Dataton WATCHOUT® version 6.1 • FBX (Autodesk Filmbox)

Dataton WATCHOUT® version 6.1 • FBX (Autodesk Filmbox)
Dataton WATCHOUT® version 6.1
This version contains some new features, as well as optimizations and performance
New features
Popup Menu
A right click contextual menu to improve user workflow, and in some places
add new functionality. With it you can:
• Move displays between different tiers.
• Duplicate composition medias.
• Reach different functionality more easily such as tweening of cues.
Stage List
A stage list in the stage window, showing a hierarchical list view of all displays
on the Stage, and what stage tier they are on. It can be activated from the
stage menu. With it you can:
• Drag and drop displays easily between different tiers.
• Go to selected display by using a command in the contextual menu.
Auto Save
Ability to automatically save your work in progress with a certain time interval.
This feature can be turned on and off in the file menu or in the preferences
dialog, where you can also set the time interval.
Auto Refresh
Ability to automatically refresh media files that have changed. This feature can
be turned on and off in the media menu, or in the preferences dialog.
• Virtual Displays now support separate Resolution and Stage Dimensions. Useful
when dealing with LED wall modules of varying densities.
• 3D object rendering is optimized on sub-mesh level. This makes rendering of large
meshes, using multiple high-resolution videos or virtual displays, more efficient,
allowing each projector to render only the sub-meshes that it can "see".
• Presplit videos can be assigned as 3d model texture, showing one video for each
• Virtual Displays performance in the production software is improved.
• Geometry correction points can be adjusted using arrow keys.
• Projector calibration can be switched using the Tab key.
• A preview movie can now be attached to Video Proxy even in nonpresplit case.
• Improved license manager window, being able to scan licenses on remote display
computers even when you are not currently online.
• Displays connected to the same display computer can now have different
Bug Fixes
• Some dialogs could not be opened if you had a different language setting than
3D File Format Support
Support for the following 3D file formats has been added:
• BLEND (Blender)
FBX (Autodesk Filmbox)
What was new in version 6.0.2
This version contains some minor bug fixes as well as improved H264 playback
Bug Fixes
• Sort by Z depth for solid media now works properly.
• Adding a new display mask while editing another now works properly.
• Copying/pasting dispays containing display masks now works properly.
• DMX recording now works also while in live update.
What was new in version 6.0.1
This version contains minor enhancements and bug fixes.
• Logo supressed in display software when transferring new content while i Live Edit
• Progress bar is shown in display software while analyzing a complex show.
• Dynamic Image Server renders still images originating from a HTTP server faster.
• Allow multi-channel audio playback through multi-channel sound interface, and
not just using stereo pairs. This is done by selecting the same interface for each
channel pair in Preferences (production software) or the Audio Out menu (display
software) and de-selecting "Multiple Stereo Pairs".
Bug Fixes
• Incorrect indication of media transfer progres in Live Update mode.
• Analyzing a complex show no longer makes the display software lose connection
with the production software.
• Copy/Paste of Audio cues didn't work properly with "By display name" selected.
• Looping of ProRes video now works properly.
• Undoing/Redoing edits in the display dialog now works properly.
3D File Format Support
WATCHOUT supports the following 3D file formats:
• 3DS (3D Studio Max)
• OBJ (Wavefront)
• DAE/Collada
• LWO, LWS (LightWave)
• LXO (Modo)
Irrespective of file format, WATCHOUT accepts only 3D mesh data with UV coordinates
assigned. The list above is non-exhaustive. Some formats and application versions may
not work as expected. If so, try exporting to a common interchange format, such as OBJ
or 3DS instead.
What was new in version 6.0
This major, new version of WATCHOUT ushers in a number of significant new features.
Modernized UI
All new dark theme with clearly color-marked features provides both a modern look and
reduces eye-strain when working in often darkened environments.
Live Edit
Streamlined show editing
Say bye-bye to the Update command! See all changes to your show live as you make
Optimized, manual mode
For cases when live update isn't desired, the old manual mode can still be used. This
mode is optimized by minimizing the set of files copied to each display computer.
