Fire protection – apartments

Fire protection – apartments
If a fire starts ...
First and foremost, get yourself and your family away from the fire.
If the room fills with smoke – crawl under the smoke; the air is often
fresher at floor level. Close the door to the room where the fire is
burning. Never use the elevator when escaping from a fire. If the
stairway fills with smoke due to a fire in the cellar/refuse area, for
example, stay in your apartment until the Rescue Agency has put
out the fire or has given you other instructions.
Warn others around you so they can get to safety. Try to stay calm.
Remember that children may be hiding under beds or in cupboards.
When you and your family are safe, raise the alarm by setting off the
fire alarm (if there is one) or by calling the emergency number – 112.
Quickly inform them of what has happened, where you are calling
from and who you are.
Only then can you try and put out the fire yourself, but don’t take
any unnecessary risks! Spray the glowing area, not the flames. Never
spray on or around live cables. If a saucepan catches fire, smother
the flames using a saucepan lid; never use water! If the TV catches
fire, pull out the plug and put out the fire with water.
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Fire protection
– apartments
Greater safety for you and your neighbours
Fire protection
Smoke alarms
Around 400 domestic fires a year occur in the territory served by the Gothenburg
Rescue Agency. Use this checklist to check the fire protection in your home.
If you have any questions about fire protection, please telephone the Rescue Agency
on 031-335 26 00.
Smoke alarm
Prevent fire
How to test your smoke alarm
Keep matches and lighters out of children’s reach.
Press the test button to be found on all smoke alarms. Keep it
pressed for a couple of seconds. If it doesn’t begin to beep, insert a
new battery and try again. Test your smoke alarm regularly, when
you’ve been away and on the first day of Advent for example. Don’t
forget to dust it occasionally.
Never leave washing machines, driers, dishwashers etc. running while you are out or when you go to bed.
Fats and oils can catch fire at excessively high temperatures. You should keep a lid close by when you are frying or deep frying to smother any flames.
Manual fire extinguishers
Food that has burned or boiled dry is a common cause of fire. Clean kitchen fan filters regularly to ensure they are free of grease.
Never leave lit candles unattended and don’t forget to put out any candles you have lit. Never decorate candlesticks with flammable materials, for example, candle-rings made of fabric, moss or similar.
Manual fire
A fire blanket is a useful item in the home. It can be used to extinguish fires in clothing or other smaller fires by smothering the
Fire blanket
The authorities require your apartment to be equipped with a least one smoke alarm. Change the battery before it’s too late!
 It is also recommended that you should have a 6 kg powder extinguisher.
 Don’t store things on stairways and in passageways. Remember that these are your emergency exits if something happens.
It’s easy to forget to switch off the cooker and many fires are caused
as a result. Don’t keep things on the cooker and get into the habit of
checking that it’s switched off. Install a timer for electrical appliances
that switches off the current after a certain length of time in case
you forget to switch the appliance off. If you have any questions,
please contact the Rescue Agency.
Plan your exit
Discuss what escape routes you will use if a fire starts in your apartment.
The Rescue Agency recommends that everyone should have a 6 kg
powder extinguisher in their home. Summerhouses are also considered as homes. A 2 kg powder extinguisher is recommended for cars,
mobile homes, caravans, boats and similar. Manual fire extinguishers
can be purchased at larger shopping centres or hardware stores.
Fire blankets
Don’t store flammable items on your balcony or patio – there may be a risk of arson or stray fireworks.
Don’t use electrical appliances with damaged plugs or cables.
Smoke alarms increase your chances of escaping if a fire starts
in your apartment. Smoke alarms should be fitted on the ceiling
outside bedrooms. You are responsible for ensuring that the batteries in your smoke alarm are not dead. There’s no smoke alarm in your
apartment? Contact your customer service department/caretaker/
landlord/block caretaker to obtain one.
How to use a manual fire extinguisher:
the safety
Point the
at the fire
Aim low down
at the fire
Press down
the handle
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