Digital Heat Mat Thermostat

Digital Heat Mat Thermostat
Technical Data
Super Sprouter® Digital Heat Mat Thermostat
120V/ 60Hz
Max Current
8.3 A
Temperature range
20˚C/68˚F - 42˚C/108˚F
Max Wattage
1000 Watts
Digital Heat Mat Thermostat
PRODUCT #726700
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The Super Sprouter® Digital Heat Mat Thermostat
electronically controls the Super Sprouter® Seedling Heat
Mat allowing gardeners to dial in and maintain optimal
rooting temperatures. This Digital Thermostat lets you
program in excellent temperature conditions for growing
seedlings faster. Use this Digital Thermostat with all Super
Sprouter® Seedling Heat Mats or other heat mats.
3.The HEATING LED is lit only when heat mat is heating. When
preset temperature is reached the HEATING LED will turn
off. No power will be going to the heat mat when HEATING
LED is off.
4. After 30 seconds, without pressing any keys, the backlight
will automatically shut off.
Tips and Information
4 Easy Steps to get you Growing
1.Stick probe into the soil about 1 ½”.
2.Plug seedling heat mat into thermostat.
3.Plug thermostat into a secure wall outlet away from
4.Turn on thermostat and set to desired growing
Programming the Controller
1.To adjust the temperature setting hold the SET button
for 3-seconds to enter the temperature setting mode.
2.Press the  or  button to adjust to desired
3.Press the SET button again to confirm the desired
temperature and exit temperature setting mode.
1.Press and hold the  button for 3-seconds to change the
unit display between Fahrenheit and Celsius.
2.When the heat mat is plugged in, the POWER LED
becomes lit.
1.DO NOT immerse wiring, thermostat or probe into water.
2.If thermostat is on for more than 4 hours while connected
to the heat mat and your desired temperature cannot
be reached, cover seedling tray with a humidity dome or
use an insulated surface to achieve and maintain higher
3.If the temperature probe exceeds 105°C/220°F, the display
screen will show “E1”. Check room and heat mat conditions
that could be affecting the increase in probe temperature.
Unplug the thermostat and heat mat to allow cooling. If
after, the display screen still shows ”E1” or you receive an
“E2” contact your local dealer for assistance.
4.DO NOT plug more than 1000 watts of heating devices into
the thermostat.
The Super Sprouter® Seedling Heat Mat Thermostat
is guaranteed to work for one year against defect in
workmanship and materials. A copy of the original receipt
is required for any warranty work. Please return to place of
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