Installing your GM250 Tracking Unit How to install your

Installing your GM250 Tracking Unit How to install your
Installing your GM250 Tracking Unit
How to install your GM250 tracking unit with internal GPS/cellular antenna and wiring
Tools required to perform the installation:
- Screwdrivers
- Wire strippers and cutters
- Crimping tool
- Voltmeter
Wiring Description
+12/24 VDC Constant Power (PIN 1)
Chassis Ground (PIN 2)
Ignition Sense (PIN 3) – Positive Trigger
Input 1 (PIN 4) – Positive Trigger
Input 2 (PIN 5) – Negative Trigger
Input 3 (PIN 6) – Negative Trigger
Analogue 1 (PIN 7)
Ground (PIN 8)
Output 1 (PIN 9)
Output 2 (PIN 10)
Output 3 (PIN 11)
Ground (PIN 12)
1 Wire IO (PIN 13)
1 Wire Ground (PIN 14)
Buzzer (PIN 15)
Ground (PIN 16)
All outputs are open collector type – (Grounded when enabled)
Do not connect power 1 Wire IO or 1 Wire Ground to avoid damage.
Getting Started
Mounting the GM250 Unit
Due to the GM250 series unit having an inbuilt G sensor, the unit must be mounted securely
and have the side where the sim card and serial number is towards the ground. Make sure
the Antenna connections are towards the rear of the vehicle.
The unit is to be screwed, cable tied or double sided taped in place so long as the surface it
is secured to is sturdy and fairly rigid with the vehicle.
Avoid mounting the GM250 unit in close proximity of the vehicles stereo system to avoid
Make sure the GM250 unit is mounted in a location where it will not be exposed to the
elements or moisture from air conditioning systems or alternatively mount the unit inside a
sealed watertight enclosure.
Locate a Continuous Power Source on the Vehicle
The tracker requires a constant +12/24 VDC power source to operate. The device will
operate with only the power and ground connected, but the ignition sense wire and the
optional starter disable relay can also be connected. If the ignition sense wire is connected
with a 12/24 VDC system, you will be able to get tracking information for ignition ON and
OFF events.
Connect the RED and BLACK wires
It is recommended to connect to the main power cable directly to the main power supply
cable of the ignition barrel.
Connect the RED and BLACK wires on the attached wiring harness to continuous power and
ground on the vehicle.
The RED wire on the tracker wiring harness is connected to a continuous +12/24 VDC source
The BLACK wire on the tracker wiring harness is connected to vehicle chassis GROUND
The Ground wire (BLACK) is connected to the vehicles frame or metal parts that are fixed to
the vehicle chassis or ground wiring system.
If the wire is fixed with a bolt or screw, the loop must be connected to the end of the wire.
For better contact scrub paint from place where loop is connected.
When the module is connected, be sure to measure voltage again to make sure it did not
decrease with load.
Be sure that after the vehicles computer falls asleep, power is still available on chosen wire.
Depending on the vehicle, this may happen in a 5 to 30 minute period or not at all.
Install the Ignition Sense Wire (optional)
Locate the vehicle’s ignition wire by consulting the appropriate wiring diagrams and connect
the ignition sense wire (YELLOW) to the vehicle’s ignition line using the provided
connectors. The vehicle ignition wire can be verified by measuring for the vehicle’s
operating voltage while the key is turned to an ‘ON’ or ‘START’ position.
The vehicle’s ignition wire should read 0 VDC when the key is left in the ‘OFF’ position, and
typically between 11V and 14V when in the “ON” position.
Secure the Tracker and Extra Wiring to the Vehicle Verify the Installation
Allow 5-10 minutes for the tracker to power up and obtain its first GPS fix. There are 3 LEDs
on the back of the unit, solid green indicates the unit has power, and solid amber indicates
the device has a GPS Fix, the red LED will pulse twice and then go off for a second and
repeat the process, this means the device is connected to the Trakpro Network
Connecting Antennas
When placing antennas avoid easily reach places. Under the dash is best so long as the
antenna is as close to the windscreen as possible and angled out of the windscreen.
Avoid GPS antenna placement under metal surfaces
GPS cable cannot be bent more than 80 degrees
GPS antenna must be placed with dome facing towards the sky. The flat section of the
antenna must be facing towards the ground.
Important Notes
Make sure that the vehicle is outside and not under cover also do not close up the vehicle
until after all the procedures have been carried out and you have verification from Trakpro
that everything is correct.
All installations MUST be confirmed with Trakpro during normal business hours of 8:30am to
5:30pm EST Monday to Friday unless previously arranged once all connections have been
made and the antennas have been mounted and connected. Adhering to the following steps
will greatly reduce your time on the phone and the risk of unnecessary vehicle downtime or
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