Unit 36 Bowl and Spell
Level 1/Unit 36
Bowl and Spell
You need:
a copy of the game board on page 229, pencils, a tosser (paper
clip or folded piece of paper), and 10 game cards for each group
How to play:
Select two Basic Words from each unit (Units 31–35). Write
each word on an index card. Number the cards from 1–10 on the reverse side.
Groups number from 1–10 each bowling pin on their Bowl and Spell game
board and tape the board to a desktop or other flat surface.
1. Player 1 throws the tosser onto a numbered bowling pin on the board.
Another player picks the card with the same number and reads aloud the
word on that card.
3. Players who do not land on a numbered bowling pin may throw again.
Players who land on a number that has already been used lose their turn.
4. The game ends when all of the cards have been taken. The player with the
most cards at the end of the game wins.
5. You may repeat the game with another set of cards with 10 different words
from Units 31–35.
Other ways to play this game:
To practice even more words at one
time, have children play the game in teams. Each team should take two game
boards instead of one, numbering one set of pins from 1–10 and the other
from 11–20. Have them make twenty game cards instead of ten, choosing four
words from each unit instead of two.
Use: For use with Units 31–35.
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2. Player 1 spells the word and uses it in a sentence. If the player is correct, he
or she takes the card. If the spelling or the sentence is wrong, the card is
returned to the pile.
Copyright © Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.
Bowl and Spell
Use: For use with Units 31–35.
Level 1/Unit 36
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