IDC-767IR Outdoor Megapixel Night

IDC-767IR Outdoor Megapixel Night
Outdoor Megapixel Night-Vision
Network Dome Camera
Hardware Installation Guide
Package Contents
Dome Camera
Quick Installation Guide
Software CD
Mounting Bracket
Power Adaptor
IDC-767IR Outdoor Megapixel Night-Vision
Network Dome Camera
Brief product information and quick
IP Surveillance Software
Intelligent IP Installer
User Manuals
Language Packs
Three plastic anchors and screws,
Alignment sticker,
4pin I/O connector
12V DC, max 9W
Hardware Description
Conduit hole
Cover screw hole
Dome glass
Cable gland
Terminal block connector
(digital input / output)
Analog video
MicroSD / SDHC
memory card slot
Power connector
(12 V DC)
Power Indicator LED
RJ45 Network
PAL / NTSC video
out mode selector
Cable gland
Factory reset
Thread-lock sealing nut
LED Indicators
SD Card
On = Network link
Flashing = Network activity
Steady red for booting up process
Turns blue upon completion of start-up
Flashing during firmware upgrading
Off when press reset button is pressed
Steady orange means SD card is ready
Flashing when SD card is being accessed
Factory Reset
Reset: With the camera turned on, press the reset button briefly to
reboot the camera, or hold the reset button for 10 seconds to set all
settings back to factory default values.
Digital In-/Ouput & 12 V DC Power Input
Hardware Installation
a. Install the hardware
1. Connect the adaptor to the supplied 2pin I/O terminal block which
shows positive and negative polarity on it. Please make sure the
marked red wire should connect with the positive polarity or device
won’t work. If you are going to use a PoE injector as the power source,
then you won’t need to perform this step.
2. Loosen the tamper-proof screws using supplied special hex wrench and
remove the dome cover from the rugged dome. Be careful do not
scratch the cover glass.
3. Disassemble the cable gland.
4. Thread the network and I/O cable (power/digital input and digital
output) through thread-lock sealing nut, claw (using the claw to round
all cable) and cable gland. To seal all cable in the claw part tightly in
case of water leaking.
5. Attach the cable gland to the conduit hole on the side or bottom of the
rugged dome. Push the claw into the cable gland and tighten threadlock sealing nut to secure the cables.
6. Use the supplied blind plug to fill unused conduit hole.
7. Use the cable gland is optional. For vandal-proof requirement of the
cables, use vandal-proof conduits instead.
b. Wall mounting and Ceiling mounting
1. Attach the alignment sticker to the wall/ceiling and drill three pilot
holes through the three circles on the sticker into the wall.
2. Hammer the supplied plastic anchors into the holes.
3. Align the three holes on the base of the camera with the three plastic
anchors on the wall or ceiling, then insert the supplied screws into the
corresponding hole and tighten them.
b. Connect all cables
b1. Power over Ethernet (PoE)
1. Using a standard RJ-45 network cable, connect the dome camera to a
IEEE802.3af compliant PoE switch or PoE injector
b2. Without Power over Ethernet (PoE) connection
1. Connect the power adaptor to the dome camera
2. Using a standard RJ-45 network cable, connect the camera to a normal
Ethernet Switch or Router
c. Access the camera
Start the IP Installer application to set up the camera. More information
can be found in the user manual on the installation CD.
d. Adjust the viewing angle
Once you have network access to the camera and can see the live image,
you can proceed with adjusting the camera.
d1. Turn the lens module right and left to your desired pan position.
d2. Turn the lens module up and down to your desire tilt position.
d3. Rotate the lens module to adjust the image orientation.
e. Adjust zoom and focus
e1. Loosen the zoom and focus screws anti-clockwise, then adjust the
zoom range and focus by moving the lever left or right. Please note that
the focus adjustment is quite sensitive. Spending some time on getting it
perfect will yield the best possible image quality.
e2. Once you are satisfied with the .result you should tighten the screws
to lock the levers in place.
f. Completion
f1. Clean the dome bubble to remove dust and finger prints.
f2. Fix the tamper-proof screws using supplied special hex. Be careful do
not scratch the cover glass
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