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ineo552-652-e-20110628.qxd:ineo 552/652 e
ineo 552/652
monochrome | 55/65 ppm
Performance and reliability are the most important criteria for a printing system in areas with
a high level of print output and short timescales, in printing departments, for example in
government offices, schools or universities. Future monochrome printing would therefore
require suitability for continuous use, robust design, high-quality monochrome print and the
option of being able to produce complete reports, manuals and presentations. The answer is
the ineo 552/652!
The ineo 552/652 is in a class of its own,
for example with a uniquely designed
swivelling operating panel – a feature
that is as eye-catching as it is practical.
You’ll be equally impressed when you
see the printouts in black&white:
crisp, clear text and contrast-rich images.
The output is so good, you’d think the
ineo 552/652 was a production machine –
and in quality terms it is!
But when it comes to the cost of printing
you’ll be pleasantly surprised at another
of this system’s striking qualities – its
economy. This performance is matched
by high productivity, sophisticated finishing options and low running costs.
Plenty of good reasons why it’s well worth
thinking about scrapping that old monochrome machine!
Great variety of media
> Paper weighing up to 300 g/m2 can be fed through the
bypass. Duplex printing from any tray is possible for
weights up to 256 g/m2, a point favouring high quality
The ineo 552/652’s innovative fixing unit operates at a
low temperature, so even media which withstand little
heat, such as labels, do not present a problem, giving
added flexibility.
Low operating costs
> Print monochrome pages for the same cost that would
be incurred by a purely monochrome system.
> The system is very attractive in terms of energy consumption, which not only protects the environment,
but also cuts costs.
Easy to use
> The ineo 552/652’s innovative technology is comple-
mented by ease of use. The large colour display, the
LED status indicators and the overall design are functional and clear.
The free software supplied with the ineo 552/652 makes
system administration an easily and conveniently managed task.
ineo 552 with output tray (OT-503), keyboard holder (KH-101)
ineo 652 with staple finisher (FS-526), saddle kit (SD-508) and
and external keyboard
post inserter (PI-505)
Impressive security standards
Exemplary environmental profile
In addition to Develop’s standard security functions, the
ineo 552/652 includes advanced features offering enhanced
functionality. IPsec protocol encryption ensures safe network communication to and from the device. The standard
HDD encryption kit protects all HD data against unauthorised use. Authentication via the optional finger vein
scanner or non-contact ID card restricts system access to
authorised users and offers an unsurpassed degree of
convenience and usability. Thanks to such comprehensive
security functionality, the ineo 552/652 has naturally
gained ISO 15408 EAL3 certification, the industry’s highest
standard for multifunctional devices.
One of Develop’s guiding principles is to show our responsibility for future generations by respecting the environment. The practical evidence is seen in the Blue Angel or
Energy Star awards for devices such as the ineo 552/652.
However, this system’s environmental profile is exemplary
in more ways than one. Production of the polymerised
toner, for example, generates 40% fewer CO2 emissions
than that of conventional toner; more than 90% of
Develop’s components can be recycled; and ineo systems
only use electricity when they are actually operating and
automatically switch off when not in use.
An eye-catching design is fine, but not enough nowadays. This wide range of features
shows that the ineo 552/652’s functionality is just as impressive as its design.
Unique box features
> Up to 1,000 user boxes (individual HD storage
space) with flexible access rights
State-of-the-art scanning
> Ultra-fast scanning (max. 78 opm) with useful functions such as scan to e-mail, FTP, SMB
and user boxes
High-end finishing options
> Outstanding features such as letter fold and
unlimited booklet-making plus comprehensive media handling for excellent in-house
document production
Uniform printer driver
> Individually adaptable driver for all printer
languages, e.g. PCL and PostScript
Optional keyboard
> Device-based document management
easier than ever if full-scale keyboard
is attached
a multiplicity of functions
Full-colour LCD
touch panel
> Swivelling and tilting
8.5-inch screen for excellent readability, easy
navigation and critical
information at a glance
Extensive fax options
> Faxes forwarded to e-mail addresses
and saved in a user box or on a PC;
network faxing, PC faxing and iFax
Biometric authentication
> Highly secure finger-vein scanner or
card-based authorisation to prevent
unauthorised persons from accessing
the system
Easy user administration
> Centralised device administration
thanks to numerous freeware tools,
e.g. browser-based access
ineo Remote Care option
> Outstanding service support through
remote maintenance, e.g. counter
readings, error messages, due dates for
service, etc.
> Environmental awards such as Energy
Star and Blue Angel plus reduced running costs through lower energy costs
High-quality HD Toner
> Lower fusing temperature, more
media variety, better folding qualities
and improved UV resistance for highclass prints
Outstanding in
business communications
Speed and quality are the two most important demands on today’s business communications. Though presentations or other important office documents invariably
have to be produced quickly, the expectations on the quality of the printing and
finishing are higher than ever. To meet these demands, the ineo 552/652 delivers
beautifully finished documents in offset-like quality – and thus plays a key role in
impactful business communications.
Finesse in finishing
The options on offer for the ineo 552/652
ensure professional-quality finishing. It
can make A3+ brochures, for example,
precisely fold documents such as invoices, staple up to 100 loose sheets, produce
presentations that look more professional than ever and even do exotic things
like Z-folding. This kind of finesse makes
all the difference in a competitive business climate.
