Nelson Firestop Fire Collar Technical Data 03-2011

Nelson Firestop Fire Collar Technical Data 03-2011
Fire Collar
Technical Data
 Product Description
Nelson’s Fire Collar is a factory pre-fabricated firestop
collar utilizing our UL Classified Wrap Strip (WRS3™)
and restraining collar.
Wrap strip is a highly
intumescent firestopping material intended for PVC
and CPVC combustible pipe penetrations in fire rated
walls and floors. When exposed to fire, the wrap strip
expands and forms a hard char to seal off the
penetrating item and preventing the passage of fire and
hot gasses.
 Features
Up to 3-Hour Rating
Ease of installation
Highly Intumescent
Excellent Freeze-Thaw
Asbestos Free
Solvent Free
No hazardous ingredients
Cost Effective
Water Resistant
 Physical Properties
 Application
The use of this product is based on applications of the
Nelson “WRS3” wrap strip found in UL system numbers
C-AJ-2489, C-AJ-2475 and W-L-2388. The Fire Collar
is easily installed over existing pipes. Release the
quick release hose clamp and open collar. Place over
pipe near penetration. Bend tabs out 90 deg and slide
Collar flush to wall. Use hose clamp to tighten around
pipe. Attach to wall or floor using suggested anchors
prescribed in applicable system.
 Availability
AB0315X01 – 1½ in. Collar – 10/Ctn.
AB0315X02 – 2 in. Collar – 8/Ctn.
AB0315X03 – 3 in. Collar – 6/Ctn.
AB0315X04 – 4 in. Collar – 2/Ctn.
AB0315X05 – 5 in. Collar – 2/Ctn.
AB0315X06 – 6 in. Collar – 2/Ctn.
Intumescent Expansion Activation –
250ºF (121ºC)
Service Temperature 40ºF (4ºC) and
90ºF (32ºC).
 Test Compliance
ASTM E814 (UL1479)
 Testing Data
For specific test criteria, refer to the UL Fire Resistance
 Storage & Handling
Nelson Fire Collars should be stored between
temperatures of 40ºF (4ºC) and 90ºF (32ºC).
 Related References
Underwriters Laboratories Inc. "Fire Resistance
Application details are available in
AutoCAD format on request.
 Approvals
WRS3 Wrap Strip - Underwriters Laboratories Inc.,
Fill, Void or Cavity Material (XHHW) R10764
City of New York, New York, Department of
 MEA 128-04-M
P.O. Box 726
Tulsa, OK 74101
Toll Free: 800-331-7325
Direct: 918-627-5530
Fax: 918-641-7336
Fire Collar
U L S y ste m N o . W -L -2 3 8 8
F R a tin g 1 o r 2 H r. T R a tin g 0 , 1 o r 1 -1 /2 H r.
R e strain in g C o lla r
W all
S ea la n t
GENERAL: Areas to be protected must be
clean and free of oil, loose dirt or rust.
Installation temperatures must be 40oF (4oC)
and above.
C o lla r
P ip e
W ra p strip
Selection of an appropriate firestop system
design is critical to the fire protection process.
Please consult the Nelson Firestop directory
and application guide as well as the UL Fire
Resistance Directory for additional information.
Fire Collar: Pre-fabricated using nom 1/4”
thick intumescent material faced on both sides
with a plastic film, supplied in 1-1/2” wide strips.
The layers of wrapstrips are wrapped around
the through penetrant with ends butted and
held in place with collar and hose clamp. The
edge of the wrapstrip shall abut the surface of
the wall or floor. The Fire Collars are installed
on each side of the gypsum or concrete wall or
bottom side of the concrete floor.
FILL MATERIAL: Nelson Firestop Sealant
(LBS3™) ranging from 1/4” thickness to 3/4”
thickness is applied within the annulus, flush
with top surface of the floor or with both surfaces
of the wall. Please refer to the UL Fire
Resistance Directory for the appropriate
ATTACHMENT: 1-1/4” wide by 2” long anchor
tabs are used for securement to floor or wall.
Steel collar tightened around wrapstrips and
through penetrant using min. 1/2” wide by
0.028in. thick stainless steel hose clamp
installed at mid-height of the collar. Collar
secured to concrete surface with 1/4” diameter
by min. 2-1/4” long steel concrete anchors in
conjunction with min. 1/4” by 1-1/4” diameter
steel fender washers.
Collar secured to
gypsum wall with 1/8” diameter by min. 2-3/4”
long steel molly bolts in conjunction with min.
