QuadraTouch Pro™ Software Manual Dryer Control System

QuadraTouch Pro™ Software Manual Dryer Control System
QuadraTouch Pro™ Software Manual
Dryer Control System
Software is constantly changing. Make sure you are up to date with Sukup’s newest software. New
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Software Manual L141038
Axial/Centrifugal and Tower Dryer
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Axial/Centrifugal and Tower Dryer
Start Menu -------------------------------------------- 4
Continuous Flow ---------------------------------- 4
Initial Dry --------------------------------------- 4
Load System Menu ----------------------- 4
Stabilization ---------------------------------------- 5
Stabilization/Restart ------------------------- 5
Stabilization Speed --------------------------- 5
Dry Fire -------------------------------------------- 6
Final Dry -------------------------------------------- 6
Auto Batch ---------------------------------------7-8
Settings Menu ----------------------------------------- 9
Plenum Temperature ---------------------------- 9
Min/Max ---------------------------------------- 9
Low Temp Option ---------------------------- 9
Meter Roll Settings ------------------------------10
Min/Max ---------------------------------------10
Moisture Gain --------------------------------10
Meter Roll Deadband-----------------------10
Temperature Gain ---------------------------11
Temperature Deadband -------------------11
Heat Delay Timer --------------------------------11
Moisture Settings--------------------------------11
Fan Shutdown Delay ----------------------------12
Fan Start Delay -----------------------------------12
EMOV Settings -----------------------------------12
Unload Delay -------------------------------------12
Out of Wet Grain Timer ------------------------13
Fill Timer -------------------------------------------13
Load Delay ----------------------------------------13
Unload Cleanout ---------------------------------13
Set Defaults ---------------------------------------14
Tools Menu -------------------------------------------15
Calibrate Sensors --------------------------------15
Discharge Moisture -------------------------15
Sampling Grain -------------------------- 15-16
Bushel Counter (Automatic) --------------16
Bushel Counter (Manual) ------------- 16-17
History Log ----------------------------------------17
Graphs -------------------------------------------17
GSM Options -------------------------------------18
GSM Diagnostics -----------------------------18
Auto Temp Adjust -------------------------------18
Language Selection -----------------------------18
System Diagnostics------------------------------19
Analog Signals --------------------------------19
Plenum Diagnostics ---------------------19
Axial/Centrifugal and Tower Dryer
System Tools--------------------------------------20
QuadraTouch Update ----------------------20
System Information -------------------------20
Time and Date --------------------------------21
Dryer Type ------------------------------------21
Admin Tools-----------------------------------21
Bus Diagnostics --------------------------21
PLC Bus View -------------------------22
Master Diagnostic Bit View -------22
Load System Override ------------------22
Air Switch Timer -------------------------22
Flame Out Timer -------------------------23
Auxiliary Timer Delays------------------23
EMOV Time Delay -----------------------23
Column Calibration ---------------------23
Discharge Grain Temp Calibration --24
Plenum Temp Calibration -------------24
Maintenance Menu -------------------------24
IP Assign -----------------------------------24
Launch Touch Calibration -------------25
Mobile App Code ------------------------25
Comm Check------------------------------25
Manuals and Diagrams-----------------26
Operation Screens Unique to Tower Dryer
Start Menu - Burner Tarp Removed? ----------27
Choosing Control Method ---------------------27
Automatic Operation -----------------------27
Load, Unload, Fan(s), Heat ------------27
Moisture Control --------------------27
Grain Column Temp Control ------28
Manual Operation---------------------------28
Load, Unload, Fan(s), Heat ------------28
Countdown Timers Displayed ----28
Settings Menu ---------------------------------------29
Load and Unload Auxiliary Time Delays----29
Load Auxiliary Timer Delays---------------29
Unload Auxiliary Timer Delays -----------29
Tools Menu ---------------------------------------29
System ToolsMaintenance Tools
Configure Aux Input --------------------29
Pressing the “Start” button on the main screen
will bring up the start menu. From here, the
dryer can be used in many different drying
modes, the most common of which will be
continuous flow. This section will describe each
mode and how it’s accessed.