Job separator
Z-fold unit
Keyboard holder
Fax board
Super G3 fax
Post inserter
Interface kit for
Fax mount kit
Saddle kit
(booklet finishing)
Working table
Interface kit for
Scan Accelerator
with bluetooth
100 sheet staple
Punch kit
Biometric Authenti-
(2/4 hole punching)
cation Kit
card readers
Job separator
Saddle kit
50 sheet staple
Punch kit
Output tray
Security Kit
Large capacity
Large capacity
Banner tray
tray, A4
tray, A4 – A3+
ineo 652 with staple finisher (FS-527), saddle kit (SD-508) and
job separator (JS-603)
ineo 552/652
Network protocols
Fax Specifications (optional)
SNMP, HTTP, IPP, AppleTalk, EtherTalk
G3/Super G3, MH, MR, MMR, J-BIG/ECM, IPFax
General Data
(iFax standard)
Type of machine
PCL 6, PS 3
Transfer rate / transfer speed
Console system (built-in scanner)
33.6 kBits/s, < 3 sec. ITU-No. 1
Printing and copying speed (ineo 552/652)
Ethernet 10/100/1000 BaseT, USB 2.0
Fax memory
> A4: max. 55/65 ppm
Uses system memory
> A3: max. 28/33 ppm
Windows 2000/2003/2008/XP/XP64/Vista32/
Fax functions
Print system
Vista64, Windows 7, Mac OS 9.x/10.x, Unix, Linux
Polling, time shift, PC-Fax, Receipt to
Print functions
confidential box, Receipt to E-mail / FTP / SMB
Direct Print of PCL, PS, TIFF, XPS and PDF docu-
ments, Overlay, Cover page, N-up print, Watermark,
Paper feeder
Duplex, Mixmedia and Mixplex, Banner print
> Finisher with 100-sheet stapling,
Scan Specifications
> Optional for 100-sheet finisher: booklet kit
max. 3,100-sheet capacity
> Standard: 3,650 sheets, max. 6,650 sheets
> 2 x 500 sheets universal cassettes
(A5 – A3+, 60 – 256 g/m2), 150-sheet bypass,
Type of scanning
(incl. letter- and center fold), punch kit
(A6 – A3+, 60 – 300 g/m2) for standard paper,
Scan to E-mail/FTP/iFAX/BOX/SMB/WebDAV/
(2/4-hole), job separator, post insertion unit,
envelopes, OHP, thick paper, banner paper
to-me/Home, Twain-Scan
> 1,000 sheet and 1,500 sheets cassettes
(A4, 60 – 256 g/m2) for standard paper
> Duplex unit max. 256 g/m2
Paper format
z-fold & punch unit
> Finisher with 50-sheet stapling,
max. 3,200-sheet capacity
Max. 600 dpi
> Optional for 50-sheet finisher: saddle kit,
Scanning speed
punch kit (2 or 4-hole), job separator
Max. 78 opm
Max. 311 x 457 mm
Max. 297 x 1,200 mm banner paper
Printable area
> Output tray (250 sheets)
Size of originals
> Large capacity tray for 3,000 sheets
Max. A3
(A4, 64 – 256 g/m2)
> Large capacity tray for 2,500 sheets
Scanning formats
Max. 303 x 449 mm
Max. 289 x 1,192 mm banner paper
Warm-up time
Single/multi TIFF, PDF, Compact PDF, JPEG,
> Two USB interface kits (one with bluetooth)
Scan adresses
Less than 30 seconds
(depends on the environment)
Dimensions (w x h x d)
> Security kit
2,100, LDAP-support
> Scan accelerator
> Multibanner tray
Copy Specifications
650 x 1,155 x 879 mm (without options)
> Fax unit
Document feeder
> A6 to A3
Approx. 206 kg (without options)
> Duplex document feeder
> Biometric authentication kit
> miscellaneous card solutions
> Working table
(100 sheets, max. 210 g/m2)
220 – 240 V / 50 Hz
(A4 – A3+, 64 – 256 g/m2)
> Keyboardholder
XPS, Compact XPS
> Sender stamp kit for documents
Copy pre-selection
> i-Option (additional functions)
1 – 9,999
> WLAN adapter
Print Specifications
Embedded controller with 1 GHz
Controller uses system memory/hard disk
(2,048 MB RAM/250 GB hard disk)
25 – 400 % in 0.1 % steps
Software Solutions
First A4 copy (ineo 552/652)
> Enterprise Suite (optional)
4.3 / 3.8 seconds
> Data Administrator (user accounts & cost centres)
> Card solutions (optional)
> Jtman 4 jobticket (optional)
> Unix/Linux support
Max. 1,800 x 600 dpi
(with Smoothing Technology)
> SAP support
250 GB
> IBM AS/400 support
> NDPS Gateway
Print: 1,800 x 600 dpi
> EMS Plug-in
(with Smoothing Technology)
> store+find (optional)
Copier functions
> Pcounter (optional)
Chapter and cover mode, proof copy, duplex,
> Personal Print (optional)
book copy, image overlay, watermark
> Personal Scan (optional)
> Everyone Print (optional)
Develop GmbH
Hessenstraße 1
30855 Langenhagen
All data relating to the paper capacities of the document feeder, the final processing
accessories and the paper cassettes apply to paper weighing 80 g/m2 unless expressly
stated otherwise.
All data relating to the speed of printing, scanning or faxing apply to paper of an A4
format weighing 80 g/m2 unless expressly stated otherwise.
All data relating to paper weights apply to media that are recommended by Develop
All technical data correspond to knowledge available at the time of going to print.
Develop reserves the right to make technical alterations.
Develop and ineo are registered trademarks/product titles owned by Develop
GmbH. All other brand or product names are registered trademarks or product titles of
their respective manufacturers. Develop does not accept any liability or guarantee for
these products.
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