FireDeTec Automatic Fire Suppression

FireDeTec Automatic Fire Suppression
 Wilson Engineering (S) Pte Ltd Fire detection and extinguishing system with linear detection hose
FireDeTec Automatic Fire Suppression Detect and Suppresses Fire within seconds PROTECT YOUR VALUABLE ASSETS COST EFFECTIVELY
FireDeTec Systems FireDeTec is a revolutionary new, yet simple and
effective detection and extinguishing system. The
effectiveness of the systems comes from the hightech polymer tubing which will rupture when exposed
to flames. FireDeTec detection tubing is routed
throughout the protected zone. When fire started, the
tubing will burst at its hottest spot. The extinguishing
agent will then be discharge through the nozzle-like opening, suppressing the fire in seconds
before any further damages is being done.
FireDeTec systems does not required any electricity or external power source. In the event
of power failure, it will still provide the vital fire protection.
FireDeTec systems can also be configure in such a way that it is able to provide audible alarm,
manual release and power cut-off.
FireDeTec Advantages • Fully automatic. Does not required any external power supply.
• Can be installed in any inaccessible area with its flexible tubing.
• Continuous linear detection along
the entire tubing.
• Suppresses fire within seconds
thus minimizing damages.
• Cost effective.
• Virtually fail-safe.
• Variety of fire suppressant such as
CO2, Dry Chemical, FM200, Water
Mist can be used.
• Low maintenance cost.
• Quick and simple installation. Close up of detection tube burst
FireDeTec Automatic Fire Suppression System Direct Low Pressure (DLP)
The Direct Low Pressure System (DLP) utilized the FireDetec tubing as both fire
detection as well as delivery system for the fire suppressant.
The portion of the tube nearest to the fire will rupture with a nozzle-like opening.
The pressure drop in the tube causes the release of the suppressant from the
cylinder through this opening.
Indirect Low Pressure (ILP)
For Indirect Low Pressure System, the FireDetec tubing act just as a fire detection
device. The fire suppressant is delivered through copper, brass or stainless steel
Once the FireDetec tubing rupture, the suppressant is discharged through several
strategically placed nozzles within the protection enclosure.
High Pressure System
This line of product is available in both Direct and Indirect system.
It allow for delivery of high pressure suppressant such as CO2.
Virtually limitless application Electrical and Control Panel Electrical relay panel, control panel,
Switch gears, Data storage panel,
Process control Panel.
Biomedical and Chemical
Fume Hood, chemical storage,
Heavy Equipment
Engineering Industries
Heavy machinery plant, CNC
Forklifts, Cleaning machinery
involving flammable solvent.
machines, Milling machines
EDM machines, Robotic welding
Commercial fleet &
Alternative fuel vehicle
Buses, CNG vehicle,
Mass Transit, Light rail.
Isolated Installation
Mobile phone site, Oil rig control,
Radio, TV & Satellite transmitter/
Your imagination is your only limitation
FireDeTec Installation References • AE STALEY - Process Control Cabinets
• BJ Services - Off-shore drilling equipment
• Black & Decker - Plastic injection molding plant
• Bocm Pauls - Electrical switch gear
• British Gas - Offshore Rig
• British Nuclear Fuel - Fume Cabinets
• Caterpillar - Parts Testing machines
• Chester Zoo– Electric Drive motor & Switch gear
• Chevron Petroleum Niniam Platform - Fire Deluge Control
• CONOCCO - Offshore Rig
• Exxon Mobile - Engine Test Bay
• GB Glass Beer - Process Control Panel
• Gividan Rohr - Fume Cabinets
• Glaxo Smith Klein - Fume Cabinets
• ICI Zeneca Pharmaceuticals - Fume Hood
• London Electric - Computer & Electrical switch gear
• London Stock Exchange - Transformer enclosure
• Merck Plant - Chemical storage
• Mobile Oil - Petroleum Production Plants
Pfizer - Process control panel
• New Skies Network - Satellite Control panel
• Sanvic - CNC & Milling machines
………….and many more…………….
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