Start Continuous Flow
Continuous Flow is divided into 3 smaller
processes when grain is loaded into the dryer
for the first time. Initial dry essentially warms
up the grain for a set period of time depending
on the user input. The fans and heaters will
turn on, and a timer will appear on the screen.
This is essential for creating a steady flow of
grain through the next step of stabilization.
To begin initial dry, the dryer needs some
information to get started for the first time. To
give it an idea of how long to heat the first
batch of grain, enter in the values of the
incoming and desired output moisture. Press
“Next” to continue on to the loading phase.
Now that the dryer has been programmed with
a few basic settings, we are ready to load the
dryer with grain and start initial dry. After the
dryer has been loaded with grain, a button will
appear to start initial dry cycle.
Axial/Centrifugal and Tower Dryer
Start Stabilization
After Initial Dry is finished, Stabilization is the
next phase of Continuous Flow Mode.
Stabilization is designed to go through 1 full
cycle of grain, discharging at a calculated roll
speed. The first step of stabilization is to select
which fans and heaters should be utilized.
Heaters will not be enabled unless its
corresponding fan is used.
All previous settings will be stored from the last
time the dryer was running, so make any
changes necessary on this page before
calculating the stabilization speed.
The stabilization speed in the green box is the
last recorded speed when the dryer was
running in continuous flow mode. If the dryer
was running well the last time it was used, using
this value for Stabilization is recommended.
If you are currently coming out of Initial Dry, the
screen will automatically switch to Stabilization
mode. If you have not performed Initial Dry,
the load menu will appear. After the dryer has
been loaded with grain, a button will appear to
start Stabilization.
Axial/Centrifugal and Tower Dryer
Start Dry Fire
Dry Fire mode allows the dryer to turn its fan(s)
and heater(s) on when the dryer is empty. This
mode should be run every year before
operation to test for functionality. Be sure to
inspect each heater and pipe train for
component integrity and functionality.
Start Dry Fire
Dry Fire mode lasts for 10 minutes and that
status of the signals will be displayed. When
the dryer is empty, the air switch will most likely
not be closed.
Start Final Dry
Final Dry mode is used to finish off the last
“batch” when there is no more grain to dry in
continuous flow. The dryer will batch dry the
last grain in the dryer, then turn its fan(s) and
heater(s) off and unload the dryer for a set
period of time.
Start Final Dry
Final Dry mode will automatically exit when the
timers have expired.
Axial/Centrifugal and Tower Dryer
Start Auto Batch
Due to very high moisture content, Auto Batch
mode may be required. After selecting Auto
Batch, the system will prompt you about
restarting from the last batch. If no previous
batch has been recorded, it will start you from
the new batch settings.
Start Auto Batch
Input the settings for Auto Batch.
Start Auto Batch
Choose the heat or heat/cool operation and
control method.
Start Auto Batch
Based on your settings, the dryer will calculate a
base point to start from.
Axial/Centrifugal and Tower Dryer
Start Auto Batch
Auto Batch will start with the Dry Cycle. After
the timer expires, the Cool Cycle will be used (if
heat/cool operation was selected), then the
dryer will start unloading the batch.
Start Auto Batch
The Unload Cycle can be paused during
operation, but needs to be resumed before the
next cycle starts. Each of the mode times can
be changed using the settings menu.
Axial/Centrifugal and Tower Dryer
Settings Menu
The Settings menu houses most of the drying
settings that are commonly used during
Settings Plenum Temperature
The Plenum Temperature menu contains
settings for each individual plenum/heater.
Settings Plenum Temperature Min/Max
The minimum and maximum plenum
temperatures can be found here. When
choosing the low temp option, the values can
be adjusted even further.
