OmniSource 467
Model BCR467
OmniSource 467 - MODEL BCR467
Thank you for purchasing LENMAR’s OmniSource 467, model BCR467. With it you can
charge AA, AAA and virtually all 4.8, 6, 7.2, 9.6 or 10 Volt camcorder batteries. This
charger is compatible with Nickel Cadmium, Lead Acid, Lithium-Ion, Nickel-Metal Hydride,
and NoMEM® batteries. The BCR467 will operate as an AC/DC Battery Charger and
The OmniSource 467 will operate from a standard household AC outlet, or on the road
from a 12 Volt cigarette lighter socket. It is a complete, convenient system to refresh,
condition, and charge almost any of your rechargeable batteries.
Getting Ready...
To charge or discharge batteries, either the AC Adapter or the DC Automotive Adapter
must be plugged into the jack marked "DC INPUT" on the Base Module. Once you have
done this, plug the power adapter into an AC receptacle or cigarette lighter (depending on
which adapter you are using).
If You Have...
Nickel Cadmium (Ni-Cd) Batteries
When you recharge a nickel-cadmium battery before it's fully drained, the battery
"remembers" it is using less than a full charge, resulting in a loss of capacity. Because of
this, the BCR467 has a Discharge / Charge feature which will automatically discharge
your Ni-Cd battery and then charge it fully. Doing this will assure that you will get the
maximum life out of your Ni-Cd batteries.
NoMEM, Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion), Nickel-Metal Hydride (Ni-MH), and Lead Acid (Pb) Batteries
These types of batteries do not have a problem with "Memory". Be sure to follow the
recommended charging and storage instructions for the battery type you are using.
Please read before using!
Using Your OmniSource 467
CHARGE MODE (for all battery types)
Plug the appropriate adapter into the proper power source (either a household AC outlet
or 12 Volt Car cigarette lighter) and plug the other end into the charger base module
connector marked DC 12-18V INPUT. Insert the battery into the proper charging slot (see
diagram for proper battery location).
· AC Adapter - Output 14 VDC - 800mA, UL/CSA Approved
· 12 Volt DC Cigarette Adapter - Not to exceed 18 VDC
· Microprocessor Controlled Compatible with Ni-Cd, Ni-MH, Li-Ion, Lead Acid, NoMEM
· AutomaticVolt. Select. (4.8V / 6V / 7.2V / 9.6V/10V)
· Current: AA/AAA type - 200mA, Sony 7.2V NP-500 type - 200mA, others - 780mA
· Detection: -DV (50mV) & DT (room temp. +10°C)
· Protection: Max. Voltage, Time, and Temperature
· Current - 400-450mA, Cut Off - 1V / Cell
1. DC Power Input Jack - AC Adaptor
or Car Cigarette Lighter Adaptor
2. Sony 7.2 Volt Li-Ion Battery
3. Charge Indicator
4. JVC/Panasonic /Hitachi/RCA 9.6 /
10V Batt
5. AA / AAA Battery (x4)
6. Canon 6VBattery
7. Panasonic/Sony/Hitachi /JVC/RCA
4.8/6V Batt.
8. Adjustable Sliding Plate
9. Discharge Button
The charger unit will beep once to verify the battery is making proper contact and will
begin to charge the battery. The charge indicator on the side of the unit will show the
progress of the charge.
( "$= OFF
! = ON
The charger will automatically stop the charge and beep 3 times when a full charge is
detected on the battery. The charge indicator will show only 1 Red light to indicate the
battery has reached full charge. The time required to reach a full charge will vary
depending on the capacity of the battery and how much charge is already in it before you
NOTE: Due to the special properties of Li-Ion batteries, the charge indicator may not
accurately indicate the actual status of the battery as it charges and the charger may
seem to be turning on and off by itself after the battery has reached a full charge. When
this happens, the battery is ready for use, and should be removed.
DISCHARGE / CHARGE MODE (for Ni-Cd type batteries)
Plug the appropriate adapter into the base module, and insert the battery to be charged.
Once the charger beeps to indicate that the battery is properly connected, press the
Discharge button on the side of the unit. The unit will beep 2 times and the green
Discharge light will go on. The DISCHARGE light will stay on until the battery is fully
discharged, then the charger will switch automatically into the charge mode and charge
the battery fully.
NOTE: You should only use the Discharge feature with a Ni-Cd type battery. Discharging
other type batteries may cause damage.
Battery Compatability
Charging Slot *
Battery Type Accepted **
Location 2
Sony - 7.2 Volt Li-Ion type
Location 4
Panasonic / JVC / Rca / Hitachi - 9.6/10 Volt types
Location 5
AA (UM-3), AAA (UM-4) Ni-Cd (4 batteries of same type required)
Location 6
Canon - All 6 Volt types
Location 7
(plate (8) up)
Panasonic / JVC / Sony / Rca / Hitachi / Nikon / Minolta / Ricoh - 6
Volt types
Location 7
Panasonic - 4.8 Volt types
(plate (8) down)
*See diagram on previous page ** May fit additional makes and models
This limited warranty starts from the date of original purchase and expires 1 year
If, during this period, any part, because of manufacturing defects or workmanship fails
to function properly under normal use will be repaired at no charge for parts and labor
or, at our option, the product will be replaced. The following is excluded: damages from
delay or loss of use of equipment, or damaged batteries, malfunctions resulting from
misuse, tampering, unauthorized repairs, modifications, or accident.
Package the unit and its accessories carefully using ample padding material to prevent
damage in transit and ship it prepaid and insured to:
VILLAGE, CA 91362.
When sending in product for service, your package should include evidence of date and
place of purchase. Enclose $10.00 for shipping and handling for addresses in the U.S.
and $15.00 in Canada. For outside the U.S. and Canada, freight will vary depending
upon ship to address.
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