HF25WK HF35WK - Audio Design GmbH
Head unit
2 Ground Cable
6 RCA / Cinch Cable
7 Remote Wire
Please attend the following instructions:
Disconnect at first the negative ground connection from the vehicle’s battery.
Connect the GROUND CABLE (silver, 1m) with the ground terminal of the amplifier and a suitable GROUND contact
point on the car chassis, with a maximum distance of 1 meter from the amplifier. Use the pre-installed ringterminal for
the GROUND contact point. Ensure that all paint or other insulation is removed from around the hole area.
Find a suitable position for the FUSE HOLDER next to the car battery’s PLUS POLE. The maximum distance should
not be more than 30 cm. Please ensure, that you don’t damage any parts of the car, like the fuel tank, wires etc.
Cut off a part of the POWER CABLE (red, 5m) on the end with the pre-installed ringterminal, which has the same
length like the distance from the battery’s PLUS POLE to the FUSE HOLDER (max. 30cm). Connect this part on the
end without ringterminal with the FUSE HOLDER (without inserted fuse) and the other end with ringterminal to the
battery’s PLUS POLE.
Lead one end of the POWER CABLE (red) from the car battery area through the car to the +12V terminal of the
amplifier and connect it. Then connect the other end of the cable with the FUSE HOLDER at the suitable terminal.
Lead the RCA/CINCH CABLE pair with attached REMOTE WIRE from the HEAD UNIT through the car to the
amplifier’s position. Follow the arrow marks, they show the correct direction which end of the RCA/CINCH CABLE
you have to lead to the Amplifier. Then connect the RCA/CINCH plugs on one end with amplifier, and the other end
Connect the one end of the attached REMOTE WIRE with the REMOTE/REM terminal of the HEAD UNIT and the
other end with the REMOTE/REM terminal of the amplifier. This wire provides a turn on/turn off signal to the amplifier,
when the HEAD UNIT is turned on / turned off. NOTE: some amplifier types may require, that you have to extend the
REMOTE WIRE with a suitable cable, to lead the REMOTE WIRE to the other endpanel of the amplifier.
At least insert the FUSE into the FUSE HOLDER. Ensure not to cause a short circuit, or your car’s electric system
may get damaged. Do not touch the bare metal parts of the cable or the car battery, otherwise a risk of electric shock
consists. Then re-connect the negative ground connection to the vehicle’s battery.
If you have followed all instructions above, your car audio system is ready for operation. Then follow the further
instructions of the OWNER’S MANUALS of your amplifier and your head unit.
5 Power Cable
- Follow by any means the instructions on the left.
- Do not damage any parts of the car like the
fuel tank, electronic system, airbags etc.
- Do not bend or splice any wires or cables.
- Do not touch any bare metal parts of the power cable or
the vehicle’s battery.
- Ensure always the correct polarity of all connections.
- Avoid any short circuits.
- Consult your retailer or car service station in case of open
question or problems.
- Replace the fuse in the fuse holder only with spare
fuses of the same value:
HF 25WK 100 A Mini-ANL
HF 35WK 150 A ANL
3 Fuse Holder
4 Cut-off Part
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