1st Keyless, Invisible

1st Keyless, Invisible
1st Keyless, Invisible
Cabinet Locking System
Perfect for wood
applications in
Education, Healthcare,
Office and other areas
 Radio frequency technology
permits the Transmitter Pad
to be stored anywhere, leaving
no trace of visible hardware
or signs of being secured
 Allows multiple (individually
accessible) wood cabinet doors
or drawers to be locked from a
single transmitter pad within
a 15 ft. range
 Easy to install – takes fewer
than 10 minutes
 Replaces existing cabinet locks
715 Center St., Grayslake, IL 60030
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StealthLock – an innovative keyless cabinet lock
operated by radio frequency technology.
Features & Functions
 Healthcare cabinetry
 Closet cabinets and storage
 Kitchen cabinets, liquor
cabinets, entertainment units
 Transmitter pad operates within
a 15 ft. range
 One transmitter pad can activate an
unlimited number of receiver latches
 Office furniture
 Reception & Conference
 Retail display cabinets
 Audio visual cabinets
Versions available
 Separate user and supervisor codes
(four to eight digits) to operate the
 Standard – Allows any transmitter pad to operate any receiver
latch. Standard mode can be used in most general office
or residential applications.
 Dedicated – This factory programmed feature mates a transmitter
pad to a receiver latch or latches by way of a unique transmitter
ID. Ideal for assigned lockers or when users are within close
proximity of each other.
 Receiver latch is easily programmed
by user through the transmitter pad
 Receiver latch mounts within
½" drawer suspension clearance
Modes available on both versions
 Uses readily available batteries:
4-AAA (not included) for the receiver
latch and a CR2032 coin battery
(included) for the transmitter pad
 Self-Lock Mode – Allows the user to program the Receiver Latch
to automatically re-lock after unlocking.
 Passage/Manual Lock Mode (factory default) – User must manually lock.
 Single Use Mode – Allows the user to choose their code at time
of operation. Single Use Mode is recommended for shared
or day use lockers or cabinets.
 Low battery indicator on transmitter
pad and receiver latch
 For interior use only – recommended
temperature range of 50˚F to 120˚F
Note: diagrams
are not to scale.
To lock a two-door system using
one transmitter pad, one SL-100
and one RL-110 are needed.
* The StealthLock may be used in households
to help protect minors from unsafe materials.
Part Number
version only)
Retail kit including:
1 receiver latch
1 transmitter pad
1 cabinet strike plate
1 installation tool
Contains all parts necessary
to lock one door or drawer.
version only)
Kit including:
1 receiver latch
1 cabinet strike plate
Needed to lock each additional
door or drawer operated by existing
transmitter pad**
See example above.
Part Number
Transmitter pad only
Cabinet strike plate
Installation tool
Dedicated transmitter pad
Cabinet-mounting plate, satin
nickel; other finishes available
Wall-mounting plate, satin
nickel; other finishes available
Power supply
RL-APC-9VJ-10 Jumper port
715 Center St., Grayslake, IL 60030
Copyright 2012 © CompX Security Products
Reorder #: F2644-022
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