Electrolux PDSTDRW04

Electrolux PDSTDRW04
electrolux premium laundry collection
front load washing
condenser drying
intuitive innovation
electrolux premium laundry 3
intuitive innovation in washing and drying
The Electrolux Premium Laundry collection represents significant advances in washing
and drying. Each appliance incorporates time saving technology, thoughtful innovation and
ergonomic design, to take exceptional care of you and your most delicate garments.
Time Manager angled wash system (EWN1499IW) and Energy Star dryer (EDH97950W)
opposite page IronAid™ dryer EDI96150W on top of pedestal drawer PDSTDRW04
time manager
Time Manager angled wash system EWN14991W
electrolux premium laundry 5
– set your own wash time
Have you ever wished for more control over how long you want to spend washing clothes?
front load washers are a brilliant example of thoughtful innovation
with you in mind. They are a unique range of front load washers that lets you set the time your
wash takes, not the machine.
choose a time that suits
you and your wash
If you don’t have time to wait for
a long wash, the
allows you to select a program to
significantly reduce washing time.
A less dirty wash means a shorter
time. A heavier soiled wash – a longer
time. This comes from a simple
understanding that not every load
requires the same long washing
cycle for an efficient clean.
angled wash drum for easy reach
Contemporary European style and
thoughtful innovation give you an
ergonomic inclined drum so you can
load and unload your washing with ease.
superior care of your clothes
Jetsystem™ is a constant gentle
shower that massages the water and
detergent through your wash to give
your clothes the superior care they
premium wash efficiency
angled wash
system is awarded a 4.5 star WELS*
water efficiency rating. The unique
wash system credited for this efficiency,
adjusts the amount of water used
according to the size of the load. This
means you only use the water you need.
Ergonomically designed angled drum means less bending, alleviating pressure on your back
*WELS Standard: AS/NZS 6400.2005
8kg capacity handles large towels, quilts and blankets
Set the time to suit your lifestyle
energy star dryer superior efficiency
The Energy Star low energy drying system represents a breakthrough in tumble dryer technology.
It offers great energy savings, as well as thoughtfully designed features that gently dry the most
delicate of fabrics.
energy efficient
Awarded a 5.5 star energy rating, the
Energy Star dryer effectively dries your
clothes while minimising the impact on
your environment and your wallet.
give clothes the luxury treatment
The Energy Star dryer has a range of
thoughtful programs designed to take
extra care of the most delicate pieces. It
provides the gentlest drying of silk, wool
and other delicate mix fabrics, ensuring
a superior result in minimum time.
auto sensing
The Energy Star dryer has the ability
to dry faster at gentler temperatures
than conventional condenser dryers.
Auto-sensing achieves exceptional
drying results on all fabrics in the
shortest amount of time.
effective drying all year round
While conventional dryers can find
extreme temperatures such as high
humidity difficult to operate efficiently
in, the unique drying system in the
Energy Star dryer ensures consistent
drying results all year round. No matter
where you live, your finest garments
will always be given luxury treatment.
easy to install
The Energy Star dryer reuses heat
rather than releasing it into the
laundry. It has a self contained drying
system that collects moisture from the
drying process. This means no venting
kit is required, leaving the laundry
cleaner and free of hot moist air.
Delicately dries wool and silk
electrolux premium laundry 7
energy star
Energy Star dryer EDH97950W
electrolux ironaid™ dryer with steam system
Alex Perry has long admired the design and innovation behind Electrolux products, so becoming
the Electrolux Fabric Care partner was a natural step.
Says Alex, “Many garments are suitable
for the IronAid dryer, which is why I
am proud of this alignment. Delicate
gowns with boning, sequin detailing,
lace, feathers, chiffons, fine silks or
tailored suit jackets and shirts can all be
refreshed using the ‘Refresh’ cycle. And
something you would normally think
twice about putting near an ordinary
dryer, like silk shirts, can be safely dried
in the IronAid using the Silk Cycle”.
So why not let the dryer help you with
the ironing?
who likes to iron?
There is every indication that ironing is
the most disliked laundry chore. It takes
a lot of time, requires a lot of effort, skills
and technique. It is stressful, requires
* depending on fabric type
some planning, takes up space and can
damage the clothes. Or if we go straight
to the point, there are more interesting
activities than ironing to spend time on.
This is the reason why we are
introducing IronAid, which helps you to
keep your clothes smooth and fresh.
how does it work?
IronAid is a unique condenser dryer
that uses steam to relax the fibres of
your clothes. This will reduce, or even
eliminate* the need to iron – in just
twenty minutes! There’s no need to
vent externally, as the dryer collects
moisture from the drying process
within the machine, making your living
environment cleaner and more pleasant.
reduce your dry cleaning!
