VIZIO XPG201 stereoscopic 3D glasses

VIZIO XPG201 stereoscopic 3D glasses
Watching 3D at the Best Distance and Angle
For the best viewing experience, VIZIO recommends that you install the TV with
the viewing distance and vertical viewing angle in mind. When viewing 3D
content, it is important that you view the TV at an optimal angle, or some of the
3D effect may be lost.
Correct 3D Viewing Distance and Angle
In the examples below, all of the viewers are experiencing the best possible 3D
picture quality.
For your TV, VIZIO recommends:
Viewing Distance: 10+ feet
Vertical Viewing Angle: ± 25° (from center)
Illustrations in this section are not drawn to scale. They are for
instructional purposes only.
Eye Line
Incorrect 3D Viewing Distance and Angle
In the example below, two of the viewers are sitting too close to the TV for a good
3D effect. In addition, the child on the floor is not seeing the best possible picture
because his/her eyes are not inside the viewing angle.
The viewers in the example below are not seeing the best 3D picture.
Best 3D - TV on Stand
In this example, the viewers are sitting at a good distance. Their eyes are all
close to the ideal eye line. They will experience good 3D quality.
Eye Line
Too Close - Losing 3D Effects
Eye Line
Best 3D - Tilt Mounted
In this example, the viewers have mounted the TV on a Tilt Mount so
that they can sit closer to the TV. They are at the correct distance and they are
viewing at a good angle. They will experience the best 3D picture quality.
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