Invision CV-EX36 Installation instructions

Invision CV-EX36 Installation instructions | Manualzz
Exit Watch Camera
Installation Instructions
Covert Facial Identification Camera
This Kit Includes:
CV-EX36 Exit Watch puts the surveillance camera on the frame of the exit
Vandal resistant metal casing.
door and is the ideal place to capture close-up and clear video images.
Functional and attractive faceplate.
To all appearances, the unit is like any height strip found in retail stores.
Advanced CCD board camera.
CV-EX36 is ideal for use in banks, convenience stores, gas bars and other
12VDC Regulated power supply.
retail outlets.
2.1 mm DC power jack for customer
supplied power supply.
 Step One
 Step Two
Open the box and unwrap the camera housing.
Feed the wire through the ¾” hole on the swivel-bracket.
Remove the top and bottom ¼ - 20 Allen head screws and
separate the swivel-bracket from the housing.
Drill a feed-through hole for the camera cable on the
mounting surface 77 ¾” [1.975 m] above the finished floor.
CV-EX36 Exit Watch Camera Installation Instructions
 Step Three
 Step Four
Center the swivel-bracket to the mounting surface and mark Completing the housing installation
the mounting holes for the bracket on the surface.
Remove the front face plate of the housing by removing the
Secure the swivel-bracket to the surface using installer
five white oval head 6-32 screws that secure the plate to
supplied self-tapping screws for aluminum. If mounting
the housing.
on a soft surface such as drywall, be sure to use wall
Feed the connected wires through the ¾” hole in the back
of the height strip housing.
Mount the housing to the swivel-bracket using the
¼-20 Allen head screws at the top and bottom.
Place a silver washer between the housing and
the swivel-bracket. Place the Allen head screw
with the other silver washer through the swivelbracket and washer. Screw down and secure the
top and bottom.
Connect the DC Power Jack from the supplied 12
VDC power supply to the DC Power Plug on the
back of the height strip housing. Connect the
video BNC male to the video BNC female on the
back of the height strip housing. Replace the face
plate with five white 6-32 screws. Adjust the
camera housing right or left to acquire the proper
field of view for the installation. Tighten down the
Allen head screws and verify that the housing is in
position and secure.
Warning: This camera requires 12 VDC regulated power
If you do NOT use the supplied power supply, DO NOT cut the DC power Plug on the camera housing. A DC
Power Jack is supplied and ready for splicing into a customer supplied power supply. Cutting the DC Power Plug
and reversing the polarity of the DC Power Input will damage the camera and void the warranty.
If you DO NOT wish to use the supplied power supply, we have supplied a labeled adapter which should be used to
wire into your 12 VDC regulated power supply.
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Mississauga, ON Canada L4W 2T7
Toll Free: 1.877.226.3369
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Revised:January 7, 2011
Part No.:40-82B092
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