• -40 to 302°F Range • Dishwasher Safe to 190°F • IP65 Water

• -40 to 302°F Range • Dishwasher Safe to 190°F • IP65 Water
• -40 to 302°F Range
• Dishwasher Safe to 190°F
• IP65 Water Resistant
• On/Off Switch
Measuring Range
Accuracy Display Resolution
Response Time
Auto Off
Display Size
Digit Size
Probe Size
Minimum Immersion
Water Resistance
Battery Life
Product Size
Operating Range
• Max/Min Memory
• °C/°F Switchable
• Includes Pocket Clip
-40 to 302˚F (-40 to 150˚C)
±0.9˚F (±0.5˚C ) between 14 to 212˚F ( -10 to 100˚C), otherwise ±2.7˚F (±1.5˚C)
Approx. 6 seconds from ambient to 32˚F
After 1 hour
0.35 H x 0.71 W inches(9 H x 18 W mm)
0.28 H x 0.14 W inches(7 H x 3.5 W mm)
4.8 L x 0.1 dia. inches; reduces to 0.67 L x 0.06 (1/16") dia. inches
(125 L x 2.5 dia. mm; reduces to 17 L x 1.5 dia. mm)
Approx. 0.25 inch (6.4 mm)
3 volt, type CR2032 or equivalent x 1 piece (included)
5,000 hours continuous use
7.9 H x 1.02 W x 0.8 D inches (203 H x 26 W x 20 D mm)
32 to 190˚F (0 to 88˚C)
Instrument Operation
Press the
button to activate the thermometer. The unit will turn off automatically
after 1 hour to save battery life.
Insert the stainless steel probe to the desired depth. The measured temperature will
be shown on the LCD display within 5 to 6 seconds.
To Select ˚F or ˚C
Press the ˚C/˚F button on the back of the thermometer to select the desired
temperature unit.
Press the MAX/MIN button to read the last highest / max temp measured.
Press once more to read the last lowest / minimum temperature measured.
Press once more to return to normal display.
Press and hold the button for three seconds then release to reset the memory.
MAX and MIN are reset when the unit is powered off.
Battery Installation
Replace the battery when low battery symbol 'Bat' flashes.
Replace with a 3 volt, type CR2032 button cell battery or equivalent.
Use a screwdriver of suitable size to open the battery cover on the back.
Install the battery observing the correct polarity.
Close the battery cover.
Care and Cleaning
Clean the probe immediately after each measurement to avoid cross contamination.
If there is erratic operation, press the RESET button on the back of the thermometer.
Do not expose the entire thermometer to temperatures over 190˚F (88˚C). Do not
leave inside ovens. Not submersible.
Technical Support
For warranty, service, and technical assistance, please contact ThermoWorks’
Technical Support at (801) 756-7705 or email at [email protected]
For additional cooking tips and doneness temperatures, and to see the full line of
ThermoWorks tools, visit our website at www.thermoworks.com.
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RT600C Super-Fast
Digital Thermometer
Made in China
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