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Protectowire Alarm Point
Location Meter & Scanner
• Meter annunciates the location of an alarm point
anywhere along the Protectowire Linear Heat Detector.
• Direct reading in feet or meters.
• High Intensity LCD display.
• Scanner option automatically finds zone in alarm and
causes Protectowire Meter to display the location of the
alarm point.
• Scans to check for additional alarm points in other
Protectowire zones.
• Permits manual advance and hold at designated zones.
The PDM-1000 Series Alarm Point Location Meter is designed to
locate a heat actuated point on Protectowire Linear Heat Detector.
The Meter provides a means to display the alarm point location in
feet or meters from the start of the Protectowire portion of the circuit to the heat actuated alarm point. The standard Meter has a full
scale reading of 9,999 and is compatible with Protectowire SRP4x4, 2600HD Series and FS2000 Series control panels. While
meter adjustment is normally not required, field calibration is
required to ensure accuracy after installation.
All Protectowire Alarm Point Location Meters utilize a manual
switching method to connect to the detection circuit in alarm. An
optional Zone Alarm Scanner, in sizes up to 48 zones, is available
and may be added to the basic Protectowire Meter to provide a fully
automatic Alarm Point Location System. The Zone Scanner is available only when the Protectowire Alarm Point Location Meter is utilized, and is not capable of stand alone operation. The Zone
Scanner is not available on SRP-4x4 control panels.
When the Zone Alarm Scanner is operating in the automatic mode,
it continuously scans all the detection zones until a fire alarm signal
is received. Upon receipt of an alarm signal, the Scanner will stop on
the zone in alarm, and the numeric display will indicate the zone
number. At the same time, the Scanner will turn on the Protectowire
Alarm Point Location Meter to display the distance of the alarm
point from the beginning of the Protectowire portion of the circuit.
After approximately six seconds, the unit will scan all the detection
zones again to determine if any additional zones have been placed
in alarm.
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Block Diagram of Protectowire Scanning Alarm Point Locator System
24VDc SYSteM Power
Zone bypass switches are in reality
on the other side of panel depicted
this way to ease illustration and function.
Zone Alarm Scanner Functions
1. Decimal point segment pulses to indicate Scanner is
operating and mode switch is in Auto Scan Mode.
2. Seven segment LED display is normally blank in Auto Scan
Mode. This reduces current drain on battery when system
is on backup power.
3. Display may be activated, if desired, by way of programming
jumper on module.
4. When in Manual Scan Mode steady decimal point will
indicate zone(s) has been bypassed using the bypass
switch(es) on module.
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