HAP, HAP Alpha, HAP Q high performance codecs
Apple ProRes native codec
V210 uncompressed video
Image Sequences
Play TIFF image sequences directly from disk for fully uncompressed video. Requires fast
disks/SSD/RAID for best performance.
Virtual Displays
Create any shape of LED display, using non-standard resolutions and formats
Map each virtual display onto an area of a real display output from a display computer,
for later mapping onto the LED display modules by the LED wall processor
Use as textures for 3D mapping
Create composite images using the familiar rendering and compositing capabilities of
WATCHOUT and map the result onto 3D geometry
Provides composition-like objects clipped by their bounds
3D Models
Directly import variety of 3D file formats (e.g., OBJ, 3DS, Collada)
3D models can be used for image mapping or as "stage props" to improve previsualization of entire sets. Just drag the 3D model right into WATCHOUT, like other kind
of media file.
Multiple textured areas
Each 3D model can have multiple independent areas, which can then be mapped and
textured using any WATCHOUT image media, video or using the new Virtual Displays.
Simply drag the image media onto the desired area in the 3D model.
3D Projector
An entirely new way of displaying images. While a traditional WATCHOUT Display
manages an essentially flat imagea area, a Projector allows images to be mapped onto
arbitrarily complex 3D geometry.
• Position Projector in 3D space
• Aim Projector at a target in 3D space
• Rotate projector for optimal image coverage
• Accurately Models Focal Length, Lens Shift and other parameters
• Marker-based, Semi-Automatic Calibration
A semi-automatic method for aligning the projector in 3D space. Simply line up a few
well-defined corners or other features in the projected image with their physical
counterparts on the geometry being mapped onto. WATCHOUT does all the hard work of
matching the actual position, target, rotation and focal length of the projector.
• Use imported models to build "virtual sets"
• Combine static assets, with screens and mapped objects
• View from multiple angles using multiple "camera" windows
Create your own mask shapes
Use simple editing tools directly in WATCHOUT to create masks, while seeing the result
projected live as you edit the masks.
Mask out individual objects on a per-projector basis
Block out doors, windows or other parts of objects you're projecting onto, independently
of any content.
Custom designed, per-edge, edge blends
Each mask has individually editable soft edges with variable width and gradient. All live
as you edit them.
Dynamic Image Server
Better performance
Performance is improved greatly by optimizing the data sent across the network, thereby
significantly reducing the transfer time for large images.
Render HTML5 content
Simply point the Image Server at a URL to render the latest weather map or similar
dynamic data. Content can be accessed either remotely over the Internet or stored
locally on the Dynamic Image Server itself.
Multi-channel audio
• Route channels in multi-channel audio files to their desired outputs
• Control the volume of each sound channel individually
• Supports most multi-channel sound cards or external audio boxes
• Create simple rectangular shapes right inside WATCHOUT
• Apply a feathered edge for use as drop shadows and masks
Feathered Edge
Apply an adjustable feathered edge and/or rounded corners to video or images.
Video playback speed
Adjust the playback rate of video, allowing you to match the duration of a clip to some
other content, or just as an effect. This works hand-in-hand with the built-in frame
blending and precise video synchronization of WATCHOUT.
Insert/Delete Time
New command for opening up some new space along a timeline, optionally extending
cues and adjusting tween point positions.
Show Export for WATCHNET
Export your entire show to a single WATCHOUT Bundle (WOB) file, for subsequent
deployment through WATCHNET.
Faster show updates
Export a Bundle Update file, containing only the changes, for faster distribution of
updates of existing shows through WATCHNET.
Multiple Display/Projector Windows
Simplifies geometry correction across displays
Keep multiple Display windows open on screen for tweaking the geometry correction
across blends.
Certain installation scenarios require the use of fixed IP addresses rather than the normal
dynamic addressing used by WATCHPAX. You can now specify a fixed IP address along
with router and DNS addresses, if desired.
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