Is Your Drilling Site At Risk from Engine Explosion?

Is Your Drilling Site At Risk from Engine Explosion?
Is Your Drilling Site At Risk
from Engine Explosion?
Understand the hazard. Select the right solution.
Diesel Engine Safety Overview
Hydrocarbon Release and
Diesel Engine Runaway
A hydrocarbon release can occur at any
time in drilling, production and refining
environments. A large number of diesel
engines are used in equipment for daily
operations at these sites, including vehicles,
lighting towers, power generators and
construction equipment.
Complete Solutions
AMOT offers a broad range of diesel engine safety
solutions, including AMOT, Chalwyn and Roda Deaco
Air Intake Shutoff Valves that provide emergency
overspeed shutdown of a diesel engine. AMOT has
the solution to meet the specific requirements of each
Automatic, self-contained valves
Complete shutdown systems
Custom engineered valves and systems
Operating a diesel engine in a hydrocarbon
environment can be a serious safety risk to
personnel and equipment. A hydrocarbon
vapor can be drawn into the air intake
system of a diesel engine and act as an
uncontrolled fuel source. This can cause
the engine to accelerate and overspeed or
runaway, leading to dangerous mechanical
failure and potential ignition source for an
explosion. An operator cannot shut down a
runaway engine by turning off the ignition
because the engine is running on an external
fuel source.
The most effective way of shutting down a
runaway diesel engine is with an air intake
shutoff valve system. This system completely
blocks the engine intake system, cutting off
both the external fuel source and the air
required to keep the engine running.
Automatic Shutdown System
Manual Toggle
12 or 24
VDC Supply
Butterfly Air Intake
Shutoff Valve
Speed Switch
Swing Gate Air Intake
Shutoff Valve
RPM Signal
Selecting the right
Air Intake Shutoff Valve
Selecting the right air intake shutoff valve
requires specific information about the
application and engine.
Application type
Environment - Inland / Offshore
Actuation method
Piping diameter
Charge air temperature
Ambient temperature environment
Position Indication
Valve Type and Features
Butterfly Valves
Compact, light weight design
Fast acting closure
Anodized aluminum & stainless steel
Swing Gate Valves
Compact swing gate design
Fast acting positive spring closure
Wide variety of inlet pipe connections
High temperature options
Hazardous Area ATEX Certified Valves
ATEX Zone 1 IIB T4 applications
Compact, lightweight butterfly design
Fail-safe energize to open and
Energize to close actuation options
Automatic Self-contained Valves
Simple, cost effective design
No power input or speed signal required
Automatic reset after engine stops
Easy to install
Custom Engineered Valves
Design and manufacture shutoff
valves to meet specific engine and
application requirements
Installation Kits
Speed Switch & Magnetic Pick up
Actuation Kits
Flameproof Alternators
Spark Arrestors
Wiring Harness Kit
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