Settings Plenum Temperature Low Temp
If enabled, the low temp option allows the
plenum to be set as low as 100°F. It may result
in permanent damage if a low temp kit is not
installed in the dryer. The port cup and orifice
may need to be changed out on axial fan
Axial/Centrifugal and Tower Dryer
Settings Meter Roll Settings
The Meter Roll Settings (Unload Settings for
Tower Dryers) contain the minimum and
maximum speed settings as well as loop control
Settings Meter Roll Settings Min/Max
The minimum and maximum settings dictate
how fast or slow the system is capable of
running. Make sure to never unload faster than
your takeaway system is capable of running.
Settings Meter Roll Settings Moisture Gain
The Moisture Loop Gain settings are important
for optimum operation when discharging, based
on moisture. Choosing a higher setting will
mean more aggressive changes in a shorter
amount of time. When the dryer is running at
slower speeds, this number should stay around
40 or so. Conversely, at higher speeds, it may
yield better control to boost this setting up
Settings Meter Roll Settings Meter Roll
For some systems, it may be preferable to lock
in the unload speed when grain is discharging
very near the target setpoint. This is referred to
as the loop deadband.
Axial/Centrifugal and Tower Dryer
Settings Meter Roll Settings Temperature
The Temperature Gain settings are important
for optimum operation when discharging based
on temperature. Choosing a higher setting will
mean more aggressive changes in a shorter
amount of time. When the dryer is running at
slower speeds, this number should stay around
40 or so. Conversely, at higher speeds, it may
yield better control to boost this setting up
Settings Meter Roll Settings Temperature
For some systems, it may be preferable to lock
in the unload speed when grain is discharging
very near the target setpoint. This is referred to
as the loop deadband.
Settings Heat Delay Timer
Sometimes, it may be necessary to put a delay
between when the fan starts, and when power
is applied to the heater box.
Settings Moisture Settings
The moisture settings are important for internal
calculations as well as the target moisture for
grain discharge. These can be accessed almost
anytime the dryer is running.
Axial/Centrifugal and Tower Dryer
Settings Fan Shutdown Delay
In addition to the standard 3-second fan
shutdown delay, additional time can be added
to cool off the grain when stopping operation or
fault shutdowns that aren’t related to
temperature or direct safety.
Settings Fan Start Delay
This setting dictates the amount of time
between fan starts. Stretching this time out
may be a good idea if power is limited or motor
current draws are very high.
Settings EMOV Settings
The electronic mod valve settings generally
never need to be touched, however, if needed,
they are here. The Low Fire Position is the
percentage the valve stem will be open when
heater ignition takes place.
Settings Unload Delay
During operation, it sometimes becomes
necessary to shut the unload system down to
change takeaways, air system distributors, or
like situations. This timer will begin counting
when the unload is paused, and will cause a
fault condition if the unload isn’t resumed in
Axial/Centrifugal and Tower Dryer
Settings Out of Wet Grain Timer
Defaulted to 10 minutes, this timer begins
counting when both paddle switches are down
(calling for more grain) and will trigger a fault
condition if they aren’t satisfied within that
period of time.
Settings Fill Timer
Defaulted to 15 minutes, this timer begins
counting when the paddles switches are
satisfied and haven’t dropped back down. This
timer will trigger a fault condition if it expires
before the switches drop down again.
Settings Load Delay
The Load Delay timer is an additional period of
time put between when the load auger starts
and when the auxiliary devices are energized.
Settings Unload Cleanout
Additional time for the unload auger to run
after a standard shutdown. It provides an
opportunity for the unload to clean itself out
before shutting down.
Axial/Centrifugal and Tower Dryer
Settings Set Defaults
If the need ever arises, setting defaults will
return all values in the QuadraTouch Pro
panel back to factory default settings.
