430 Torque

430 Torque
430 Torque Instructions for Use and Maintenance
Indications for Use
The 430 Torque High-Speed Handpieces are used by trained dental professionals for a variety of procedures
including but not limited to caries and amalgam removal, restorative work and crown preparations.
430SWL® Torque and 430SW™ Torque High-Speed Handpieces are designed to fit a StarDental® 360° quick
disconnect swivel. The 430SWL Torque handpiece connects to both StarDental and standard 4/6-Line ISO fiber
optic (F.O.) tubing. The 430SW Torque connects to standard 4 hole tubing.
430SWL & 430SW Torque
Operating Air Pressure:
Air Consumption:
No Load Speed:
Stall Torque:
Average Power:
High-speed fiber optic with a swivel and replaceable autochuck turbine
38 to 43 psi
1.9 SCFM @ 43 psi
395,000 rpm @ 43 PSI
.26 oz.-in @ 43 PSI
20 watts
(Max Power > 25 watts @ 43 psi)
LUBRICATED Ceramic Bearing Turbine
Lubricate handpiece daily with DentaLube II, StarDental® Part #262539, and prior to each sterilization procedure.
Disconnect handpiece.
Assemble the conical red tip applicator, StarDental Part #202954, into the DentaLube II bottle cap.
Find drive air tube at rear of handpiece and place three drops of DentaLube II.
(See illustrations for more detail).
Note: Never operate handpiece without bur in place.
With bur in place connect handpiece to tubing, operate for 20 seconds to expel excess lubricant.
LubeFree Handpieces contain a LubeFree ceramic bearing turbine. The turbine uses a sophisticated ceramic bearing
design and, therefore requires no lubrication. To ensure the life of and to prevent damage to this turbine - do not
lubricate it. If it gets lubricated even once, it MUST then continue to be lubricated for the rest of its life.
Cleaning & Sterilization
Clean and sterilize handpieces and burs as soon as practical before first use and after each patient.
Repeated processing has minimal effect on this handpiece. End of life is normally determined by wear and
damage due to use.
Dental Advisor reference: Yapp, R., Cowen, M., & Powers, J. (2016). Handpiece Torque vs. Speed Performance (Rep.). Anne Arbor, MI: The Dental
Advisor Microbiology Research Center. On file with StarDental.
Do not exceed 135°C
To prevent damage to the bur, use an autoclavable bur block.
Do not use
dry heat sterilizer
cold sterilizers
ultrasonic cleaners
chemical disinfectors
surgical milk
surface wipes
hand soaps
immersion techniques
sterilizer bags
surface sprays combining disinfectants
1. Cleaning
Automated washer-disinfectors are not recommended.
Cleaning Handpieces:
Remove debris from external surfaces using a small brush and isopropyl alcohol.
Clean internal surfaces of the handpiece at the swivel connection location using a small brush and
isopropyl alcohol.
Optical surfaces can be cleaned with a cotton swab soaked in isopropyl alcohol.
Dry thoroughly. Repeat after each patient.
Cleaning Diamond Burs:
After each use, clean the diamond bur by running it against a wet diamond cleaning stone.
To mechanically clean, the diamond bur should be held in a solution of either enzymatic presoak, Sparkl®
Dental Instrument Cleaner StarDental® Part# 205472, or water.
Rinse the bur thoroughly and allow it to dry, then sterilize – see sterilization section.
2. Lubrication
Lubricate - For Lubricated Handpieces ONLY - See 'Lubrication' instruction section
3. Packaging
Single: A standard sterilization packaging material must be used. Ensure that the pack is large enough to contain
the handpiece without stressing the seals.
In sets: Handpieces may be loaded into dedicated instrument trays or general purpose sterilization trays. Ensure
that cutting edges are protected and do not exceed the tray manufacturer’s limit per tray. Wrap the trays using
appropriate packaging materials and methods.
4. Wrapped
Gravity Type Autoclave:
5. Drying
Dry the handpiece for 30 minutes minimum using the sterilization dry cycle and allow the handpiece to cool to
room temperature in bag prior to use. If moisture is present, increase your sterilizer dry cycle appropriately.
6. Storage
Store in bag after sterilization until ready to use.
Pre-Vacuum Autoclave:
Minimum of 15 minutes at 132° C
Minimum of 30 minutes at 121° C
Do not exceed 135° C
Minimum of 4 minutes at 132° C
Do not exceed 135° C
Use Junk-Out™ High-Speed Chuck Cleaner Kit (263790) once a week prior to sterilization to ensure optimum
working condition of the chuck. Instructions for cleaning the chuck are included in the Junk-Out kit.
See Turbine Replacement section of this manual for additional information.
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