SAMURAI 7 SELF POWER High Performance

SAMURAI 7 SELF POWER High Performance
High Performance
The new series of high performance
Self-Propelled Chopping-Mixing Wagons
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High Performance
We are proud to announce the birth of the new
SAMURAI 7 SELF POWER series, a range of
Self-Propelled Chopping-Mixing Wagons equipped in “Full Optional” version, ideal for medium
and large-sized livestock farms.
These machines are the tangible result of our cutting edge design and development process and
meet all the requirements of our most demanding
customers, offering them maximum efficiency
and dependability in their daily work.
High performance and high quality take pride of
place, in line with SEKO’s consolidated production philosophy which characterises all its products, ensuring technological excellence in the
preparation of livestock feed.
Seko has obtained the ISO 9001:2008
Quality Management System certification guaranteeing the technological excellence achieved in its new
modern production departments and
enabling it to offer its customers the
most efficient and dependable solutions in the sector.
With the new SAMURAI 7 SELF POWER series, SEKO offers a completely new line of modern
high-performing machines with important technical features and original solutions for all operating parts, designed to provide maximum safety and dependability.
In a Chopping-Mixing Wagon, the shape of the mixing box is the main element determining
correct operation and the mechanical concepts we have applied on these machines represent the evolution of existing machines which are extremely reliable and already used by
millions of livestock farmers all over the world.
A rational approach blends harmoniously with the latest technology in this new generation
of machines produced to guarantee maximum throughput, low running costs and optimum
comfort and safety levels.
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Shorter time and lower power demand
The new SAMURAI 7 SELF POWER series ChoppingMixing Wagons, a line of machines designed for the most
demanding livestock farmers, are the result of SEKO’s ability to translate the best innovations into exclusive technologies; these chopping-mixing wagons offer exceptional
power and performance, obtained via numerous technical
details all designed to guarantee a superior quality product.
The various structural components are built with thick high-strength steel, making the machines extremely
solid and robust and ensuring long life.
SAMURAI 7 High Performance
Unifeed Division
The main innovations of the new SAMURAI 7 SELF POWER series,
all aimed to the highest quality and performance
Industrial design to maximise load capacity and throughput, at the same time enhancing the
machine’s extraordinary manoeuvrability and comfort.
Rounded geometry mixing box, with high load capacity for improved circulation inside the
Rear auger bearing supports unit externally fitted for improved mixing and for quick easy
Upper edge overhangs transmission compartment for protection against water infiltration,
dusts or dangerous elements.
New designed chain discharge belt with cover for improved uniform distribution and higher
operator’s safety.
Roomy comfortable ergonomic cab with maximum visibility.
Powerful high yield tillaging unit, working capacity 2 tons/min.
“Double Mix” patented chopping and mixing system with only two lower augers.
Dual steering axle for reduced turning radius.
Powerful front engine.
High quickness and accuracy in any working operations to save power absorption and
High quality mix, maintaining the products’ fibre perfectly chopped and not defibred, always
soft and homogeneous.
Available with capacity 15, 21, 23, 27 m3.
The original “Double Mix” patented chopping and mixing system
Our patented “Double Mix” chopping and mixing system is characterised by two special double spiral counter-rotating augers housed on
the bottom of the box, provided with star-shaped knives and counterblades for processing any product, offering limited power absorption
and high performance.
The result is a mixture with a degree of uniformity over 99% as demonstrated by the tests performed at university laboratories both in Italy
and abroad.
During processing, the product remains very soft as no mechanical
conveying is performed in the upper part of the box.
It is the product itself that moves and is evenly mixed due to the soft
flow created by the two lower augers in the centre of the mixing box.
This system based on a concept of simplification has obtained widespread international approval as it allows the use of a whole range of
farm products and by-products, offering exceptional advantages in
terms of immediate increase in milk and meat production, and in terms
of drastic reduction in ration and labour costs.
SAMURAI 7 High Performance
New high performance tillaging unit
Unifeed Division
The silage tiller is one of the main elements of these machines: it ensures
maximum working efficiency and respect for the fibre, and offers the operator maximum visibility and control of
the loading operations.
The silage roller with working width of 2210 mm, equipped with suction paddles, specially shaped blades and
counter-blades, tillages any product rapidly and accurately.
The tillaging arm extends to 5200 mm developing a
high throughput in the collection of both grass and maize silage (2 ton/m).
The upper outer side of the wide loading channel is provided with a series of portholes which allow for easy
cleaning and routine maintenance operations.
The tillaging arm channel is equipped with 2 coaxial
motors with cubic capacity of 80 cm3 and power of
25 kW to guarantee perfect movement of the rubber
belt even when conveying materials that are particularly
heavy due to their high degree of humidity.
3. Tillaging roller rotation speed adjustment
to variable r.p.m. according to the type of
product to be tillaged.
4. Tillaging arm
descent speed
adjustment by means
of proportional lever
(functions can be controlled by the joystick
in the cab).
1. Counter-blade on tillaging roller for greater fragmentation of dry products and reduction of chopping
2. Wide tillaging arm channel for high loading capacity with continuous rubber belt (jointless for longer
5. Tillaging roller diameter 400 mm, driven
by 2 hydraulic motors,
power 110 kW, rotation
speed 0:670 rpm.