Axial/Centrifugal and Tower Dryer
Tools Menu
The Tools menu provides many helpful system
settings and options to enhance the drying
experience. From using the GSM modem to
looking at live and historical graphs, the Tools
menu is an important section of the
QuadraTouch Pro platform.
Tools Calibrate Sensors
The dryer’s moisture sensor(s), as well as the
bushel counter, can be calibrated here. The
bushel counter must be calibrated in order to
access the counting and bushel shutdown
features shown in the Tools menu.
Tools Calibrate Sensors Discharge
The dryer’s moisture sensor may need to be
calibrated during operation. It’s important that
the dryer is operating under good, usable data.
In a nutshell, the dryer will tell you when to go
take a sample -- a period of 10 seconds after
you are ready to sample. Take a bucket out to
the discharge of the dryer and get samples over
the course of the next minute. Then enter
those samples in on the next page. The dryer
retrieves data stored during the previous
minute, and then compares it with your data.
Axial/Centrifugal and Tower Dryer
Tools Calibrate Sensors Discharge
1-minute sampling period
Tools Calibrate Sensors Discharge
The Locked, Uncalibrated Moisture value is
what the sensor recorded over the past minute.
Fill in the 5 values on the left with samples you
have taken from the bucket. The dryer will do
the math for you and store the calibration.
Tools Calibrate Sensors Bushel Counter
The bushel counter can be calibrated
automatically or manually. Automatically is
generally the most accurate way to calibrate
the counter.
In automatic bushel counter calibration, the
dryer needs to be discharging grain into a
measurable space like a grain cart or semi load.
Press the timer button to start the timer, then
when the load is finished, press it again to stop
the timer. Then enter the amount of bushels
discharged during the time period. The dryer
will do the bushel calculation for you.
Axial/Centrifugal and Tower Dryer
In manual bushel counter calibration, the user
inputs a meter roll speed and an approximate
yield at that speed. The dryer will do the
bushel/hr calculation for you.
Tools History Log
The history log contains all the alarms, settings
changes, and fault history of the dryer.
Tools Graphs
The QuadraTouch Pro system allows the user to
look at graphs both in real-time and historical
methods. Because this screen can contain a lot
of data, a stylus may be required to touch the
small sections of the screen.
You can also build your own graph where
multiple values can be compared.
Axial/Centrifugal and Tower Dryer
Tools GSM Options
If equipped, the GSM modem options give you
an opportunity to receive text alerts from the
dryer. Up to 2 people can receive them.
Further information on the GSM modem can be
found by pressing the .PDF logo on this page. It
contains installation and operational
New with QuadraTouch Pro, there is also a GSM
diagnostics section that helps with first time
setup to ensure the modem is operating
Tools Auto Temp Adjust
If enabled, the Auto Temp adjust feature will
turn down the temperature inside the plenum
when the dryer reaches its upper roll speed
limit. Therefore, when the dryer is trying to run
faster than is allowed, it will automatically turn
down its drying temperature.
Tools Language Selection
Coming 2016
Axial/Centrifugal and Tower Dryer
Tools System Diagnostics
The System Diagnostics menu provides an
overview of all the main system signals and
those of the ones relating to the individual
fan(s) and heater(s). A green light means that
that circuit has 24vdc on it. This menu can be
accessed at almost any time by pressing on the
SUKUP logo on the top left of your screen.
The individual fan inputs/outputs are shown
Tools System Diagnostics Analog Signals
The QuadraTouch Pro system provides real-time
feedback of all the analog input sensors and
output reference signals. Pressing “Plenum
Diagnostics” will show each plenum feedback
value, and the reference signal and percentage
opening on the EMOV.
Tools System Diagnostics Analog Signals
Plenum Diagnostics
Values for each individual plenum are shown
Axial/Centrifugal and Tower Dryer
Tools System Tools
The System Tools menu is very important to the
QuadraTouch Pro system. It provides a wide
range of functionality and has many features
that help maintain and update the system.