The refresh program allows you to
remove creases from a dry clean
only suit. It can also remove odours,
such as smoke, reducing the need
to dry clean as often. The dual motor
technology means you can even use
the IronAid dryer to delicately dry wool
or silk garments.
sensor dry for perfect results
Auto-sensing gives you exceptional
drying results and precise control,
to ensure you never under or over
dry clothes. Sensors detect the
degree of moisture in garments and
automatically dries them according to
the program selected.
electrolux premium laundry 9
“It’s great to be able to pop in a suit jacket or party dress
between wears and reduce expensive dry cleaning bills”
– Alex Perry
front load washer
condenser dryer
Time Manager
capacity (kg)
wash system
wash technology
stainless steel bowl
capacity (kg)
dryer type
Energy Star
condenser with heat pump
electronic sensor controls
stainless steel drum
WELS^ water efficiency star rating
reversing tumble action
water consumption (litres)
energy star rating
energy consumption (kWh/yr)
energy consumption (kWh/yr)
energy star rating
noise dB(A)
noise rating in wash mode dB(A)
fabric care
150 minutes
185 minutes
(without cooldown)
800 x 600 x 602
850 x 600 x 580
LCD display
auto-sensing option
child lock
delicates setting
internal drum light
silk setting
wash programs
number of programs
woollens setting
jeans setting
favourite program memory
damp program
cotton/daily cotton
strong program
extra dry function (cottons + synthetics)
synthetics, delicates, wool, handwash
iron function
easy iron
crease-free option
Iron Aid™ program
refresh program
dryness level setting
sensitive plus
mix program
quick 14
cooling program (refresh/gentle cycle)
night cycle
ease of use
rinse, drain + spin
front lint filter
delicate spin
clean lint filter LED
wash options
empty condenser reservoir reminder LED
LCD control panel
quick wash/time save
delay start options
extra rinse
drying time*
delay start
variable spin speeds
3 chamber detergent dispenser drawer
(pre-wash/wash/fabric conditioner)
water inlet
water pressure requirements – kPa (min-max)
levelling legs – adjustable
time to program start/delay/end
warning lights
cold only
remote element – rear
safety thermostat heater
child safety lock door
product (h x w x d) mm
850 x 600 x 630
product (h x w x d) mm
^ WELS Standard: AS/NZS 6400.2005
door opening width (mm)
element drying power (watts)**
stacking kit – CN12-3
optional extra
optional extra
pedestal + laundry basket – PDSTDRW04
optional extra
optional extra
* Drying time is based on standard load - can vary due to fabric type used and includes cooling stage
at end of cycle. ** Suitable for standard 10Amp circuit.
For more information please contact:
Australia 1300 363 640 www.electrolux.com.au
New Zealand 09 573 2230 www.electrolux.co.nz
electrolux premium laundry 11
electrolux top service
Electrolux Top Service encompasses the after sales service including Delivery, Home Service
and Spare Parts.
The purchase of a new appliance is an exciting experience.
Electrolux customers can, for an additional charge, choose to
have their new appliance delivered by our experienced staff.
This service, at the customer’s option, includes the removal and
recycling of packaging materials and even the old appliance
if necessary. Delivery is available in Adelaide, Brisbane,
Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. It may not be available in some
rural locations and is not available in New Zealand.
home service
Home Service is provided for repairs to appliances by
trained technicians. For repairs to appliances that are
outside the manufacturer’s warranty period and not required
as a result of a manufacturing defect, a service fee is
payable. Home Service is available throughout Australia and
New Zealand.
spare parts
Home Service and Spare Parts can be contacted by
phone using our toll free national numbers.
Service 13 13 49
Spare Parts 13 13 50
New Zealand
Service 0800 10 66 10
Spare Parts 0800 10 66 20
customer care
For more information on Electrolux products, please call
our Customer Care team or visit our website.
1300 363 640
New Zealand
09 573 2230
rinted on Monza Satin Recycled Art stock containing
55% recycled material & 45% from sustainable forests.
Electrolux Home Products warrants that for domestic
applications the Electrolux Premium Laundry products
featured in this brochure are free from defects in materials
and workmanship for 2 years (3 months warranty for
commercial applications). All warranties are subject to the
conditions set out in the warranty card accompanying the
product when purchased.
product information
The descriptors and illustrations in this publication apply
to the specific products and models described as at the
date of issue. Under our policy of continuous product
development, product specifications may change without
notice. Prospective purchasers should therefore check with
their retailer to ensure this publication correctly describes
the products that are being offered for sale. All information
supplied is to be used for general reference purposes only
and is on the understanding that Electrolux Home Products
Pty Ltd will not be liable for any loss, liability or damage
of whatever kind arising as a result of reliance on such
information. Colours of products illustrated are as close as
printing limitations allow.
Electrolux Home Products
telephone: 1300 363 640
1800 350 067
New Zealand
telephone: 09 573 2230
09 573 2221
The Thoughtful Design Innovator.
Do you remember the last time you opened a gift that made you say “Oh! How did you know?
That’s exactly what I wanted!” That’s the kind of feeling that the designers at Electrolux seek to
evoke in everyone who chooses or uses one of our products. We devote time, knowledge, and
a great deal of thought to anticipating and creating the kind of appliances that our customers
really need and want.
This kind of thoughtful care means innovating with insight. Not design for design’s sake, but
design for the user’s sake. For us, thoughtful design means making appliances easier to use and
tasks more enjoyable to perform, freeing our customers to experience that ultimate 21st century
luxury, ease of mind. Our aim is to make this ease of mind more available to more people in more
parts of their everyday lives, all over the world. So when we say we’re thinking of you, you know
we mean just that.
The “Thinking of you” promise from Electrolux goes beyond meeting the needs of today’s
consumers. It also means we’re committed to making appliances safe for the environment—now
and for future generations.
Electrolux. Thinking of you.
Share more of our thinking at www.electrolux.com.au or www.electrolux.co.nz
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