Field ready... wear it!
Field ready...
wear it!
Introducing K5, the 4 generation of the most popular wearable
metabolic system, a breakthrough in the field of exercise physiology and
human performance assessment.
1987 ... introducing K2, the first compact Metabolic
system (O2 consumption) for field testing
1994 ... introducing K4, the first mobile metabolic
system (both O2 and CO2) with patented
dynamic mixing chamber
1997 ... introducing K4 b², the first “breath by breath”
mobile metabolic system with integrated GPS
2014 ... K5 wear it!
It has been almost 30 years since COSMED
introduced the first generation of compact
metabolic systems. During this time we have
collected significant feedback and ideas
directly from the most important institutions
around the world.
The result of such an experience has been
carefully implemented in a complete new
piece of technology incorporating latest
design and providing researchers, sport
professionals and clinical users new ways to
explore human exercise physiology.
by breath mode depending on the protocol
type, research or other factors.
K5 features proven and reliable, highly linear
and rapid response O2 (GFC) and CO2 (NDIR)
sensors. The O2 sensor has an average lifespan
of 12 months. Once exhausted, the O2 cell
is replaced by the user without the need of
technical assistance.
K5 is also provided with a new function for a
rapid automatic-verification (“Check”) of the
main hardware components (sensors status,
response time, humidity, pneumatics etc.).
With this, users can quickly perform a quality
control of the whole system before starting
or even while the test is running.
Mix & BxB
Dual Metabolic Sampling Technology
COSMED is proud to introduce K5, the 4
generation of the most popular wearable
metabolic system, a breakthrough in the field
of exercise physiology and human performance assessment.
The K5 is the most innovative and versatile
metabolic system ever created. K5 reaps the
benefits of more than 25 years of experience
with metabolic systems. K5 features a list of
new and unique characteristics that expand
the scope of metabolic testing from clinical
exercise testing to performance assessment.
Accuracy & Reliability
4,5” (114 mm)
K5 has been designed with a focus on accuracy and usability. With this new generation
of metabolic system COSMED introduces
new patented technologies for gas exchange
IntelliMET™ (Intelligent Dual Metabolic Sampling Technology
- US Patent 9581539) sets a new standard in meta-
bolic measurements by providing a dual
gas sampling system able to provide both
micro-dynamic mixing chamber and breath
by breath gas exchange measurements.
With IntelliMET (option) users can select
between the mixing chamber and the breath
2,5” (64 mm)
6,8” (174 mm)
Designed according to IP54 standard,
K5 is a tough/rugged device. Rubber
seals protect the body, connectors and
ports against water, moisture and dust
Single-body device (battery inside),
reduces weight (780 g), thus simplifying
3,5’’ LCD (TFT transflective, LED-backlit).
The resistive touch-screen allows full
interaction with gloves or wet fingers.
4 keys waterproof keyboard for rapid
access to frequent functions (On/Off
and Rec buttons). Back/Check and
Home/Marker keys.
Li-ion “smart battery” (w/ microprocessor) with an LCD showing charge
status. Battery life is a total of 4 hours.
Batteries are easily replaceable.
Two large compartments located on the
top of K5 allow users to access the O2
sensor (user replaceable), the battery
and the SD-card slot (for extra storage
Tripod mount (1/4”-20 UNC) located at
the bottom of the unit allows mounting
on several standard supports.
Great attention has been paid to simplify
subject setup and improve ergonomics. The
preferred position of the device is mounted
on the back of the subject.
New harness design (2 sizes) provides
great comfort and ergonomics during
dynamic field testing.
The “standard” harness consists in 2
pieces; the “skeleton” is a robust/rigid/
rugged part adjustable in length (fits
height ranges from 160 to 200 cm circa).
The soft piece is made in neoprene,
detachable and washable, providing
great comfort while walking or running.
All plugs, connectors and caps are protected by seals
and are water, moisture and dust resistant
The 3,5” LCD is transflective with backlit TFT for optimal viewing in all lighting conditions
Optional paediatric harness has the
same features of the standard one and
fits subjects with height range between
120 and 160 cm.
User replaceable O2 sensor and/or battery is an easy
operation without any special tools
The integrated tripod mount (1/4”-20
UNC) provides extreme versatility and
acts as a safety support in case K5 is
mounted on supports available for
other wearable technology (i.e. for
biking or other outdoor activities and
sports) or when used in lab testing.
Accessing the SD-card slot is useful to simplify data
sharing without connecting to the PC software
K5 complies with IP54 standard, it has been specifically designed for
outdoor use and provides protection against heavy water (rain, sweat) or dust.
IP54 Rugged Design
Weather and Water Resistant
Device User Interface
3.5” touch-screen LCD display (320 x
240) with LED-back-lit TFT for optimal
viewing in all lighting conditions.
Resistive touch-screen technology
allows use in outdoor conditions with
either gloves or wet fingers.
4 Keys for on/off and Start Recording
data plus multi-function quick access
keys for Home/Marker and Back/Check
Intuitive user interface allows simple
navigation and quick access to all
commands and features.
