TXAM Smart Timer Instructions

TXAM Smart Timer Instructions
TXAM Smart Timer Instructions
The TXAM Smart Timer is a solid state controller 12v DC solar pumps. The timer has been designed to monitor battery voltage and prevent
full discharge of the battery. This feature extends battery life and allows for faster recharge. During low light / no light conditions as battery
voltage drops, the timer automatically recalculates and slows the frequency of injection. A sight glass or drum gauge should be used along
with the TXAM timer to insure accurate injection rates of the chemical. Many factors will affect injection rates.
Wires should be connected from the battery and the pump motor to the timer as the picture indicates below. A sticker has been placed on
the relay switch of each timer for your reference. Connecting the power incorrectly will damage the timer. Using a fuse rated higher than
20 Amps (15 Amps on earlier versions) voids the warranty on both the timer and the pump.
The TXAM timer is turned on by moving the toggle switch to the up or on position. After turning the timer on, allow up to one minute for
the timer to begin pump operation. When the timer is powered on it will run through a self-check process. A letter will flash on the display
indicating the software version of the timer followed by flashes of the green, yellow and red indicator lights. Next the display will flash CC
and five numbers. CC indicates “cycle count” and the first four numbers let you know how many times the timer has cycled the pump to the
nearest thousand, rounded down. The fifth number indicates the frequency rate. For example, CC01985 tells you the timer has cycled
198,000 times and the frequency is set to 5 cycles per minute. If the timer is turned off when the pump has cycled 198,999 times, the cycle
count will show CC01985 when it is powered back on and will begin counting again at 198,000, not 198,999.
Indicator lights
duration button
toggle switch
frequency button
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motor connections
battery connections
Picture 1 – TXAM Smart Timer
Chart 1 – Cycle Indicator
NOTE: If your pump has the adjustable stroke feature make sure you set the stroke before setting the injection rate.
The TXAM timer controls chemical injection rates in two ways: frequency and duration. Frequency refers to the times (1 to 10) the pump
is turned on or cycled per minute. Duration refers to how long each cycle lasts (1 to 5 seconds) before turning off. The timer must be
between cycles to make adjustments. Turning the dial during a cycle will make changes to the next cycle.
Frequency is set by pushing the black button shown in picture 1 and determines the number of times the pump cycles per minute.
Frequency can be one time per minute up to ten times per minute. The display digit on the timer indicates the level selected (the number 10
is indicated by letter F).
Duration is set by the red button shown in picture 1 and determines how long each cycle lasts. Duration can be set for 1 second up to 5
seconds per cycle. To set the duration push and hold down the red button. The display will scroll through numbers 1 to 5. Release the red
button when the display shows the number of seconds you want.
To see the duration at any time you can push and release the red button. The display will show the duration number for five seconds after
the button is pushed.
Adjustments to the timer settings will take effect after completion of the current cycle. Allow sufficient time (up to one minute) for new
settings to take effect.
Pump Cycle and Battery Voltage
Battery voltage is shown by the indicator lights at the top of the timer which flash every ten seconds. The number of times the pump is
cycled by the timer is directly affected by the voltage of the battery. Refer to Chart 1 for cycle/voltage relationships. When battery voltage
reaches 12.0 or greater, the pump cycles at the selected frequency. During periods low light / no light conditions when the solar panel
cannot charge the battery, the timer will lower the frequency of injections based on voltage. For example, if the user has the frequency set
to 8 and the battery voltage drops to 11.8v, the timer will automatically lower the frequency from 8 to 6 (the display will continue to show 8 as
the frequency).
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