Panasonic UF 5300
Plain Paper Laser Fax
Power faxing at your fingertips
SEND with speed and confidence
High-speed and Reliable Scanning
Built for true business-level faxing, the UF-5300 is equipped with a 50-page
automatic document feeder which can quickly scan documents at a rate of
3 seconds per page. With a touch of a button, multi-page documents are on
their way and you are free to tackle more important tasks!
480-page Capacity Document Memory
With its high–capacity 8MB document memory, the UF-5300 can store up to 480
pages*1. That’s more than enough memory to easily handle several high-volume
jobs at once. No wasted downtime!
*1 Based on ITU-T Image No.1 scanned in standard mode.
Job Build
When a large job exceeds the ADF capacity, the UF-5300 lets you batch feed the
job into memory. After which the job is assembled into a single transmission.
Just one of the many convenient features designed to handle large jobs and
save valuable time!
Super Fast Fax Transmission
The UF-5300 can transmit a document in as few as 3 seconds thanks to its
Super G3-compatible 33.6 kbps modem. With Quick Memory Transmission, the
UF-5300 starts dialling as soon as the first page is scanned in. Another time
-saving feature for sending large, multi-page documents!
3 seconds
250 Standard
Paper tray capacity
Reliable ADF
with Job Build
RECEIVE with interruption-free convenience
250-sheet Capacity Tray
8,000-page Capacity All-in-One Cartridge
With 250 sheets of paper in the standard tray, the UF-5300 is
Running out of toner in the middle of receiving a fax is
always ready to receive large volumes of faxes.
annoying. The All-in-One cartridge with a print capacity up
to 8,000 pages*3 means less frequent replacement, simple
100-sheet Reception Tray
changing, and one less worry! If toner runs out in the middle
The reception tray holds up to 100 pages. No worries about
of reception, the received data will be automatically stored in
large jobs overflowing the tray. Just pick up your faxes when
the memory.
you are ready!
*3 Based on ITU-T Image No.1 scanned in multiple copy mode. Yield may vary
according to operating conditions and environment where the machine is installed.
Junk Fax Filter
Receive To Memory
Block junk faxes by registering unwanted fax numbers. It’s a
In order to limit the access to the received faxes, you can set
great way to prevent wasted paper, toner and valuable time
the UF-5300 to store them into the memory temporarily.
on junk faxes. Blocked fax numbers can be confirmed in the
A 4 digit password is required to retrieve them.
fax communication log.
OPERATE intuitively
SECURITY for information
Ergonomically Designed Panel
The UF-5300 comes equipped with advanced fax transmission
The UF-5300 features an
security. Three levels of protection prevent you from accidently
ergonomically designed operation
sending faxes to the wrong party.
panel. All the hard keys are laid out
1. Direct Dial “Re-Entry”
logically and labeled clearly for
When enabled, you are asked to re-enter the fax number or
stress-free operation. Status
Email address twice before the machine starts sending the fax.
indicator lets you know at a glance when the machine is in
2. Direct Dial “Blocking”
use or requires attention.
The UF-5300 can be set to prevent all direct dialling. You can
only send faxes to phone numbers listed in the machines
340-Station Auto Dialler
address book.
Frequently used fax numbers can be programmed into any of
3. On-Screen Address Confirmation
the 40 one-touch or 300 abbreviated buttons in memory for
In this mode, the UF-5300 displays the registered name of the
easy mistake-free faxing.
recipient on the display, allowing you to make sure that the fax
is transmitted to the intended party.
Directory Search with the QWERTY keyboard
Inputting directory information is easy with the familiar
QWERTY keyboard. The large keys also make directory
searching simple. Just input the first few letters and it will
Built-in maintenance
and support
list matching names on the LCD. Use the up and down keys
to navigate the list and select the name you are looking for.
Keep your work flowing with maintenance support features
like Check & Call for automatic reporting of low-toner status
Backlit LCD
and mechanical problems. Additionally the UF-5300 features
The UF-5300 features easy-to-read backlit LCD for a clear
a built in Remote Diagnostic System for fast troubleshooting
display of information.
by technicians via the telephone line or Internet.
