HD8652/59 Philips Super-automatic espresso machine

HD8652/59 Philips Super-automatic espresso machine
Philips 2100 series
Super-automatic espresso
Brews 3 coffee varieties
Easy Cappuccino System
Silver and black
Great Cappuccino, small machine
OneTouch cappuccino from fresh milk now convenient
There’s nothing complicated about delicious espresso and creamy cappuccino. With the
new 2100 series, your favorite drink is just one touch away, all delivered by a small and
hassle free machine which fits your kitchen as well as your life.
Your fresh coffee experience
• Hot espresso, coffee and cappuccino at the touch of a button
• Robust Ceramic burr grinders for long lasting quality
• Hot coffee from the first cup with the quick heat boiler
Any coffee for any moment
• Coffee as strong as you want it with the strength selector
• Save your favorite length with the MEMO function
• Adjustable grinding settings to satisfy any taste
Your coffee moment with no hassle
• Fits any kitchen thanks to small size and frontal access
• Easily operate your machine via the intuitive user interface
• External milk container included, easy to clean and store
• Remove milk residues with our deep MILK CLEAN function
• Removable brewing group for high hygiene
• Auto-cleaning cycle program
Super-automatic espresso machine
Brews 3 coffee varieties Easy Cappuccino System, Silver and black
One touch drinks
cappuccino for you family from the first cup, in
no time.
Adjustable grinding settings
Aroma Strength selector
You can get a perfectly brewed espresso right
in your cup from freshly ground beans, simply
push a button and wait a few seconds. Now,
with the new Easy Cappuccino System, your
one touch cappuccino has never been so easy.
You can also have two coffee cups at the same
time thanks to the 2x function.
100% ceramic burr grinders
You will always get a perfect espresso or
cappuccino brewed to your personal
preference thanks to the strength selector.
This function allows you to quickly choose the
quantity of coffee that will be ground, to obtain
a stronger or milder espresso. Enjoy a superb
coffee that fits your taste, all at the touch of a
You can adjust the fineness of the grinders at 5
different levels. Choose the finest grinding for
a full bodied espresso, all the way up to the
coarsest for a lighter coffee, all according to
your preferred taste.
Small size and frontal access
MEMO function
Ceramic material ensures long-lasting
performance and silent operation while not
deteriorating. This means you coffee will be
always ground like the first time, delivering the
best of your beans for more than 15.000 cups.
Quick heat boiler
Say goodbye to lukewarm coffee. The Quick
heat boiler ensures a hot coffee and
It doesn't matter how big your kitchen is: this
machine fits even the smallest spaces, and it is
extremely convenient as you can access the
water and waste containers from the front.
Nothing stands in the way of your enjoyment!
You will always get a coffee brewed to your
personal preference thanks to our memo
function, which allows you to adjust and save
the coffee and cappuccino length in your cup.
With this function, your machine will know
exactly how you prefer your coffee and
Intuitive user interface
The simple and intuitive user interface, with its
large buttons, helps you to easily interact with
your machine and the led indicators give you
clear feedback on what is happening.
Super-automatic espresso machine
Brews 3 coffee varieties Easy Cappuccino System, Silver and black
option, Integrated bean grinder, Pre-brewing,
Steam option, Waterfilter option
• Included: Grinder key, Water hardness test strip
Technical specifications
• Color: Black & silver
• 2-year guarantee
• Material boiler: Stainless steel (Inox)
Country of origin
• Made in: Romania
General specifications
• Cups at the same time: 2
• Customizing per drink: Adjustable coffee strength,
Adjustable cup volume, Memo function cup volume
• Ease of cleaning & maintenance: Automatic rinse
cycle, Calc indicator, Dishwasher-safe parts,
Removable brewing group
• Ease of use and comfort: Automatic stand-by, Easyopen water tank, Removable drip-tray, Removable
water tank, Translucent water tank, Water level
• Grinder settings: 5
• One touch variety: Espresso, Cappuccino
• Special functions: Ceramic grinder, Hot water
Capacity bean container: 180 gr
Capacity water tank: 1 L
Capacity water tank: 8 cups
Cord length: 0.8 m
Frequency: 50 Hz
Max. cup height: 95 mm
Pump pressure: 15 bar
Voltage: 230 V
Water boilers: 1
Weight and dimensions
• Dimensions of product (WxDxH): 420 x 325 x
295 mm
• Weight of product: 7 kg
• Power consumption brewing: 1400 W
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