A superbly stylish driver’s cab
The machines in the SAMURAI 7 SELF POWER
series are equipped with an exclusively designed
cab which makes them unparalleled in terms of
operator comfort and safety.
The fully glazed cab ensures maximum visibility
in the upper part during tillaging operations and
also in the lower part and at the side during collection of products from the ground.
The door is also fully glazed and provided with
electrically controlled side window.
Dependable and advanced weighing and data transfer systems
allow programming of different recipes according to the different types
of livestock, and constant monitoring of the ration in the display and
in the farm management system.
SAMURAI 7 High Performance
Unifeed Division
For greater driving comfort, all the main controls
(travelling transmission + silage tiller operation) have been
incorporated in a practical joystick integrated in the righthand arm of the seat, while all the manual controls of the
machine are operated from the left-hand arm.
The machine is ultra-ergonomic due to the steering with
central column, which ensures roominess and space for
movement, and the comfort seat with double armrest,
adjustable suspensions and variable backrest angle.
The rear wall, soundproofed and heatinsulated, houses the climate control
system with high efficiency heat exchange batteries and ducts for optimal
A powerful reliable engine
Cylinders n°
CC engine
6600 cc
129 kW
Max. Torque
695 Nm
2200 RPM
Fuel consumption
236 g/kWh
Oil tank capacity 220 lt
Safety thermal
Electric installation
12 V
Cooling Fan
The SAMURAI 7 SELF POWER machines are equipped with a Perkins Stage 3 Turbo-Intercooler engine, 175 Hp/129kW, provided with integral electronic
control system which offers exceptional performance with maximum efficiency in terms of consumption.
Its frontal position allows easy access for control
and maintenance operations.
The fuel tank has a capacity of 220 l thus ensuring a
high working range.
The hydrostatic transmission with automatic capacity change allows a speed of 40 km/h.
The bonnet is below the driver’s cab, offering the driver optimal visibility also on the right side of the machine during working and manoeuvring operations.
SAMURAI 7 High Performance
Dual steering axle
for reduced turning radius
Unifeed Division
Rapid manoeuvring and movement speed are essential characteristics in a Self-Propelled machine to reduce work times
and consequent running costs.
These advantages are enhanced by the “Automotive” travelling transmission provided by the dual steering axle which makes
the SAMURAI 7 SELF POWER rapid in their movements and agile even in restricted spaces where there is limited room for
On request, they can be equipped with 4 drive wheels, giving them unique reliability also on muddy and uneven ground.
The application of wide radius wheels and front leaf spring suspensions, together with an efficient braking system, enable
these machines to move softly and progressively over medium and long distances.
> Turbo-Intercooler engine, 175 Hp/129 kW
> Self-cleaning reversible fan
> Water-oil-air cooling system with anti-clogging radiators
> “Comfort“ driver’s cab, complete with ventilation, heating
and cushioned seat
> Air conditioned driver’s cab
> Large working headlights
> Revolving warning light
> Travelling transmission with Automotive system
> Engine front steering axle with self-locking differential and
service brakes
> Idle rear steering axle and parking brake
> Front leaf spring suspensions
> Front drive wheels
> Speed 0-25 km/h
> Hydraulically assisted steering
> Travelling transmission control by means of joystick, located
in the cab
> Auxiliary service controls with solenoid valves, located in cab
> Front silage tiller with high production, dual motor,
with hydraulic control, working width 2200 mm
> Hydraulic control tiller protection
> High-strength steel structure
> Mixing box bottom lining made of wear-resistant
steel (Hardox)
> Chopping and mixing augers made of high-strength steel
> Hydraulic control auger transmission, 2-speed,
with automatic safety reverser
> Automatic lubrication system, centralised
> Revolving star-shaped chopping blades
> Toothed counter-blades, removable and adjustable
> Rear hopper for loading additional products
> Electronic weighing system, Sekotronic L150
> Left-hand side discharge with 900 x 800 mm belt chain
> Provided with all pre-settings for second discharge side
> Inspection ladder
> 4 drive wheels
> Speed 0-40 km/h
> Industrial rear wheels
> Heating system for low temperature engine start
> Reversing system with monitor and camera
> Pneumatic seat
> Rear-view mirror with electric defrosting
> Chain and/or rubber discharge belts with lengths
up to 2400 mm
Compliance with Machines
Safety Directions
SEKO SpA - Via Gorizia, 90
35010 CURTAROLO - (PD) - Italy
Tel. +39 049 9699888 - Fax +39 049 9620403
> Magnet for ferrous materials, applied to the
discharge belt
> High-strength steel auger blades kit
> Galvanised tube spray system mounted on upper
perimeter, complete with cock and ¾’ BSP connector f
or connection to external source
> Weighing systems up to 100 programs Printer, Data transferor,
Data transferor, Radio controls, PC data transmitter
> Customised painting
We have always been committed to guaranteeing maximum user safety in
our machines. For this reason, in the wake of the latest EC regulations concerning the safety of agricultural machinery, SEKO equips all its machines
with appropriate safety devices in compliance with the requirements in order to avoid all operator risks.
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