1/4” by 1-1/4” diameter steel fender washers.
Collars are installed on both sides of wall.
W A L L A S S E M B LY - C on structed in the m an ner specified in the U 300
or U 400 serie s designs as show n in th e U L F ire R e sistance D irecto ry.
N O N M E T A LL IC P IP E o r C O N D U IT - M a x. 4" nom inal diam eter, S ch. 40
P V C A B S o r R N C pipe for u se in closed (process or supply) o r ven ted
(drain, w aste or ven t) piping system s. M ax. 4" dia m eter or sm alle r
S D R 13 .5 C P V C p ipe for u se in closed pip ing system s. T h e annu lar
spa ce be tw ee n pipe , co nd uit or tub ing an d pe rip hery of open ing sh all
be 0 " (po in t o f co ntact) to 1/2".
N E LS O N LB S 3 S E A LA N T - A pp ly LB S 3 w ithin the a nnular space to a
m in. 5/8" de pth, flush w ith b oth w a ll surfa ces. A t point of con tact, a m in.
3/8" dia m eter be ad o f se alan t sh all b e ap plied at the gypsum /p ipe
inte rfa ce on both surface s of w all.
N E LS O N W R S 3 W R A P S T R IP - A pply 1" w ide W R S 3 arou nd the pipe
on b oth sides o f the w all in acco rdance w ith the sch edule show n in the
ta ble be lo w .
P ip e T y p e M a x. P ip e S ize N o s. o f L a y e rs F R a tin g (H r.) T R a tin g (H r.)
S T E E L R E S T R A IN IN G C O LLA R - A pply no m ina l 2 8 g aug e p refa brica ted
galva nized ste el co llar aro und th e w rapstrip. O verlap th e collar and
secure w ith 1/2" w ide by 0.02 8" thick sta inless ste el hose clam p. C olla r
secu red to the w all w ith 1/8" diam eter by m in. 2-3/4" lo ng steel m olly
bolts in co ju nctio n w ith 1/4" by 1-1 /4" diam e ter steel fende r w ashers.
F S -0 6 3 2 R 0
F Rating 1 Hr.
(3) Pipe
T Rating 1 Hr.
(4) Sealant
(1) Floor or Wall
(2) Sleeve
(3) Pipe
(5) Wrapstrip
(6) Restraining Collar
1. FLOOR or WALL ASSEMBLY - Min. 2-1/2" (64mm) thick lightweight or normal
weight concrete floor or wall or CMU block wall. Floor may also be constructed of
any 6" (152mm) thick HOLLOW-CORE Precast Concrete Units. Max. diameter of
opening is 7" (178mm).
2. METALLIC SLEEVE (optional) - Nom 5" (127mm) diameter, or smaller, Sch. 10 or
heavier steel sleeve, cast or grouted into floor or wall assembly, flush with top
surface of floor or both surfaces of wall.
3. NONMETALLIC PIPE - Max. 6" (152mm) diameter, or smaller, Sch. 40 PVC or
RNC pipe for use in closed (process or supply) or vented (drain, waste or vent)
piping systems. Max. 6" (152mm) diameter or smaller SDR 13.5 CPVC pipe for
use in closed piping systems.
4. NELSON LBS3 SEALANT - Min. 1/4" (6mm) thickness of sealant applied within
the annulus, flush with top surface of floor or with both surfaces of wall.
Additional sealant to be installed such that a min. 1/4" (6mm) crown is formed
around the through penetrant on top surface of floor or on both surfaces of wall.
5. NELSON WRS3 WRAPSTRIP (part # AA0896) - Apply 1/4" (6mm) thick by 1"
(25mm) wide Nelson wrapstrip around the through penetrant. The wrapstrips are
installed on the bottom side of the floor or on each side of the wall.
Min. No.
Pipe Diam. of Wrapstrip Space
in. (mm)
in. (mm)
Use of
6. RESTRAINING COLLAR (part # AA0659D) - Apply min. 28 GA. glv. steel
restraining collar around the wrapstrip. Attach the collar to the floor or wall with
min. 1/4" (6mm) diameter x 2-1/4" (57mm) long steel concrete anchors in
conjunction with 1/4" (6mm) x 1-1/4" (32mm) diameter fender washers.
FS-0616 R2
P.O. Box 726
Tulsa, OK 74101
Toll Free: 800-331-7325
Direct: 918-627-5530
Fax: 918-641-7336
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