording.
Sealed to IP65/NEMA 12/4
Selectable averaging period from 1 second to 60
1V – 5V < 2% of reading
6V – 60V < 1% of reading
60V – 300V ~2% of reading
Kit includes data logger, fused voltage input leads, DC
current probe, pyranometer, USB lead, 12Vdc PSU,
Electrosoft software and a carry case.
The advantage of Electrocorder products over most
others is that our Data Loggers constantly sample
information (recording the Minimum, Maximum and
Average reading) over the set period. Many other
products only take ‘snap shots’ of what is going on
and can miss 99.9% of the data that is critical to your
Electrocorder Model: PV-3
The PV-3 is specifically designed to accurately monitor one DC
voltage channel, 1V to 300Vdc and one DC current channel -10A
to +10A, -100A to +100A. This allows you to monitor charger
performance and PV (photovoltaic) cell output, as well as many
other applications like DC motors.
peaks and troughs which are one cycle or longer.
Setting up the Electrocorder PV-3 is easy, suitable for non-technical
staff. Using the supplied (free) Windows software, Electrosoft, input
the location details for the logging and choose the logging period.
Electrosoft will print the necessary dispatch/ return documentation
including user instructions. All data is included in a database
of dispatches and returns, allowing you to track the location of
multiple loggers.
The recorded data is uploaded to a PC via the supplied USB cable.
Using Electrosoft, the recorded current levels with dates and times
can be viewed in both tabular and graphical form, exported to a
spreadsheet or saved to file. Graphs can be printed showing the
recorded levels and the allowable tolerance bands. These results
may then be discussed with the customer.
Why is the Electrocorder better than other similarly priced
competitors? The Electrocorder range uses a constant sampling
technique, unlike the single reading of competitors. When the
loggers start to record, they sample every channel 16 times per
cycle, a cycle is 16ms at 60Hz. At the end of each averaging period,
3 quantities are saved for each channel: the True RMS average, the
Max, which is the highest cycle value during the period and the
Min, the lowest cycle value. This means that it will record all the
The voltage and current levels are stored with dates and times. With
the backup battery, the Electrocorder can continue to record for up
to a year.
On the logger, recording is signified by a flashing green light.
A red light advises users that the unit has completed recording.
The PV-3 has a current range ±10A & ±100A.
Technical specifications (subject to change without notice)
Recorded Values
Records minimum, average & maximum irradiance, voltage & current
Minimum And Maximum Time Resolution
Always 20ms
Supplied Pyranometer Sensor Accuracy
±2% of range
Measurement Range
Irradiance Measurement Accuracy
Typically 5% of range
Pyranometer Input Lead Length
16’ (feet)
Voltage Measurement Range
1 to 300Vdc
Input Impedance
Voltage (Dc) Measurement Accuracy
1V – 5V < 2%, 60V model, 6V – 60V < 1%, 60V – 300V ~2%
Voltage Input Lead Length
6’ (feet)
Current Measurement Range
±10A & ±100A selectable range
Current Measurement Accuracy
<5% of selected range
Current Input Lead Length
4’ (feet)
Sampling Frequency
800Hz (every 1.25ms)
Data Recorded
Avg, max & min irradiance, voltage & current values during the averaging period
Memory Capacity
192kB able to record 32,000 levels per channel
Memory Type
Non-volatile SEEPROM
Memory - Averaging Period & Duration
1 sec to 60 mins (1 sec gives 2 hrs logging, 60 min gives 300 days logging)
Real-Time Clock Accuracy
Greater than 0.001%
Battery Life While Logging
Unlimited – 12Vdc PSU option & battery backup or 1 day on battery power only
Battery Type
Unit contains four 9V Alkaline batteries (E-Block, PP3, 1604A)
Communications Interface Type
Environmental (Temp & Sealing)
-10C to +40C or +14°F to +104°F, Sealed to IP65
Warranty & Calibration
All Accsense Electrocorder products carry a *Lifetime back to base warranty
covering manufacturing defects and component failures. Each unit is
individually calibrated during testing.
*Refer to website for full terms and conditions.
8437 Mayfield Rd.
Chesterland, OH 44026
T: 800.956.4437
F: 440.729.2586
Emissions EN55022:1994B, (EN50081-1:1992).Immunity EN50082-2:1995,
following the provisions of EMC directive 89/336/EEC. Recording std
EN50160:1994. LVD 72/23/EEC with respect to EN60065. (IEC-61010).
All models certified (light industrial, 3V/m).
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