• Auto Dialler One-touch: up to 40 stations (including program keys)
Abbreviated: up to 300 stations
Digit of Telephone number (up to 36 digits)
• Program keys (up to 8 Programs)
• Multi-Tasking Operation
• Directory Search Dialling
• Misdial Prevention
• Directory Sheet Print
• Intelligent Redial
• Chain Dialling
• Distinctive Ring Detector (DRD)
• Quick Memory Transmission
• Multi-station Transmission (up to 352 stations)
• Automatic Memory Retransmission
• Deferred Transmission
• Deferred Multi-station Transmission
• Priority Direct Transmission
• Edit File Mode with View Mode
• Automatic Cover Sheet
• Junk Fax Filter
• Receive to Memory
• Substitute Reception
• Selective Reception
• Number of memory job files (Max. 10 files)
• Fax Forward
• Polling / Multi-station Polling (up to 352 stations)
• Deferred Polling/Deferred Multi-Station Polling
• Confidential Mail Box*1 (10 mail boxes)
• Password Transmission/Reception*1
• ITU-T Sub-address Transmission
• Panasonic Super Smoothing (Fax/Copy)
• 64-Level Halftone
• Automatic/Fixed Reduction
• Overlapping Print
• Collation Stack
• Verification Stamp
• Communication Journal with image data
• Header/Total Page Print
• Transaction Journal with view mode
• Fax Access Code(Fax Lock)
• PIN Code Access
• Fax/Tel Auto Switch
• External TAM Interface
• Remote Reception
• LCD Display with Backlight (20 x 2 lines)
• Energy Saver
• Remote Diagnostic System*2
• Check & Call Function
• Handset Kit (UE-403186)*3
Handset Kit
• All-In-One Print Cartridge (UG-3380)
8000 pages*3
UF-5300 Specifications
Modem Speed
Coding Scheme
Transmission Speed*5
Document Size
ITU-T Group 3, ECM
33.6 kbps - 2.4 kbps with automatic fallback
Approx. 3 sec.
Max. 257 mm x 2000 mm (with operator's assistance)
Min. 148 mm x 128 mm
Effective Scanning Width
208 mm
Automatic Document Feeder Up to 50 sheets (A4)
Scanning Resolution (Fax)
Standard: 8 dots/mm x 3.85 lines/mm
8 dots/mm x 7.7 lines/mm
Super Fine: 8 dots/mm x 15.4 lines/mm
16 dots/mm x 15.4 lines/mm*10
Scanning Speed*7
Approx. 3 sec. (A4, Standard mode)
Recording Method
Laser printing on plain paper
Recording Paper Size
A4 / Letter / Legal
Effective Recording Width
202 mm (A4)
Recording Paper Capacity
250 sheets (75 g/m2)
Recording Resolution
Fax / Copy 406 dpi x 391 dpi
Image Memory Capacity*8
8 MB (Approx. 480 pages)
Power Requirements
AC 220 - 240V, 60 Hz
Power Consumption
Max. Approx. 490 W
Sleep mode: 2.4 Wh
Dimensions (W x D x H)*9
370 mm x 474 mm x 253 mm
9.3 kg (Excluding consumable supplies and optional equipment)
Panafax proprietary features work only with selected Panafax machines.
Requires Remote Diagnostic System software
Not available for certain countries
Based on ITU-T Image No.1 scanned in multiple copy mode. Yield may vary according to operating conditions and
environment where the machine is installed.
*5 Transmission time applies to memory transmission of text data using only ITU-T Image No. 1 between the same
models at maximum modem speed. Transmission time may vary in actual usage. Usually public telephone lines can
only support communications speeds of 28.8 Kbps or lower. Via PBX, transmission speed may fall back to a lower
*6 Using 60 g/m2 sheet. Set the documents as stairs shape.
*7 Scanning speed applies to the feeding process from the top to the end of a single page test chart. The time for the
feeding process does not include the time that it takes for the top edge of the page to reach the scanning point and
page ejection. Time for entire storing process is not applied.
*8 Based on ITU-T Image No. 1 scanned in Standard mode.
*9 Dimensions and weight are approximate.
*10 Interpolated resolution
Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
253 mm
474 mm
370 mm
MG-C503EE 0901 Printed in Japan
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