Jacques 650 Series VoIP Voice Communication System

Jacques 650 Series VoIP Voice Communication System
650 Series
VoIP Voice
Jacques 650 Series
Voice Communication System
uses Voice - over - IP (VoIP),
leading edge technology
to create a fully digital,
professional networked
and Public Address System
Jacques 650 Series
VoIP Voice Communication System
The Jacques 650 Series Voice Communication System uses Voice-over-IP (VoIP), technology to create a fully
digital networked intercommunications and Public Address System.
This multifunctional system integrates a number of subsystems which include: •
Professional Intercom
Multi-zone Public Address •
Digital message store
Music distribution
• Information and Entertainment
• Emergency Help Points
The Jacques 650 Series VoIP System is easily configurable to suit a variety of applications such as: Commercial Buildings
Secure Facilities
Shopping centres, office buildings,
Prisons, police stations, courthouses,
detention centres and defence installations. Universities, malls, carparks, vehicle entry,
fire stairs, airports and more.
The system is designed for integration
In addition to standard intercom
with security and building management
systems, access control and CCTV systems. features, the VoIP system provides
emergency help points designed for
Specialised call handling for Secure
Environments allows staff complete control public safety, integrated multi-zone public
address with Emergency Warning and
over communications with slave intercom
Intercommunication System (EWIS) support
stations. Hierarchical call handling
centralises responsibility for easy response and distribution of digital background
to calls.
Transport Industry
Fixed infrastructure and onboard
solutions for rail, bus, shipping, highway
help phones, tunnels, and long line public
address (LLPA) applications.
Passenger information and entertainment is
provided in one single convenient system,
therefore reducing costs and cabling
requirements significantly.
Jacques design and develop all software
and hardware in Australia, enabling
Jacques to offer as an option, custom
solutions for special project requirements.
Fully digital, Voice-over-IP
This system is based on Ethernet network
standards and TCP/IP protocols, whilst
using commercially available network
equipment and infrastructure.
Expandable and flexible system
The 650-Series allows virtually an
unlimited number of intercom stations
and Public Address zones to be
connected in a fully integrated system.
Flexible Call Handling
• Rule based call permissions are
configurable for all intercom stations.
• Priority queuing of calls based on risk
assessment and site procedures
• Intercom system topology can be
structured as a mix of hierarchical or
peer to peer configuration.
• All call activity and system events are
recorded to an event log database
for call accounting, incident reports,
or fault diagnosis. System fault and
alarms are distributed to operators in
Crystal clear voice communications
Wide voice bandwidth digital audio,
with low distortion provides high
intelligibility which is essential for public
safety and security applications.
Reduced cabling and installation
No special cabling or terminations are
required. Uses standard Ethernet and
operates over copper, fibre or wireless.
The system easily integrates with
structured cabling systems or existing
data networks.
Robust, weatherproof and
vandal resistant Intercom & Help
Point Stations
Years of experience in designing
and developing equipment for the
High Security Industry has honed our
expertise in creating products that are
ideally suited for installation in extreme
Powered Ethernet Support
Data and power are provided over a
single 4 pair CAT-5/CAT--6 data cable
to Jacques 650 Series equipment.
Specialised slave intercom features
for secure facilities include covert
monitoring of slave stations, isolation
of nuisance callers, and call recording. •
Public Address
• The 650 Public Address Controllers
interface directly to standard
commercially available PA amplifiers
and sound reinforcement equipment. •
• PABX interface module allows phone
extensions to access the public address
Enhanced Public Address features with
JAG-S1 Audio Gateway (refer to LLPA
brochure for further information)
Emergency Warning &
Intercommunication System (EWIS)
eight (8) zone module, compliant with
AZ2220. Modules can be linked to
provide virtually an unlimited number
of zones. (also available standalone)
Automatic Level Control (ALC) with
ambient noise monitoring and 24-hour
time schedule
System Integration
• High Level Interface (HLI) to third-party
systems is available as a software
developer kit.
• Fully supported by leading building
and security management systems
• Relay modules are available on
intercom slave stations as an option
to activate external equipment such as
door or boom gate controllers, or to
signal CCTV camera presets.
• Designed for low or high level
integration with CCTV systems
(intercom activated video).
• Audio outputs are available for
recording of intercom conversations
on external digital video recorders or
digital voice loggers.
• Time can be synchronised with
external systems using GPS (NMEA) or
Standard TCP/IP and Ethernet
• All Jacques Intercom and Help Point
stations fully support VoIP and can
connect to any point on a TCP/IP
Touch Screen
Master Station
• Intercom slave stations have simple
single button operation and call
only to pre-defined master stations.
Operation is hands-free once the call
is established.
• Multicast audio transmission for
efficient distribution of auxiliary
channels and calls to groups of
Intercom stations and PA controllers.
Intercom Stations
Master Stations
• PC master station software application
for Microsoft Windows provides a
user-friendly graphical user interface to
control all intercom functions through
a keyboard, mouse or touchscreen.
• Console master stations provide
operators with user-friendly menu and
key functions and a multi-line alphanumeric display. All calls to or from
master stations are identified by name
as well as a unique tag number.