Big easy-to-click icons for navigating
across all functions.
Status bar provides information
regarding time, date, battery status,
Bluetooth (on/off ), GPS and notification
icons (for QC messages, warnings etc.).
During real time the firmware provides
a menu/icon bar for switching between
different views (data, graphs etc.), GPS
data and/or connected devices (ANT+
The K5 features a standard integrated 10Hz
GPS/QZSS receiver, with an accuracy of 2.5m
in position and 0.1m/s in speed. K5 accurately measures both altitude and grade by
using the internal barometric pressure sensor
coupled with GPS readings.
Integrated GPS
2.5m position and 0.1m speed accuracy
GPS data can be monitored real time on K5 display
and, eventually, downloaded (together with K5 metabolic parameters) in mapping software like Google
Earth or Cesium
Wireless Connectivity
Great attention has been given to allow K5
more efficient wireless data transmission
and seamless integration with other devices.
Provided with both standard and optional
wireless data transmission K5 is also compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 technology enabling
integration with external peripherals such as
ECG, SpO2 monitors etc.
K5 is also fully compatible with ANT+ technology. ANT+ is a wireless technology that
allows monitoring devices to communicate
each other and integrating and synchronizing data in a single source.
Standard Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR with data transmission range 30-50m in line-of-sight
Long Range Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR with data
transmission range up to 1000 m in line-ofsight (option).
ANT+ engine for integration with external
devices (SRM, CycleOps, Garmin etc.)
up to 8 channels simultaneously and
compatible with 5 profiles1 (Bike Power
& Torque, Bike Speed & Cadence, Blood
Pressure, HR monitor, Muscle Oxygen
Monitor, Stride Based Speed & Distance,
Weight Scale).
More profiles coming soon
The real-time GUI of K5 allows users to switch views
between different data sets, graphs and GPS information.
Bluetooth LR
Long Range Wireless Data Transmission
5 ANT+ Compatible
Wireless integrated sport-sensor-devices
Heart Rate (HR)
Bike Speed (SPD)
Bike Cadence (CAD)
Bike Speed & Cadence (S&C)
Foot Speed (SPD)
Distance (STP)
Power - Torque
Speed - Cadence
Bike Powe
Bicycle Power (PWR)
Crank Torque Frequency (CTF)
o lic
K5 - Met
Muscle Oxygen Monitor (MO2 )
Example on how the ANT+ bike power profile works with K5
Data Management & Software
Every K5 comes with the Metabolic Module
of OMNIA, the new modular software suite
from COSMED with an intuitive and innovative user interface.
Compatible with the entire COSMED product
range, OMNIA allows the user to operate
complex equipment without requiring long
learning paths. OMNIA is compatible with
latest Windows OS (Win 10).
Easy-to-use touch-screen graphic user
interface with intuitive workflow and
hierarchy. Designed to work with both
standard PC and tablets.
Multi-layers environment allows
multiple views easy to access either by a
click of the mouse or simply sliding the
finger on a touch-screen device.
Built-in Protocol editor (graphical) to
design any type of exercise protocol (for
both bikes and treadmills).
Comprehensive interpretation tool
with a powerful algorithm automatically elaborating results and providing
interpretation text strings including
numerical results.
Ergometer control: standard (COSMED
Bike, COSMED Treadmill, Ergoline,
HPCosmos, Monark, Trackmaster) and
optional (Archimed, BCube, BikeMax, Bosh
601, CatEye, clubLine, CSafe Treadmill,
CT100-ErgocardII, Cyclus 2, ErgoFit Bike,
Excalib.Sport, Excalibur, Excite-Bike,
Excite-Treadmill, ImbramedBike, Imbramed-Treadmill, Lodebike, Powerjog,
RAM770, TechnogymRunRace, Tecmachine1800, TrackEmul, Woodway).
Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
(32 or 64 bit). Mac OS compatibility
when installed in Virtual PC OS (Parallels,
Multi-language environment - Italian,
English, Spanish, French, German,
Portuguese, Greek, Dutch, Turkish,
Russian, Chinese (Trad), Chinese
(Simplified), Korean, Romanian, Czech,
SQL Database allowing virtually unlimited records and data safety.
Full Network Database Management
(optional). OMNIA allows installations in
complex Client/Server environments.
User access by ID and password
protected. Create roles and users by the
built-in “user management” tool.
Security Data solutions (according to
US HipAA, ISO 27799:2008, EU 95/46/CE
and 2002/58/CE).
Multi-users access rights management (Principal Investigator, Physician,
Technician, Administrator…) with event
Allows easy data and graphs display
through either pre-defined dashboards
(9 panel plot, etc.) or user defined
Real time acquisition and capture of Exercise Flow-Volume loops (EFVL) for the
evaluation of ventilatory limitation.
More languages coming soon
OMNIA allows to print fully customisable reports
that may include also interpretation, graphical and
tabular data
OMNIA, the PC software provided with K5, offers an
innovative and intuitive user interface touch-screen
and tablet ready
K5 comes standard with USB port for
real-time communication with PC or for
data download. Connecting K5 to a USB
port turns the device into a conventional metabolic cart (PC controlled via
software only).
