Child Restraint Guide

Child Restraint Guide
New Jersey's Car Seat Law
Children under
the age of 2 and
weighing less than
30 Ibs. MUST be in
a rear-facing car
seat witha5 point
harness, The car seat
must be in à rear seat of
the vehicle.
From age 2through
age 4 and weighing
up to 40 Ibs., children
must be secured ina
seat with a 5 Point
harness, either rear-
facing (up to height
& weight limits of the
particular seat), or
forward-facing in the
rear seat of the vehicle.
For ages 4 until 8
and less than 57”
(4'9"), child must
be seated in either a
car seat with a 5 pt.
harness or à booster
seat, also in the rear
seat of the vehicle.
As of September 1, 2015, the NJ Car Seat Law will be
changing. Here's what you need to know:
Ages 8 and up must
wear a properly
adjusted and fastened
seat belt.
If there are no rear seats (e.g,
standard cab pickup truck),
the child must be secured in
the appropriate car seat or
booster for their age, weight &
height in the front passenger
seat. If the child is in a rear-
facing car seat, the passenger
side airbag must be disabled
or tumed off.
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