IPM-650 Console
Master Station
IPM-650 PA Console
Master Station
• Intercom slave stations are available
in a wide variety of sizes, styles and
finishes. Suitable for mounting in
building entrances, on bollards, both
internal and external locations.
• All intercom stations are
microprocessor controlled, and
perform continuous integrity, tamper
and diagnostic tests.
• Intercom Station Options – Intercom
stations can receive up to 16
auxiliary channels of streamed audio
from sources
such as AM/
FM radio tuners
VoIP System Server
Building Management
High Level Interface (HLI) to:
Slave Stations
• Quality of Service (QoS) support for
reliable digital voice communications.
I/O Module
With Event
Exchange Line
Audio Recorder
24V Power over
Ethernet (PoE)
Security Management/
Access Control System
IP PA Interface
PA Amplifier
Slave Intercom Station with
Auxiliary Channels
Help Point Unit
PA System
Slave Intercom Station
System Capacity
Intercom Stations
Unlimited *
System Capacity contd.
Unlimited *
Master Levels (Hierarchical Structure)
Unlimited *
Public Address Zones
Unlimited *
Stored Announcements
Unlimited *
Call queue size
Unlimited *
Simultaneous conversations
Unlimited *
Auxiliary channels
* Dependant on server configuration and network bandwidth.
Audio Characteristics
Frequency Response
200 Hz – 7 kHz +/- 3 dB
Transmission Format
Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) streaming
Digital audio format – Voice
A-law compressed PCM 16 kHz sampling rate
Digital audio format – Aux. playback
MPEG Layer 3 (MP3), typical encoding:128kbps stereo 44.1 kHz
Audio Streaming Bandwidth
Call Handling
Call Topologies
128kbps one way (256 kbps for full duplex)
Intercom / Hierarchical. PABX / Peer, Public Address / Zoned
Call Priorities
256 priority levels.
Call Features
• Auto-Answer
• Hold
• Forward
• Diversion
• Directory
• Group call
• Caller-ID
• Bridged call appearance
TCP/IP IPV4, static or dynamic (DHCP)
Interface Media
IEEE 802.3 10/100Mbps Ethernet
Power Input / Ethernet
• Isolate nuisance callers
• Covert monitor
• Dynamic group call
• Stored announcements
• Master call
• Remote mode
• Priority queuing
• Selective answer of calls waiting
IEEE802.1P LAN Layer 2 prioritisation. •
IEEE802.1Q Virtual LAN
RTP - Real-time Transport Protocol (RFC3550/3551 • TOS - IPV4 Type of Service (RFC791)
DTMF - RTP payload for DTMF digits (RFC2833) • Multicast - IP Multicasting (RFC1112)
Diffserv - Differentiated Services (RFC2474/2475) •
NTP - Network Time Protocol (RFC1305)
SNMP - Simple Network Management Protocol v2 (RFC1901)
IGMPv2 - Internet Group Management Protocol v2 (RFC2236)
DHCP - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (RFC1531)
4 pair screened CAT-5/5e/6, multi-strand, 100
Max. cable length to intercom station
Software Components
Intercom Activity Report Server
100m (Jacques Cable Extender Module JCE-8B1 can provide extended distances)
Audio Recorder Interface
Capture intercom call audio for recording on external voice logger or DVR.
Voice Annunciator
Digital message store with playback and recording of announcements.
Audio Streaming server
Up to 16 channels of auxiliary audio in MP3 format from live or pre-encoded sources.
Event Controller
Configurable interfaces to third party systems, Modbus/TCP, relay outputs or RS232/RS485.
Web browser access to event log database reporting.
HTML client
Graphical master station with highly customisable user interface in standard HTML.
System Components
Jacques TCH servers run embedded Linux and are optioned for Redhat enterprise Linux certified third party hardware vendors
1RU rack mount system server for industrial environments.
4RU rack mount system server
JPP-12/JPP-24 / PoEA-6 / PoEA-1
Power-over-Ethernet adaptors: 12 & 24 port 2RU rack mount / 6 port / single port.
IPM-650 (IMP-650H)
Intercom master station, desk mount, flush mount option (handset option)
Multi-zone paging console
Master station for Microsoft Windows 2000/XP, touchscreen option.
VSL / HSL Series
Slave stations; contact Jacques for further information on range.
Speaker/Microphone Interface; panel mount gooseneck microphone.
Lift Intercom Station – lift shaft, long cable run slave
HPU-5E2 / HPU-5E2-i
Help Point Unit, high visibility for public safety. IP65 option
Jacques Cable Extender Module (up to 2 kms)
Univeral Audio Interface: radio interface/PA controller/relay controller/streaming audio controller
Exchange Line Interface: enables connection to PSTN/PABX line
Passenger Control Unit, seat arm rest mount
Jacques Audio Gateway
Jacques EWIS/Line Monitor (requires JAG-S1, or standalone)
Ambient Noise Monitor (requires JAG-S1)
Jacques Electronics Pty Ltd
268 Montague Road, WEST END, QLD, AUSTRALIA, 4101
Due to our policy of continuous improvement, all
specifications are subject to change without notice.
Revision No. 2(c) Copyright 2008
Jacques Electronics Pty Ltd
Ph: +61 7 3844 1103 Fax: +61 7 3844 1078 Email: [email protected]
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