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HA 450
k 450
k 480 NC
AKG’s HA 450 is a complete accessory kit for the
high-end foldable mini-headphones K 450 and
K 480 NC. The communication kit is compatible with
most modern electronic devices and allows you
to upgrade your AKG headphones to your needs.
Not only can you upgrade your K 450/K 480 NC
to a mobile-phone headset, you can also connect
to most of the popular BlackBerry and Nokia
models — and of course, your iPhone.
HA 450
With its included microphone, the HA 450 even
allows you to use your AKG headphones as a VOIP
headset by simply connecting the communication
kit to your laptop or PC. Customize your AKG
headphones any way you want!
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