Tools System Tools QuadraTouch Update
Download the newest QuadraTouch Pro
software from our website, extract the
contents. You will find a folder called “project”
in the extracted contents. Copy that folder
onto the root directory of a USB stick. Insert
that stick into the external USB port of the
QuadraTouch Pro (located on the bottom of the
box), and press “Step 1” – if the files were put
onto the USB stick correctly, the file transfer
will begin automatically.
After the QuadraTouch Pro has restarted, it will
prompt you to perform step 2. Here, you’ll
select which PLC is being programmed. Make
sure the PLC setup you choose matches what’s
inside the power cabinet! If you choose the
wrong one, it will tell you, and get you back to
programming page to try again.
Tools System Tools System Information
This page shows the software versions of the
PLC and the HMI. They are released together,
so they should always match. If the HMI
version is older than the PLC version somehow,
make sure to perform a QuadraTouch™ update.
Axial/Centrifugal and Tower Dryer
Tools System Tools Time and Date
Set system time and date information. It will be
used for all graphing and historical data.
Tools System Tools Dryer Type
The QuadraTouch Pro software contains
enough information to run an 8’ single fan dryer
and a 10,000 bu/hr Tower Dryer. Your system
should be factory-preset for your specific dryer,
but if needed, you can select that here. The
QuadraTouch Pro needs to be restarted when
changing this setting. It will do so
Tools System Tools Admin Tools
The Admin Tools menu provides the option to
change critical settings inside the QuadraTouch
Pro environment.
NOTICE: DO NOT CHANGE any of these settings
without thorough knowledge of dryer operation
and very close attention to detail. Changing
settings and/or using the overrides can result in
permanent damage to the dryer!
Tools System Tools Admin Tools Bus
This section provides critical information about
the PLC. This menu would only need to be
accessed in the event of a PLC or I/O card
Axial/Centrifugal and Tower Dryer
Tools System Tools Admin Tools Bus
Diagnostics PLC Bus View
This shows a picture of your PLC and identifies
any problems with it. In the event a device is
not functioning properly, it will be highlighted
for easy serviceability.
Tools System Tools Admin Tools Bus
Diagnostics Master Diagnostic Bit View
The information contained here will most likely
only be needed by a Sukup Service Technician.
Tools System Tools Admin Tools Load
System Override
Sometimes it becomes necessary to run the
load auger or auxiliary devices independently of
each other irrespective of the paddle switch
position. This mode allows you to do that.
However, permanent damage can occur if it’s
not used properly.
Tools System Tools Admin Tools Air
Switch Timer
The air switch will need to be satisfied within 5
seconds after the fan contactor closes. With a
Soft Start, the air switch is given until the fan
reaches run state. In the event that the fan
doesn’t get up to speed during that amount of
time, this timer can be adjusted to allow for
longer ramp time.
Axial/Centrifugal and Tower Dryer
Tools System Tools Admin Tools Flame
Out Timer
In the event the heater ignition isn’t taking
place within 45 seconds of heater power, a
longer flame fault time may be needed.
Tools System Tools Admin Tools Auxiliary Timer Delays
This feature allows the user to select how much
time delay takes place between when the load
auger, aux 1, and aux 2 relays are pulled in. This
feature is especially helpful in large incline
Tools System Tools Admin Tools EMOV
Time Delay
During Dry Fire mode, the heater will ignite, but
wait a period of time before allowing the EMOV
to take control of burner temperature. This
time delay can be used to set the STEM valve of
each heater. The factory setting is 5 PSI at low
fire of 25% open.
Tools System Tools Admin Tools Column Calibration
Here is a quick menu to calibrate the column
RTD if equipped. This sensor is generally very
accurate, so exercise caution when adjusting
this value.
Axial/Centrifugal and Tower Dryer
Tools System Tools Admin Tools Discharge Grain Temp Calibration
Here is a quick menu to calibrate the discharge
grain temp on the moisture sensor. This sensor
is generally very accurate, so exercise caution
when adjusting this value.
