Innovative Solutions
for Real World Security
How It Works – A Simple Step-by-Step Process
CyberLock is a revolutionary electronic key-centric locking system
designed to track and control access.
Step 1
Replace existing mechanical cylinders with CyberLock cylinders.
Each CyberLock is an electronic version of a standard mechanical
lock cylinder. Installation is as simple as removing the original
cylinder and replacing it with a CyberLock cylinder. Installation requires
no wiring nor batteries, making installation quick and easy.
Step 2
Assign a CyberKey to a user. Keys are programmed with access privileges
for each user. A standard key holds a list of locks the user may open,
with a schedule of days and times when access is allowed. For instance,
the key can be programmed to allow access from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on
weekdays and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturdays. It can also be programmed
to expire on a specific date at a specific time for increased security.
Step 3
Access locks. When a CyberKey meets a CyberLock, the cylinder
is energized and an information exchange occurs to determine if the key
has access to that specific cylinder. The event and time is stored in both
the lock and key. Lock cylinders and keys also record when an unauthorized
attempt to open a lock occured.
Step 4
Download audit trails and update keys via Communicator devices.
Expiring keys regularly ensures users frequently update their
keys. When validating keys, the system downloads the audit trail
and uploads new access privileges to the key. An expired key will
not work until it is updated.
Step 5
View audit trail. The CyberLock system is managed centrally
through CyberAudit software. Customized audit reports and automatic
notifications on suspicious activities can be automatically generated via email.
CyberLock is an innovative lock system that
seamlessly converts existing mechanical locks into
a full-featured access control system consisting of:
•CyberLock cylinders
•CyberKey smart keys
•Communication devices
•CyberAudit management software
CyberLock Electromechanical Cylinders – High security
electronic lock cylinders provide beyond-the-door capabilities.
Over 370 electromechanical cylinders have been designed
for doors, cabinets, padlocks, containers, equipment, safes, and more.
• Cylinders retrofit into existing mechanical hardware.
• No wiring or battery required at the lock.
• Controlled access with audit trails provided even during power outages.
• The most recent 1100 access events are saved to cylinder memory.
Unlike mechanical pin-based locks, CyberLock cylinders have a unique
design that negates standard lock picking tools.
•Encrypted access codes bind cylinder to one system.
• Unchangeable unique ID within each cylinder cannot be duplicated.
• Multiple high-security options are available.
CyberKey Programmable Smart Keys – Electronic keys store
individual key holder access permissions.
Efficiently packaged in highly durable fiberglass-reinforced cases.
•Power from key energizes cylinders.
•Rechargeable or replaceable battery options are available.
•Saves thousands of access events to key memory.
Administrators may set expirations to minimize risk due to lost or stolen keys.
• Keys contain encrypted access codes that bind key to one system.
•Scheduling can range from standard to custom schedules.
•Keys cannot be duplicated.
Communicators – Serve as the interface between CyberLock hardware
and CyberAudit management software. Communication devices
download the audit trail from the key and simultaneously update
it with new schedules, permissions, and system information.
Having a variety of communicator options available allows organizations
to create the right balance between convenience and security.
• IR Encoders and USB Stations connect directly to an available USB port.
•WebStations and CyberKey Authorizers connect over a network
from remote locations without a computer.
•CyberKey Vaults store unprogrammed keys until programmed
and released to an authorized user.
•Smartphones enable remote employees to update keys in the field.
CyberAudit Software – Manages both the CyberLock, key-centric solution, and the
hardwired Flex system simultaneously. CyberAudit software is available in two software
packages: Enterprise Basic and Enterprise 8.0. Both software versions are categorized
by the number of key holders and can manage thousands of users and locks.
Enterprise Basic
Enterprise Basic is an excellent choice for small-to-medium-sized companies that need
key control and reporting. It brings a few of the essential features of Enterprise 8.0
in an easily manageable platform.
Enterprise 8.0
The full version of Enterprise 8.0 is a feature-rich management software, ideal for
large, complex, and geographically widespread installations. Enterprise 8.0 offers
all of the features of Enterprise Basic as well as advanced options like Bluetooth
and Wifi CyberKeys, and the ability to share locks with other Enterprise 8.0 users.
CyberLock Flex System
The Flex System enhances the CyberLock product line by adding the capability to control
a variety of access control and security elements using both Flex System modules as well
as third party access devices:
Open a door
Activate a light
Sound an alarm
Activate a camera
How does Flex work?
The Flex System is comprised of a variety of modules that can be mixed and matched
to create a custom access control system. The modules are plugged into a Hub which
is directly connected to CyberAudit management software.
The Flex System Hub
The Flex System Hub connects with CyberAudit software and provides
power to the Flex System modules. Embedded memory in the Hub
stores access permissions and saves audit trail information, enabling
continuous operation even when a network connection to the
software is interrupted. Moreover, power outages can be mitigated
by connecting a back up battery or auxiliary power source directly to the Hub.
The Flex System Modules
There are a variety of Flex System modules
available for a customized access control system:
• Input modules such as RFID readers and Keypad
Displays can be used individually or combined for dual-credential door access.
• Weather resistant key vault modules can be installed in the field to securely
store CyberKeys for convenient remote employee access.
• The multi-function Keyport module simultaneously activates electric door
strikes and updates CyberKeys.
The Flex System Door & I/O Module
The Door & I/O module expands the capabilities of the Flex
System even further. As a door controller, it provides power to
an electric door strike and unlocks it when an approved key card
is presented. It has additional inputs and outputs that can control relay
devices such as alarms, speakers, cameras, or sensors. Finally, it can connect
to compatible third party Wiegand devices such as HID readers and biometric scanners.
CyberLock in Action
Increasing Service, Efficiency, and Quality
New Zealand Post uses subcontractors to collect mail from 5000 street
receiver boxes throughout the country. Collections are to be done on
a set daily schedule, but New Zealand Post had no way to determine if
and when the mail was being collected. In addition, any lost key required
that all locks in that series of street boxes had to be replaced, at great
expense. CyberLock was chosen as a cost-effective way to provide
the accountability and key control they needed.
“The CyberLock system has greatly enhanced the security of our customer mail
and allows us to manage subcontractor service performance.”
Ian - Letter Acceptance Network Manager
Protecting Critical Infrastructures
Water treatment facilities have diverse access control requirements
that include main entrances, storage areas, office doors, gates, computer
cabinets, and restricted chemical areas. To meet EPA water security
guidelines and increase facility security, Collier County Water Department
selected CyberLock for its versatility, increased security features, and ease
of installation.
“With CyberLock, we can provide substantial proof to the Health Department
and EPA that we are diligent in our efforts to secure our facilities and keep
the public water supply safe.” James - Technical Support Professional
Accounting for the Cash
The transit authority in the greater Cleveland area had a problem with
misplaced keys to the fare boxes on their buses. A review of the collection
reports indicated that a significant amount of money was not making it to
the bank. Although there was no way to detect if these missing keys were
being used to raid the fare boxes, their absence provided a wide hole in
loss prevention efforts. The CyberLock system was selected because it
addressed their primary concerns of key control.
“The bottom line is that the collected revenue ratio has increased
and employee productivity has improved.” Scott - Transit Police Officer
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