Medical grade AC/DC Power Plug for
supplying direct current from the mains
power (international plugs provided).
HR Aux (auxiliary Heart Rate port) for
reading HR obtained from an ECG (by
TTL) or a Polar® belt (by plugging a
Polar® HR receiver).
HR Aux (Polar/TTL)
CPU & Data Storage
456 MHz CPU with 128 MB RAM.
512 MB internal flash memory for data
storage and OS. Up to 2.048.000 breaths
32 GB SD-Card slot (HC type) user accessible for extra storage capacity and easy
data sharing without passing through
PC software.
Standard equipment
K5 Wearable Metabolic System.
2 rechargeable Li-ion “smart” batteries.
Dual bay battery charger adapter.
AC/DC adapter 100-240V w/ INTL plugs
for direct supply from the main power.
3 face masks w/ inspiratory valves
(extra-small, small, medium) and 2
headgears (M, XS).
2 turbine flowmeters and one reader.
1 nafion line.
HR monitor belt (COSMED ANT+).
1 harness (Adult size).
Rugged Peli™ carrying case .
OMNIA PC software.
The K5 face masks are provided with inspiratory
valves that can reduce inspiratory resistance while
breathing (available in Large, Medium and Small
sizes, adult only)
The replaceable battery has an LCD showing status
of the charge
Smart Battery
Li-ion Fast-charge w/LCD status
Optional modules
Long Distance Bluetooth Module.
IntelliMET® w/ breath by breath Module.
ANT+ Engine.
Wireless wrist-worn pulse oximeter,
NONIN WristOx2 3150 (Ref
3L Calibration syringe, gas & regulators.
K5 is supplied with a new rugged-waterproof professional case. The case has two compartments for
separating wet items from the electrical parts
Technical Specifications
Physical Design
IP (Protection Standard)
Dimensions Weight
Single body
IP54 standard (Rugged design, weather sealed, waterproof and dust-proof)
174 x 111 x 64 mm (6.8 x 4.4 x 2.5 in)
750 g (1.7 lb) (900 g including battery)
4 keys waterproof (on/off, Rec, Home/Marker, Check/Back)
Multi-size ergonomic harness, adjustable
Camera mount screw thread standard 1/4” 20 UNC for mounting on several physical supports
Gas & Flow Measurements
Gas Exchange (standard)
Gas Exchange (optional)
O2 sensor
CO2 sensor
Wireless Connectivity
Telemetry (standard)
Telemetry (optional)
ANT+ Module (optional) Micro Dynamic Mixing Chamber
IntelliMET™ - Intelligent Dual Metabolic Sampling Technology (Mixing Chamber & Breath by breath)
US Patent 9581539
Digital Turbine, 0.08-16 l/s Flow Range, ± 2% or 50 ml/s Accuracy, <0.6 cmH2O s/l @ 14 l/s Resistance
GFC 0-100% range, lifespan 12 months (user replaceable), ±0.02% Accuracy, ~120 ms response time
Digital NDIR, 0-10% range, ±0.02% Accuracy, ~100 ms response time
Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR Class II (Range 10 m line-of-sight)
Long range Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR Class I (Up to 1000 m line-of-sight)
ANT+ engine (master/slave) for integrating ANT+ profiles up to 8 channels
Navigation & Motion Sensors
Battery Chargers
Backup battery
10Hz GPS/QZSS receiver - position accuracy 2.5 m, speed accuracy 0.1 m/s
Barometric +GPS offset (altitude and grade)
3,5” LCD Transflective (320x240) 65K colors - high visibility with LED-backlit TFT
Resistive technology, allows gloves and wet fingers
100-240 AC/DC Adapter, medical grade (complies with IEC 60601-1, class II) for direct power supply
and battery charging
Rechargeable Li-ion 7,2V DC “Smart battery” w/ LCD charge status - 4 hours life and user replaceable
100-240VAC, both integrated and external (2 slots)
Embedded (Li-polymer)
12V DC vehicle charger adapter (optional)
Pressure Sensors
2 sensors, integrated barometer (-600 to +5500m) and continuous monitoring of analysers pressure
Temp. & Humidity sensors 4 sensors Integrated (internal and external)
Additional Memory
Heart Rate (AUX)
OS & Software
PC Software
456 MHz w/ 128MB RAM
512 MB Flash (data storage and OS), up to 2.048.000 breaths
SD-HC Card 32GB/Fat32 - internal slot user accessible (for additional data storage/FW upgrade)
USB - Device (2,5 KV galvanic-isolated)
Polar® HR receiver, ECG TTL port
COSMED OMNIA (multi-language), WIN 10 compatible - Touch Screen interface, tablet ready
Linux OS
Safety & Quality Standards
MDD (93/42 /EEC); FDA 510(k) pending; EN 60601-1 (safety) / EN 60601-1-2 (EMC)
Via dei Piani di Monte Savello 37
Albano Laziale - Rome 00041, Italy
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+39 (06) 931-4580 Fax |
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CPU & data storage
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