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Still have questions? Help guide. Monday
Your guide to
Phone Swipe 5.0
The basics
Express sale
Selling items
Scanning barcodes
Build a library
Manage stock
Run your business
Phone Swipe 5.0 is compatible with iPad,
iPhone, Android phones and tablets.
PS 5.0
The basics.
Login with the email you used and password you
created when signing up for Phone Swipe. To
reset your password, head to Phone Swipe Inside
Once logged in, if you are a first time user or do not
have items loaded, you’ll land on an Express Item.
If you do have items loaded, you’ll land on Items.
Navigation menu.
Filter menu.
Tap on the top left hamburger icon to access the
Navigation Menu. You can start a new sale, view
transactions, edit items, view reporting, and access Settings.
While on the Sell screen, tap on the category icon
for the Filter Menu. You can access Categories,
Favorites, and Discounts.
Under the Navigation menu, tap Settings. You can
edit tax and tip; multiple accounts; manage cash
drawers and printers; and more from here.
PS 5.0
Express sale.
1. Enter amount.
2. Process card.
3. Receipt share.
Enter any value and swipe card. Tapping the
“Add” button is not necessary unless another
Express Item is being added.
There’s no need to tap “Proceed to Checkout”.
Just swipe card right from the Sell screen
and skip the checkout process.
Users are directed to the Receipt Share screen
as normal.
You can swipe on an empty cart to launch Express Item and immediately process.
On mobile, tap icon to
open Express Sale
Selling items.
1. Add items.
Tap items to add them to
the cart.
2. View cart.
(Optional) Tap the Cart
button to see the current
invoice. Edit or delete items,
or proceed to checkout.
PS 5.0
3. Checkout.
4. Tip.
5. Signature.
6. Send receipt.
(Optional) Swipe or select
a different method of
(Optional) Hand your
device to your customer
to allow for tips.
Once your customer signs,
they can hand the device back
to you to complete the sale.
Assign a customer to a
transaction, add a note, and
generate a receipt via print, email,
or text.
If you are not using a PayAnywhere 3-in-1 Credit Card Reader, you can combine the Tip screen with the
Signature screen. Go to Settings  Enable Tips  Combine Tip & Signature Screens.
On a tablet, you can toggle
between list and grid view.
PS 5.0
Scanning barcodes.
Using a Bluetooth scanner.
Using your device camera.
1. Pair device.
2. Scan items.
1. Tap icon.
2. Snap!
Go to Settings  Barcode Scanners
and enable your Socket Mobile 7Ci.
Scan a barcode to add items to a sale or
create items in Edit Mode.
Locate the barcode icon on the Sell
screen to activate your camera.
Recognized items will be automatically
added to the cart. Unrecognized items
can be added to your item library.
You can see all your connected devices, including barcode
scanners, from the bottom section of the main menu.
PS 5.0
Build a library.
View products.
Create items.
Tap the top left hamburger icon
to view the Navigation Menu,
select “Edit Mode”. Here you can
tab through items, categories,
discounts and modifiers.
Assign item images, multiple
prices, barcode numbers, tax,
and modifiers.
Create color-coded groups to
organize your items.
Create sets of options that
can be assigned to items and
selected at time of sale.
Create color-coded dollar or
percentage-based discounts.
PS 5.0
Manage stock.
1. Manage stock.
2. Track item.
3. Receive alerts.
Click the Manage Stock button on any
item in Edit Mode.
Enter the quantity on hand for each item.
Employees will be notified when an
item is out of stock.
PS 5.0
Run your business.
Sales Trends
Shows you sales volume, top sellers, and
payment methods.
Tap the “Reports” tab to view a list of
available reports.
This is a running list of transactions by date. You
can generate reports, view transaction detail,
and process refunds and voids from here.
View and search through your customer base
and view a customer’s transactions.
Still have
Help guide.
Customer service and
technical support.
Monday - Friday, 8am - 9pm EST
[email protected]
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