CeLAN Ce-DSISC - Motion
Ce-DSISC - Motion
General ISC-PPR1-WA16G
The DSISC-W16 Professional Series PIR Detector is
exceptionally suited for commercial indoor applications. Sensor data fusion technology ensures that the
detector sends alarm conditions based on precise information. Trifocus optics eliminate coverage gaps
and respond efficiently to intruders. The powerful
combination of unique features in the Professional
Series delivers superior catch performance and virtually eliminates false alarms.
The self-locking two-piece enclosure, built-in bubble
level, flexible mounting height, and three optional
mounting brackets simplify installation and reduce
service time.
CeLAN Module included
in the motion detector
The CeLAN DSISC PIR Detector is ready to install
with a CeLAN module connected to the detector.
Simply wire the module to the Protector CeLAN Bus,
enroll the CeLAN module, and enroll the zones into
the panel.
The DSISC motion detector has the capability of reporting three individual zones:
Motion detection zone
Cover Tamper
Anti-mask Tamper
16 m x 21 m (50 ft x 70 ft) coverage, selectable to 8 m x 10 m (25 ft
x 33 ft)
Tri-focus optics technology
Active white light suppression
Dynamic temperature compensation
Remote walk test
Alarm memory
Draft and insect immunity
2 m to 3 m (7 ft to 10 ft) mounting
height, no adjustments required
Tri-focus Optics Technology
Tri-focus optics technology uses optics with three specific
focal lengths: long-range coverage, middle-range coverage,
and short-range coverage. The detector applies the three
focal lengths to 86 detection zones, which combine to make
11 solid curtains of detection. Tri-focus optics technology
also includes two pyroelectric sensors, which deliver twice
the standard optical gain. The sensors process multiple
signals to deliver precise performance virtually free of false
Active White Light Suppression
An internal light sensor measures the level of light intensity
directed at the face of the detector. Sensor data fusion
technology uses this information to eliminate false alarms
from bright light sources.
CeLAN Specifications
Power Requirements: 12 VDC nominal (8.0 VDC
minimum, 16 VDC maximum), 25 mA maximum
Panel Data Bus: CeLAN - 128 Bit AES Encrypted
CINCH Stick Port: One (1) - 128 Bit AES Encrypted, CINCH Stick port.
Storage Temperature: -30° to 140° F (-34° to 60)
Operating Temperature: 32° to 120° F (0° to 49°
C), up to 140° F (60° C) under temporary conditions
Maximum Humidity: 90% relative humidity, noncondensing
Listings: UL 1076, FCC Part 15, FPIS 197
Voltage (Operating): 9 VDC to 15 VDC
Current (Maximum): < 15 mA
Current (Standby): < 10 mA at 12 VDC
Relay: Solid state relay, normally-closed (NC) contacts,
power supervised. 3 W, 125 mA, 25 VDC,
Tamper: Normally-closed (NC) contacts (with cover
on) rated at 25 VDC, 125 mA maximum. Connect tamper circuit to 24-hour protection circuit.
Color: White
Dimensions: 127 mm x 69 mm x 58 mm (5 in. x 2.75 in.
x 2.25 in.)
Material: High-impact ABS plastic
Alarm Indicator: Blue alarm LED
Relative Humidity: 0 to 95%, non-condensing
Temperature (Operating and Storage):
-29°C to +55°C (-20°F to +130°F)
Enrolls into the system as a CeLAN device, the system
can enroll up 100 CeLAN devices.
Control Panel
PCU-IDS Protector Panel
Touch Screen
Ce-TS Touch Screen
Ce-TS-P Plastic Touch Screen
Expansion Modules
2 Zone Input
8 Zone Input
Ce-4RO 4 Relay Output
Ce-24ZI 24 Zone Input
Communication Modules
Ce-FC-N Fiber Conversion
Ce-TCP/IP Network Module
Ce-FC-ER Fiber Conversion
CeLAN Modules
Ce-DS938Z Motion
Ce-DS308 Motion
Ce-DSISC Motion
HSS L2 Contact
Ce-M1ZRS Recessed Contact
Ce-1076DRS Recessed Contact
Ce-1076HRS Recessed Contact
Ce-U1Z Universal 1 Zone
Ce-WF2ZI Wellsfargo Contact
Ce-U2Z Universal 2 Zone
Ce-AESR-IDS AES Receiver
For more information: www.cinchsystems.com
Cinch Systems
10275 43rd St NE, Ste 300
St Michael, MN 55379
CeLAN Accessories
CO-CSU Cinch Stick
CO-PS2KI Keyboard Module
CO-T-P Panel Tester
CO-T-8Z 8 Zone Tester
CO-T-4R 4 Relay Tester
CO-T-Printer Printer Tester
CO-PRSI Siren Supervision
Ce-EX Expansion Module
ACC-T24V-100 Transformer
ACC-B12-18 Battery
ACC-B12-7 Battery
ACC-6P Power Cord
E-CB Termination Box
L-M-KD Panel Lock
L-M-KA Panel Lock
ACC-CFC-S Fiber Cable
L-S Panel Lock
ACC-CFC-MM Fiber Cable
S-ET Panel Tamper
E-P Panel Enclosure
E-CP Plastic Enclosure
E-PA Accessory Enclosure
E-PA-S Small Accessory Enclosure
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