2008 - 2010 - secure-idle
CHARGER 2008 to 2010
PN: SI 340TK 06
Secure-Idle, Inc.
210 W. Lincoln St.
Saybrook, IL 61770
Ph. 309.475.2286
Fax 309.475.2140
SECURE-IDLE is an ignition switch bypass device designed to provide
all the electrical functions that the OEM ignition switch normally provides.
For proper operation and long term performance, DO NOT deviate from
the wire connection instructions.
For each wire connection, remove approximately one half inch of
insulation from the OEM wire, but DO NOT cut through the wire.
Cutting the wires causes high resistance and a possible failure point.
Strip approximately one half inch of insulation from the end of the
SECURE-IDLE wires to be attached to the OEM wires. Wrap the
SECURE-IDLE wire around the bare area of the OEM wire and solder
the connection. Tape the connection thoroughly after it cools.
DO NOT use scotch lock type pinch through connectors. These
connectors cannot handle the higher amperages of the ignition circuits,
and will void the SECURE-IDLE warranty.
Use the wiring diagram to locate the correct wire and pin location
on the backside of this page.
1. Remove the lower dash panel under the steering column to access
the OEM ignition switch which is mounted on the steering column.
Mount the SECURE-IDLE unit near the ignition switch.
2. Locate a good metal ground and connect the Black SECURE-IDLE
3. Locate the OEM ignition switch and wireless node wiring. Remove
the insulation from the LIGHT BLUE/RED wire pin 1 and attach the
RED 14 Ga. This OEM wire will be HOT all the time. Attach the
SECURE-IDLE wire according to the above instructions.
4. Pin 1 and 3 are the only wires used on the wireless ignition node
8. The BROWN Secure-Idle wire is the control wire. This wire must
see a ground to operate and engage the Secure-Idle unit, then to
disengage or reset the unit this wire must see either an OPEN circuit
or a +12 volt signal. There are several options for this wire depending
on how the Department wants the vehicle to operate.
Option 1: To shut down with the brake pedal. Using an Auxiliary relay,
attach the BROWN SECURE-IDLE wire to pin 87a, ground pin 30 and
pin 85, attach a wire to pin 86 and run it to the third brake light feed
Option 2:. For automatic control where the brake circuit WILL NOT
shut it off, using an auxiliary relay, attach the BROWN wire to pin 87a,
Ground Pin 30 and 85, attach a wire to Pin 86 and run it to the police
package upfitter wire (BROWN/YELLOW pin 6) at the police package
upfitter connector located in the drivers shift console .
Testing the SECURE-IDLE Unit
1. With the shift lever in PARK start the vehicle. Push and release the
RED push button switch. This activates the SECURE-IDLE unit. You
will hear a single click when the button is pushed.
2. Turn the key to the OFF position. The vehicle will remain running.
Test all OEM electrical functions, ie: blower motor, power windows,
radio, etc.
3. Turn the key to the START position, the starter motor should not
4. for OPTION 1. With the Vehicle running and the SECURE-IDLE unit
engaged and the ignition key in the OFF position, depress the brake
pedal, this will shut the vehicle off..
5. Start the vehicle; activate the SECURE-IDLE unit by pushing and
releasing the RED push button. Turn the Ignition key to the OFF
position, the vehicle will remain running. Turn the Ignition Switch to the
RUN position, depress the brake pedal. This will reset the Secure-Idle
unit and the vehicle will be back under OEM ignition switch control,
(Normal Operation). Turn the ignition switch to the OFF position, the
vehicle will shut off.
6. For OPTION 2: With the Vehicle Running Push the RED push
button switch. This activates the SECURE-IDLE unit. Turn the key to
the OFF position. The vehicle will remain running.
7. Recheck all RUN and ACCESSORY electrical functions while the
vehicle is under SECURE-IDLE control.
8. With the brakes applied, insert the key and turn to the ON or RUN
position. Move the gear shift lever from PARK to DRIVE then back to
PARK. This resets the SECURE-IDLE unit and the vehicle is now
back under OEM ignition switch control.
9. Turn the key to the OFF position and the engine will stop.
10. Tie wrap all loose wires and replace the removed panels.
11. To disable the SECURE-IDLE unit, pull apart the quick disconnect.
It is located on the RED 10 Ga. wire coming out of the SECURE-IDLE
12. Instruct all drivers on the proper operating, reset procedures, and
the location of the quick disconnect of the SECURE-IDLE unit.
13. In the unlikely event that the engine will not turn off after the unit
has been reset, the driver should disable the unit by pulling apart the
quick disconnect.
14. If the engine stalls while under SECURE-IDLE control, the unit
must be reset before the engine can be restarted.
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