Can You Name this Kitchen Equipment?

Can You Name this Kitchen Equipment?
Can You Name this Kitchen Equipment?
Assembled and photographed by
Stacy Halvorson, Program Assistant
Julie Garden‐Robinson, Ph.D., L.R.D.
Food and Nutrition Specialist
Look at the pictures on the following pages. Try to name the equipment. The page that follows the picture shows the name of the equipment and describes the equipment.
You may have many of these items in
your kitchen at home. Which pieces of equipment have you seen? Which have you used?
Egg Beater
Kitchen utensil used to mix things such as eggs or cream
Flour Sifter
Kitchen device used to sift flour or powdered sugar
Kitchen utensil with sharp perforations used to shred foods such as cheeses or vegetables
Electric Mixer
Small kitchen appliance used to mix food such as batter or dough
Potato Masher
Kitchen utensil used to crush soft foods such as cooked potatoes for mashed potatoes or cooked apples for applesauce. Meat Thermometer
Used to determine the internal temperature of meats to determine doneness
Cutting Board
A durable board made of plastic or wood where you cut food items Digital Scale
Instrument used to measure specific weights
Manual Scale
Instrument used to measure specific weights
Coffee Maker
Small kitchen appliance used to brew coffee automatically
Stand Mixer
Kitchen appliance used to mix food such as batter or dough Blender
Small kitchen appliance used to mix or puree food
Food Processor
Small kitchen appliance with interchangeable blades used for shredding, blending, chopping or slicing food
Slow Cooker
Small cooking appliance that uses low temperatures to cook food over an extended period of time allowing for unattended cooking Toaster
Small kitchen appliance designed to toast bread products
Tea Kettle
Small kitchen device used to boil water on top of stove usually for teas or other hot beverages
Liquid Measuring Cup
Measuring cup used to measure large amounts of liquid ingredients
Dry Measuring Cups
Measuring utensils used to measure dry ingredients
Measuring Spoons
Measuring utensils used to measure small amounts of either dry or liquid ingredients
Kitchen device used for extracting juice from fruits such as oranges or lemons
Egg Separator
Kitchen utensil used to separate the egg yolk from the egg white
Kitchen utensil used to peel the outer skins of fruits and vegetables such as apples and potatoes
A kitchen utensil with a long handle and a flat edge designed for lifting or turning foods Rubber Scraper
Kitchen utensil designed for scraping insides of bowls or jars to remove all of the contents Apple Corer
Kitchen device used to slice and core apples
Pizza Cutter
A wheel‐bladed kitchen cutting utensil used to cut pizza
Wire Whisk
Kitchen utensil with wire coils used to beat eggs, cream, etc. Pasta Spoon
Kitchen serving utensil used for easily serving pasta such as spaghetti Tongs
Kitchen utensil used for picking items up, commonly used when grilling
Used in the kitchen to separate liquid from solids or to wash and drain small amounts of food
Pastry Brush/Basting Brush
Cooking utensil used to spread oil or glazes on foods
Handheld Can Opener
Kitchen utensil used to remove the lid of aluminum cans; may be electric or handheld Rolling Pin
Cylindrical kitchen utensil designed for rolling out dough
Serving Spatula
Kitchen utensil used to serve foods such as bars, pies and cakes
Slotted Spoon
Kitchen utensil used for stirring or serving foods such as vegetables Scoop
Specialized measuring spoon used to portion different amounts of foods Ladle
Kitchen utensil designed for serving soups and stews
Mixing Bowls
Bowl used in the preparation of food for combining ingredients Muffin Tin
Pan with individual molds used for making muffins or cupcakes Cake Pan
Round pan used for baking cakes in the oven
9 inch by 13 inch Pan
Shallow container usually made of metal or glass used to cook or store food 9 inch by 9 inch Pan
Small kitchen pan used to make foods such as bars and cakes
Pie Tin
Round baking pan with slanted sides used for making pies Loaf Pan
Pan used for baking breads in an oven
Pizza Pan
Round pan used for cooking pizza
Cooling Rack
Wire rack used to cool baked goods such as bread or cookies
Baking Sheet
A flat, rectangular pan used for baking flat products such as cookies Bar Pan
Kitchen pan with shallow sides used to make baked goods such as brownies and bars
Saucepan A deep pan with a handle intended for use on the stovetop and is used for stewing and boiling
Double Boiler
Consists of two saucepans, one fitting inside the other. Used to cook sauces or melt chocolate without burning or seizing it. Boiling water is placed in the bottom pot and the sauce or chocolate is placed in the top pot. Stock Pot
A large, tall, narrow pot used to cook soups, broths or pastas
Piece of cooking equipment with a flat metal portion on which food is cooked Frying Pan
Pan used for frying, searing or browning foods
Bowl‐shaped kitchen utensil with holes used to drain and rinse foods
Pan usually large and heavy with moderately shallow sides used for frying or cooking a meal
Cast Iron Frying Pan
Kitchen pan used to fry foods such as meat. Pan comes in varying sizes and can be used to cook with outdoors.
Dutch Oven
Cooking pot usually made of cast‐
iron with a tight fitting lid normally used to cook on a campfire Microwave
Kitchen appliance that cooks food by passing an electromagnetic wave through it
Stove or Range
Large kitchen appliance consisting of burners and an oven used to cook food
Large kitchen appliance used to store food and keep it cold; usually has a freezer compartment used to store frozen food items
Carving Knife
A kitchen knife designed to slice meats
Kitchen Shears
Kitchen utensil used to trim food such as chicken
Paring Knife
A thin‐bladed kitchen knife used for coring or peeling fruits Chef’s Knife
A kitchen knife used for chopping, slicing, mincing, etc.
Bread Knife
A kitchen knife with a long serrated blade that easily cuts through bread and other pastries Casserole Dish
Piece of cookware used in the oven to cook food
Hot Pads
Insulated pads used to protect individual’s hands or counter surface when transferring hot objects
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