CM-610/710 | Indoor/Outdoor IP Dome Camera Quick

CM-610/710 | Indoor/Outdoor IP Dome Camera Quick
CM-610/710 | Indoor/Outdoor IP Dome Camera
Quick Guide
This quick operation guide is a quick reference for users to install and operate the dome
camera and only provides basic information on the camera’s settings and operation. Before
attempting to connect, configure and operate the dome camera, please read the user manual
Box Contents
Connect one end of the PoE cable to the Ethernet port (RJ45) on the camera and the other
end to the PSE hub or router.
The CM-610 and CM-710 cameras use Power over Ethernet (PoE) to power the camera.
Make sure the power sourcing equipment (PSE) is in use in the network.
Check the status of the network connection by looking at the link indicator and
activity indicator LEDs. If the LEDs are not lit check your network connection. The
green link LED indicates a network connection and the orange activity LED flashes
to indicate network activity.
CM-610/710 Camera
Self Tapping Screws
Plastic Anchors
Assigning an IP Address
OpenEye IP cameras come with the default IP address To reset the IP address, use the OpenEye Camera Finder application to set a new static IP, or use DHCP.
Security Screw
Rubber Washers
(CM-710 only)
Quick Start Sheet
Security Torx Tool
The OpenEye Camera Finder application is included on the accompanying software CD or
can be downloaded at
Open the Camera Finder application.
Click Device Search.
On the list of connected IP devices locate the desired camera and record the
MAC address.
Right-click the camera row and select Network Setup.
Select Static IP and type the new IP address and
other network information in the appropriate boxes.
- or Select the DHCP option on the Network Setup window and then click Apply.
Click OK to acknowledge the change.
After one minute, click Device Search to search for
all connected IP devices.
Locate the camera using the MAC address recorded
earlier and double click the camera row.
Type the Username and Password to access the
Connecting to the IP Camera
To access the camera setup menu, you need to install the viewer software on your PC or
DVR. The viewer software will install automatically the first time you connect to the camera. If
your internet browser doesn’t install the viewer software, check the security settings or ActiveX
controls and plug-in settings. If your internet browser asks for permission to install the ActiveX
control, you must allow the ActiveX control to continue the installation.
To enable installation of ActiveX controls on Internet Explorer:
From the Tools menu, click Internet Options.
Click the Security tab and then click the Internet icon.
Click Custom Level and ensure that all ActiveX controls and plug-ins are set to Enable or Prompt.
To add the camera to your trusted sites:
From the Tools menu, click Internet Options.
Click the Security tab and then click the Trusted Sites icon.
Click Sites.
Type the IP Address of the camera. Ensure that the Require server verification check
box is cleared.
For additional information on adjusting the settings of your internet browser contact your system administrator or refer to FAQ #1914 at
Default Username and Password
The username and password are case sensitive. It is strongly recommended that the password be changed after the initial setup to prevent unauthorized access.
Username – Admin
Password – 1234
23221 E Knox Ave
Liberty Lake, WA 99019
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change without prior notice. OpenEye does its best to provide accurate information but cannot be held
responsible for typos or mistakes.
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