VN80SS Super Night Vision Outdoor camera

VN80SS Super Night Vision Outdoor camera
A True Leader
in CCTV Camera & System
Super Night Vision Outdoor camera
Product Information
VN80SS is a camera specially designed for the professional
Day/Night surveillance. At daytime, the camera features a
520TVL Color image and at nighttime, the image is converted
into real B/W mode (Color signal removed) resulting in the
resolution and sensitivity greatly enhanced. The camera
incorporates an Intelligent CDS sensor and mechanical
day/night dual filter system so that the filter is accurately
switched on and off with the image changed from Color to B/W
or B/W to Color mode at a designated Lux level by OSD. IR
effective distance reaches 70 merters. Specially designed power
circuit enables the camera to be operated from DC19V to
DC35V maximizing the reliability of the unit from power
fluctuations. This wide tolerance accepts most of unstable power
supplies without failure before or after installation. It accepts
either DC24V or AC24V power supply unit with no polarity input.
True Day & Night
The mode of image is instantly changed from Color at daytime to BW at
nighttime at a designated Lux level by OSD automatically. Combined with dual
filter system built-in, this performance makes the camera produced a perfectly
true color at day and a noiseless true BW image at night.
Key Features
SS-2 (Hightend : High quality & Multi function)
1/3" Sony Super HADII CCD
Powerful night sensitivity
Self focus compensation technology
Intelligent IR Compensation
The unit incorporates a self focus adjustment technology that precisely corrects
the focus shift when IR illumination is activated at night. Smart capability of
focusing at both day and night enables the camera to have an extreme
resolution of over 520TVL(Day) and 560TVL(Night)
Extended IR LEDs’ life cycle and the sensitivity
IR Sensitive mechanical Day/Night filter system built-in
True Color at Day and Real B/W at Night conversion
High resolution of 520 TVL at Day/560 TVL at Night
DC24V or AC24V Non-polarity power input
IP67 Weatherproof
Cable concealed thru bracket
Installation with existing telephone cable up to 100M long
External Focus Adjustment
External Zoom Focus Adjustment
Moisture condensation and bad workmanship sometimes occur in the course of
opening the housing to adjust focus. Our advanced external adjustment
mechanism makes no reason to open the case and guarantees no possibility of
<Camera Back>
Super Night Vision Outdoor camera
Powerful night sensitivity
This new night vision camera features an absolutely POWERFUL night
vision performance capturing a clear and very bright image at pitch
black ‘O’ Lux darkness for at least 70 meter long distance. Used with
an unique Visionhitech’s IR Enhance technology, VN80SS can see a
clear image at least 2 times longer distance compared with
conventional high quality Sony Ex-view cameras.
<Conventional Sony Ex-view IR cameras>
Darker image at even much shorter distance.
Absolutely clear and bright image at even much longer distance.
Extended IR LEDs’ life cycle and the sensitivity
The VN80SS adapts the Visionhitech’s special IR life protection
technology that extends the life cycle of IR LEDs at its maximum period
of life span. Conventional IR cameras tend to produce a bright IR
image at the beginning but the LEDs’ performance is reduced day by
day and finally burned to dead in short time period after the installation.
Consequently the night vision performance of conventional cameras is
seriously reduced within after several months of operation.
A True Leader
in CCTV Camera & System
Image sensor
Effective Pixels
1/3" Sony Super HAD II CCD
NTSC : 768(H) x 494(V)
PAL : 752(H) x 582(V)
NTSC : 520 TV Lines (at Day) / 560 TV Lines (at Night)
PAL : 510 TV Lines (at Day) / 550 TV Lines (at Night)
Synchronizing system
Internal or Linelock
Scanning system
NTSC 525 Lines PAL 625 Lines 2:1 Interlaced
Video output
1.0Vp-p Composite. 75 Ohms
S/N ratio
More than 50 dB (AGC Off)
Min. illumination
0.01 Lux at F1.6 (IR Off)
Back Light Compensation AUTO
Shutter Speed
NTSC:1/60~1/100,000 sec PAL: 1/50 ~ 1/100,000 sec
Gamma correction
Standard =0.45
White Balance
2100°K ~ 9100°K
Gain Control
Standard: -6dB ~ 42dB Auto
Smear Effect
Power source
DC24V or Dual (DC24V / AC24V)
Operating current
120mA at 24VDC(IR “off” Day)
550mA at 24VDC(IR “on” Night)
4~9mm or 9~22mm
IR Spectrum
4~9mm / 850nm - Ø8 x 20° x 6ea, Ø10 x 27° x 14ea
9~22mm / 850nm - Ø8 x 20° x 6ea, Ø10 x 14° x 14ea
Viewable distance
Up to 70M at moonless night
20,000 hours
Iris Control
Operating Temperature
14°F ~ 122°F (-10°C ~ +50°C)
Within 90% RH
Measurement (mm)
112(W) x 121(V) x 287(L)
Weight (Approx.g)
Perfect 3-Axis
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