Prepaid Metering Guide - Mid

Prepaid Metering Guide - Mid
“Pay as you go”
Pilot Program Guide
No deposits or late fees
Go paperless!
A voluntary pilot program for members
Introducing Mid-Ohio Energy’s PrePay metering program
Mid-Ohio Energy’s PrePay metering is a voluntary pilot program that allows you to choose when
and how you pay for your electricity. It’s a “pay as you go” program that offers unique benefits to
- You control the payment date and amount.
- Eliminate deposits and late fees.
- Use alerts and information to reduce your use.
PrePay gives you the the ability to manage your electric service in a way that best suits your
lifestyle. It gives you flexibility to add credit to your account as your budget allows. The knowledge
you gain from monitoring your balance and energy use gives you insight on how your lifestyle
impacts your energy costs and best of all− empowers you to save!
While PrePay can add flexibility and convenience, it may not be for all members. Please review the
program details contained in this booklet to see if PrePay is right for you. If you have any questions
about how the program works, please don’t hesitate to ask.
Available to members in the Residential or
General Service rate class.
A minimum of $50 must be paid to activate
the account. This deposit is applied to
future energy use.
Your account balance is calculated daily.
Receive alerts via email, text or app
to help monitor your account.
Make payments using any available
method: Online, in our offices, by mail,
phone, or mobile app.
How prepay works
By enrolling in the prepay program, you will notice some immediate differences from a
traditional billed account. A new meter, equipped to handle the PrePay program will be
installed at your service location. You will no longer receive a monthly statement of charges.
A member must establish a minimum credit of $50 to begin service.
As the home uses electric, the account’s balance begins to diminish based on the amount of
kilowatt-hours (kWh) used. You will pay the same rate for your electric service, with the
monthly service charge and taxes calculated daily.
Members will be able to receive notifications and monitor use and account balance. Be sure
to maintain accurate and up-to-date contact information to receive these notifications. When
the balance becomes low or you would like to make a payment, use any of the convenient
payment methods available through the cooperative.
While you will no longer receive a monthly statement, you can view your use history and
previous payments by visiting our online “Energy center” portal. This can be accessed by
going online to our website, or by utilizing free mobile apps offered by Mid-Ohio Energy.
PrePay accounts will follow a
rate structure similar to traditional billed accounts using
the same number of kWh.
If electric service is disconnected for non-payment, please contact Mid-Ohio Energy to arrange
payment and reconnection. for safety purposes, the meter must be manually reactivated by
the member before service is restored to the home. To do this, the member must push the black
button in the upper-right corner of the meter (shown below) after payment and cooperative
reconnection is complete.
2.) Get confirmation that meter is ready to
restore service.
1.) contact cooperative to arrage pay and
3.) verify home & appliances safe to
re-establish electric service.
4.) Press black button in upper-right corner.
5.) verify service is restored.
L OAd L IMITInG : In certain circumstances “load limiting” capabilities may be used in place
of a complete disconnection of service. Limiting periods occur for designated times only
and will only occur when service is otherwise subject to disconnection. This benefits the
member by allowing a limited amount of energy to be used for essential appliances. If
electric use exceeds this limited amount, then service will be automatically interrupted at
the meter. The member must then reactivate service at the meter (using button shown
above). If an interruption occurs twice within any one-hour period, then the member must
wait a full hour before service can be reactivated.
Receiving alerts and important messages
Be sure to keep contact information accurate and up-to-date. It is
recommended to provide several different methods of communication
such as e-mail addresses and cell phone numbers to be sure to
receive electronic communications about your account.
A disconnect can’t be avoided because of failure to receive notification
from the co-op. Maintaining an adequate credit balance and accurate
contact information is the member’s responsibility.
Set and receive important account alerts by
phone, email, or text. These can be managed
by contacting our offices or by logging onto
our online billing site.
Alerts will help you monitor your usage and
inform if your account balance is getting low
on funds.
Download our app on your
mobile device to receive push
notifications and updates
about your account.
To receive alerts, it’s important to update the
contact information associated with your
Ways to make payments and manage your account
Payments can be made using any methods offered by
the cooperative, including:
Office Hours:
8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Mon. - Fri.
- Through our “Energy Center”
online bill payment system (
- In our offices
- Over the phone
- By mail (not recommended
due to time constraints)
Kenton office: 419-673-7289
555 West Franklin St., P.O. Box 224
Kenton, OH 43326-0224
After hours payments can only be made through the
co-op’s website or mobile apps.
Pledges, post-dated checks or any form of pay
arrangements will not be accepted.
Marion office: 740-382-1234
2859 Marion-Upper Sandusky Rd.
Marion, OH 43302-9303
Frequently asked questions
Who is eligible for prepay?
