SYS21 + SYS24U Setup

SYS21 + SYS24U Setup
SYS21 +
SYS24U upgrade
Quick Start tips,
USB Setup
Rev A
SYS21 + SYS24U
(2) LSX1523A
(1) C2444U (UPGRADE)
(2) PRO25XLR Cables
AC cable
Plug in the AC cord, push firmly
Note: The LSX1523A has a soft start, meaning it takes 3 seconds to fully engage the sound.
Mixer connection 1
C2444U Left XLR output
(1) LSX1523A XLR input
Mixer connection 2
C2444U Right XLR output
(2) LSX1523A XLR input
Quick Start Tips
Connection Tips
- After connecting the speakers, and AC cord.
- Plug in Mic, or instrument into input Channel 1 of Mixer
Ch1 Routing button
- Press the L-R button, and turn up slider Channel # 1.
Master L-R select
- Press the L-R button, in the Master Board
Master Level
- Turn up the Volume on the LM1523A.
Master Sliders
- Turn up the Master Sliders (L) left, (R) right. You are ready
to go!
Quick Start Tips (USB)
USB Connection
- Download and install Audacity in your computer.
To download go here:
USB Connection
You will need a USB Cord.
USB Connection
- Connect USB to Mixer.
- Turn up the record level control to record to your computer.
USB Connection
- Connect other end of the USB cord to Computer or Laptop.
USB Connection
- Turn on the Mixer, Windows will recognize the C1644U as a
USB audio device. Start the Audacity software, and you are
ready to record!
USB Connection
- Turn TAPE IN control knob up to hear recorded music
through your system.
- Press Play on Audacity software to play back through your
USB Connection
- Turn on the MONITOR INPUT feature, to monitor your
- Press Record to record to your computer.
USB Connection
- You can save as WAV, or MP3.
- You can also Open a music file (MP3 or Wave) and play back
through the system.
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