Tools System Tools Admin Tools Plenum Temperature Calibration
Here is a quick menu to calibrate the individual
Plenums. These sensors are generally very
accurate, so exercise caution when adjusting
these values.
Tools System Tools Maintenance Menu
The QuadraTouch Pro System is equipped with
many special Apps to make operation as reliable
as possible. Most of these tools will never need
to be used, but in the event they are needed,
they are preloaded on your system for added
Tools System Tools Maintenance Menu IP Assign
The IP Assign tool is used to give a PLC an IP
address when it’s reset to out-of-box condition.
Consult your dealer before using this tool. A
USB keyboard will be needed.
Axial/Centrifugal and Tower Dryer
Tools System Tools Maintenance Menu Launch Touch Calibration
In the event the cursor doesn’t align exactly
where your finger touches the screen, you can
easily calibrate the touch panel to your desired
specifications. Choose “Launch Touch
Calibration” to open the calibration screen.
Touch the 4 Corners on the panel calibration
shown left.
Tools System Tools Maintenance Menu Mobile App Code
Coming in 2016: a full-blown remote access
interface will be available from any phone or
tablet. Directly access and partially control your
dryer from anywhere in the world.
Tools System Tools Maintenance Menu Comm Check
This value should read 192 when the OPC server
is running. The xPLC Toggle Bit should be
turning ON and OFF when the PLC and Touch
Panel are talking to each other.
Axial/Centrifugal and Tower Dryer
Tools System Tools Maintenance Menu Manuals and Diagrams
Here, entire copies of the system manuals and
wiring diagrams can be found. Information
related to specific components and frequently
asked questions is located here.
Axial/Centrifugal and Tower Dryer
Tower Dryer Operation
When operating the Tower Dryer, the program
flow is similar to that found on previous pages
for portable dryers, with a few exceptions.
They are described here.
The first key difference is in the “Start” menu.
It will prompt you to answer if the burner tarp
has been removed.
Choosing Control Method
In Tower Operation, you will first choose the
control method (automatic or manual). The
control method can be changed by pressing
either of the two red rectangles.
Choose how you’d like to operate the Tower
Automatic Operation
Choosing Automatic Operation, the larger of the
two red rectangles disappears, leaving the
controls for the load and unload systems, fan(s)
and heater.
Notice to the right there is a blinking button
indicating you are discharging based on
moisture or grain column temperature.
Axial/Centrifugal and Tower Dryer
Changing from Moisture to Temperature
Toggling the blinking button will change from
moisture to temperature control. You’ll notice
the temperature setpoint will appear on the
bottom in place of the moisture setpoint.
Manual Operation
Choosing the red rectangle, you can change the
operation method to manual operation, as
shown here. Notice the temperature and
moisture setpoints are removed, and they are
replaced with a manual unload speed setting.
Turning the load, unload, fan(s), and heat on,
you can see the devices turning on in order.
The fans will start up in sequence along with the
load and unload systems. An animated blue
flame will show up when the burner control
unit senses flame.
As soon as the unload table has started, any
applicable countdown timers will be displayed.
Notice the Fill Timer displayed in the bottom
center of the screen.
Axial/Centrifugal and Tower Dryer
Settings Menu
The settings menu is relatively the same as the
portable dryer software with an exception at
the bottom of the page for load and unload
auxiliary timers. (Settings menu for portable
dryers begins on page 9 of this Software
Time delays between load auxiliaries can be
programmed here.
Time delays between unload auxiliaries can be
programmed here.
ToolsSystem Tools Maintenance Tools
Configure Aux Input
New for QuadraTouch Pro, the available analog
input can be configured for an additional
temperature readout or static air pressure
sensor. Ask your local Sukup dealer about this
Axial/Centrifugal and Tower Dryer
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