A: Members in class R
(residential) or class G
(general service) can enroll
in the prepaid metering program. Other rate classes
can’t participate due to certain equipment limitations.
The following conditions
must be verified by the
1.) Not an active member of
the U.S. military.
2.) Not elderly as defined by
the State of Ohio (age 65 or
3.) No individual in the
household requires lifesupport or other medical
necessities requiring uninterrupted electric service.
4.) Household does not
qualify for low income
assistance through the
HEAP program.
Will I receive a bill?
A: no, you will no longer
receive a monthly bill
through the mail or electronically. Members will be able
to track electric use and
manage their accounts from
Mid-Ohio Energy’s online
bill payment system. Members will have the option to
view and print monthly
statements from the site.
Will my rate change?
A: Enrolling in prepay will
not change the rates you
pay per kilowatt-hour. A
monthly service charge of
$ 34.50 (Standard service
charge of $32.00 plus
$2.50 for In-Home Display
unit) is allocated on a daily
What happens if my
account runs out of credit?
Is there a fee to enroll?
Additional charges may
apply for reconnection
outside of the co-op’s
normal business hours
(Mon. - fri., 8 am to 5 pm).
A: Any new member enrolling in prepay must pay a
minimum of $50 to activate
the account. This amount is
applied toward future
energy use.
for existing members, any
deposit held or bill credit will
be applied toward any outstanding balance, and the
purchase of future
energy use. In no case can
capital patronage funds be
applied to a prepaid
A: At anytime your account
doesn’t have a credit
balance, service is subject
to disconnection.
If service is disconnected,
any outstanding balance
and the minimum balance
must be paid before service
is restored.
Can I convert back to a
regular billed account?
A: Yes, if a member wishes
to convert a prepay account
to a regular billed account,
a credit check will be
performed to determine if
a deposit is required.
Accessing Energy Center
As previously mentioned in this information, our online “Energy
center” site is key to managing your account and notifications. To
access “Energy center” go online to and click
the logo on the left of the homepage.
Log in using your account number and password. If you haven’t previously logged in, your password can be found on a copy of your billing
statement. Please call our offices if you need assistance with accessing your account.
To view the site properly, users should have Internet Explorer 8 or 9, or the most current
version of other browsers such as Google chrome, Mozilla foxfire and Apple Safari. Be
sure your browser is set to allow pop-ups for the site.
Here you choose when & how
(text, email, or push notification) you’d like to receive
Activity is available for billing,
payment, and energy usage.
view previous debits and
credits or a detailed breakdown of your energy use.
Online payments can be
made with a credit card or by
After logging in, click the “My
Alerts” tab across the top.
Get alerts for:
›› daily balances,
›› Low balance reminder
›› connection status changes
found under the “My Usage”
If desired, information may be
printed for your records.
click the “Payments” tab in
the upper-left.
Save payment information for
future use by selecting
“Payment Profile” from the
drop-down menu.
Have a smartphone or tablet? Download our app!
Realize the full convenience of PrePay by making payments from
anywhere, anytime! Everything you can do from the "Energy center"
bill payment portal can now be handled instantly whether you're at
home, at work, or on the go.
Search “MidOhiocoop” in the App Store or Android Market. If not
found, that likely means your device is not supported - see the list
of minimum requirements for operating systems:
›› Apple iOS: 4.3 to 5.0.1 (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad)
›› Android OS: 2.2, 2.3, 2.3.2, 2.3.3
›› Mobile browsers: I.E. on Windows Phone 7, BlackBerry OS 6
Once the app has downloaded, enter your account number and
password to log into your account.
Using the In-Home Display (IHD) unit
Each PrePay account will receive an In-Home
display (IHd) that can be plugged into any interior
outlet to report account information. This information
is updated daily to show your account balance and a
variety of energy use information.
The display can be plugged into
any interior outlet in the home. It’s
recommended to use a higher
outlet, in an easy-to-access area
so you can receive updates.
The IHd is a major benefit of the PrePay program,
and can help you keep a close watch on the energy
your home consumes. By tracking historical
information, you’ll be able to gain valuable insight
that can help you manage your use!
cycle through the IHd to show
the following information:
PrePay account balance
›› current date & time
›› Energy use history for:
›› daily average
›› Previous day
›› Monthly total
›› Last month’s total
A flashing red light indicates a low
balance. Check the back of the
unit for disconnect information
and/or add funds to your account.
balance + Use
shows here!
Use these buttons to cycle through
screens of account information and
energy use data.
Please Note: Members are responsible for care of the in-home display unit. Upon termination
of a PrePay account, the IHd must be returned to the cooperative. damaging or failing to
return an IHd may result in charges to the member (up to actual replacement cost of the unit).
charges will not be incurred for normal wear and tear.
for more information about available programs, energy-efficiency tips, and
more visit your cooperative’s website at
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