Warmrails Kensington Manual()

Warmrails Kensington Manual()
This appliance must be used in accordance with any prevailing electrical code and relevant
electrical wiring rules and regulations and in particular those regulations that cover use of
appliances and accessories in damp situations such as bathrooms, showers, laundries and
other areas with fixed water containers.
Your Warmrail comes complete with all the mounting hardware you require, which includes
8 screws, 8 wall anchors, 4 wall brackets, 4 bracket covers, 4 locking screws, 1 “hard-wire”
Connector, 1 “hard-wire” Connection Box Cover, and 1 “hard wire” Wall Plate. Remove all
the components from the carton and make sure that all parts are present. If any parts are
missing, do not attempt to install the appliance, instead call Warmrails on 877.927.6724.
Because this model is attached to the in-wall electrical box, placement is very
important. Follow steps 1 through 6 from the installation instructions above, making
sure that the placement of the Heated Towel Rack against the wall results in the Wall
Plate fitting correctly over the in-wall electrical box and into the Connection Box Cover.
Cut the tube down to size if necessary.
4. Attach the black, white and green wires to the electrical connections on the in-wall
electrical box and feed the Connector through the Wall Plate tube. Screw the Wall
Plate to the in-wall electrical box. (Refer to Fig 2).
5. Make sure wires are going through Connection Box Cover hole. Attach the “hard-wire”
Connector to the connector inside the Heated Towel Rack’s connection box. (Refer to
Fig 2). Slide the Connection Box Cover back into position making sure the tube stays
inside the connection box. (Refer to Fig 3). Screw the Connection Box Cover in place.
Mount the Heated Towel Rack securely on the wall. (Refer to Fig 3). Reconnect the power
supply and your Warmrail is ready for use
When using any electrical appliance, basic safety precautions should always be observed.
The Warmrail is shipped in the “soft-wired” configuration.
1. To install this unit as “soft-wired”, position the four bracket covers on the Heated
Towel Rack. (Refer to Fig 1).
2. Insert the four wall brackets (the pieces with the two screw holes) into the four mounts
on the unit and secure them in place by inserting the four locking screws through the
holes you will see at the top of each of the mounts (if you can’t see the holes you most
likely have the unit upside down).
3. With the wall brackets now firmly attached, hold the Heated Towel Rack against the
wall in the location where you would like it to be installed, preferably on a stud. Use a
pencil or pointed tool to mark the location of the screw holes onto the wall through the
screw holes in the wall brackets. Put the Heated Towel Rack aside and drill pilot
holes through the marks you have made on the wall.
4. You can just use screws to attach wall brackets that are conveniently on a stud. For
the remaining wall brackets, use the wall anchors supplied. Push the wall anchors
into the dry wall (you may need to make larger pilot holes where the wall anchors
need to be located).
5. Attach each of the four brackets on the pilot holes or wall anchors you have placed on
the wall by using the 8 screws provided. Tighten the screws until the wall mounts are
firmly against the wall.
6. Place the Heated Towel Rack back in position against the wall on the installed
brackets. Attach a locking screw over each of the mounts and tighten. Gently slide the
bracket covers towards the wall to completely cover the wall brackets.
7. Once securely attached to the wall, the unit can be plugged into an electrical outlet
(we recommend using a GFI protected outlet at all times) and your Warmrail is ready
for use. Please note, this model must be installed with the power entry coming out
from the bottom right-hand side of the unit.
Important – Hard-Wired Installation Must Be Performed By A Licensed Electrician, In
Accordance With Local & National Electrical Codes.
Important - Make sure that the electricity has been disconnected.
To install the Heated Towel Rack in the “hard-wired” configuration, the back cover of
the Connection Box must be removed. The power cord is disconnected by detaching
it from the connector - the entire power cord and back cover are discarded.
Do not use this appliance for other than its intended use.
To avoid a hazard, the Heated Towel Rack MUST NOT be used to hold towels or
any other articles that have been in contact with oil, petroleum based products or
dry cleaning fluids.
Use this appliance only on the voltage specified on the rating plate, or elsewhere
in the instructions.
Regulations require that only authorized persons carry out electrical work. For
your own safety and that of others, ensure this is done.
Do not store your Heated Towel Rack while hot or still connected to the power
Do not immerse the Heated Towel Rack in water or any other liquid.
Do not allow the cord set to come into contact with heated surfaces during
This product should not be used outdoors.
This towel warmer operates at high temperature that can cause burns.
Do not touch surfaces of the towel warmer while the warmer is in operation.
Do not allow unsupervised children in the vicinity of the towel warmer; and warn
children of hot surfaces.
Do not immerse towel warmer in water or any other liquid.
Do not place towel warmer in a location where it may fall into a tub or shower, or
otherwise become immersed in water; and if the towel warmer falls into water,
immediately unplug it. Do not reach into the water.
39 1/2"
5 3/4"
Supply: 120 volts a.c. 60 Hz, single phase
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