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Rovema: 60 years of tradition and innovation
Packaging machine manufacturer Rovema at the Interpack 2017, hall 15, B 25
60 years of tradition and innovation for packaging
Packaging machine manufacturer Rovema, headquartered in Fernwald near
Frankfurt/Germany, is celebrating the company's 60th anniversary by showcasing its
comprehensive packaging expertise at the Interpack 2017. Exhibits cover a wide variety of
industries and applications for powders, confectionery, pasta, snacks, frozen foods, dry fruit,
coffee and liquids. Products on show include the powerful BV series single machines, as well
as complete packaging lines, demonstrating Rovema's capabilities.
The machines are equipped with the new Rovema HMI featuring a dashboard that
graphically supports operators throughout production. Clearly displayed graphic elements
provide real-time information on key machine data such as infeed capacity, film run and
production output at a single glance, including all upstream and downstream machines.
Illustrated instructions provide operators with a step-by-step guide for essential conversion
and adjustment tasks such as film or product changes. The HMI also includes further clearly
laid-out screens where all required information and operative steps are grouped together
according to tasks like diagnosis or running of new recipes. Operators can also arrange their
individual favorites for key input controls and indicators. In case of a malfunction, operators
immediately receive brief information on potential troubleshooting options as well as a
graphical illustration to localise the fault. The new HMI's help functions are rounded off with
the option to store own notes or to establish direct contact with Rovema's support team.
Rovema also presents its advanced SBS block packing machine, a new system for dust-free,
compact and hygienic packaging of flour. The system uses vacuum to remove air during the
dosing process and thus depositing the flour in the bag without creating dust. The compact,
low-air packages feature an optimised volume, saving on film and reducing transport
volumes. The stainless steel machine's design has been revised and now offers better
accessibility, fast cleaning and hygienic operation.
A total of three packaging lines represent the typical requirements for packing dry fruit and
nuts, baby foods and confectionery. The dry fruit line demonstrates the uniform operating
concept for all components, from the Form-, Fill- and Seal machine up to the picker with
integrated tray erector. Changes in the layer schemes can be made directly at the Form-. Filland Seal machine without the need for any programming knowledge for the delta kinematics.
The bag-in-box line for baby foods or baking mixes and cereals is equipped with an
optimised, secure blank infeed that enables processing even of complicated folding box
designs. The upstream Form-, Fill- and Seal machine performs a gas analysis; the machine
control system then controls the amount of gas required for product protection.
The Vertical, Continuous Form-, Fill-, and Seal machine BVC Flexible demonstrates
packaging of confectionery using “doypack-style” RoPack® bags with zip lock. The
downstream final packaging machine Rovema EW-TI is designed for sturdy WA boxes and
2-part boxes for retail-ready packaging.
The Vertical Form-, Fill- and Seal machine BVC Compact allows high speed packaging with
an output of 240 bags per minute and offers a glimpse into the future of packaging. The
machine's particularly low design and thus significantly reduced dropping height makes it
ideal for production facilities with low ceiling heights.
Rovema also exhibits the BVC 600 Form-, Fill- and Seal machine for packaging bulk packs
with a volume of 5 kg or more. The machine packs powders and granulates in pallet-ready
bags in a dust-free and air-reduced process. It comes with a special motorised format
change device that can be controlled via display and simplifies format changes and cleaning.
Liquids, sauces and soups for bulk consumers, including chunky formulations, can be
packaged free from air with the BVC Liquid Form- Fill- and Seal machine, offering both hot
and cold filling options. The robust machine features a wash-down design for hygienic
Rovema's machine exhibits are complimented by a service offering covering everything from
training to retrofits, even for Form-, Fill- and Seal machines and packaging systems that are
several decades old.
Elisabeth Roggenbuck
Industriestr. 1
35463 Fernwald, Germany
Tel. +49(0)6 41/4 09-0
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