FV300 FLAMEVision Brochure

FV300 FLAMEVision Brochure
FLAMEVision FV300
Array Based Infrared Flame Detectors
The FLAMEVision Flame Detector utilises infrared array
based flame detection combined with optional integral CCTV
designed to automatically and reliably identify flame incidents
and pinpoint the location on a video image.
By using an array as the sensing component, the FLAMEVision
detectors are designed to locate the angular position of the
fire within the field of view. The detectors use this information
to provide superimposed location information on a composite
video output from an optional internal CCTV camera and to
signal the coordinates of this location on its data output. This
information allows the operator to quickly verify the alarm and
implement the necessary actions. It also provides a valuable
tool for nuisance alarm control and event audit processes.
FLAMEVision Features
• Optional built-in CCTV to assist with rapid response
• Fast, reliable flame detection using infrared detection
• Simplifies alarm handling when monitored from remote
control room
• Provides immediate visual ID of alarm location
• Robust housing with heated optics
• Automatic monitoring of detector functionality including
signal transmission through window status
• 256 infrared sensor array monitoring the field of view to
separately identify flame and non flame sources
• Range of integral interface options
• Masking of part of field of view in software configuration
• Over 50m detection range with 90° field of view
• Remote video monitoring with fire location and detector
• Automatic Optical Integrity Monitoring
The FLAMEVision offers a major improvement in both flame
detection capability and immunity to nuisance alarm sources
over triple IR detectors. It also includes features designed to
reduce maintenance requirements.
The FLAMEVision range of detectors provide, as standard, the
following system interface:
• Voltage-free relay contacts for alarm and fault,
programmable as normally open or normally closed
• An analogue output current, in the range 4 to 20mA,
proportional to the flame detection signal
RS485 serial data port suitable for network connection
using a MODBUS protocol
Video output compatible with twisted pair video cable
• Highly sensitive to flame, thus increasing probability of early
detection of hydrocarbon fires over a longer range
• Designed to detect flames through smoke and through high
densities of solvent vapours thus increasing the probability of early
detection of hydrocarbon fires
• Insensitive to artificial light sources, such as halogen lights
• Consistent, high sensitivity, flame detection throughout a 90° field
of view due to 256 individual sensors
• Consistent detection of different types of hydrocarbon fuels from
alcohol to aviation fuel with range or size of fire related to calorific
value of the fuel
• Pinpoint location of the fire within the field of view enabling more
effective counter measures to be taken
• Regular self-testing of critical electronic circuits and regular
monitoring of the detector window (OIM) reducing the frequency of
regular maintenance visits
• Integral flame simulation for verification of detection path enabling
either easy walk-testing of the installation or testing by remote
control to ensure continued reliability of the detector operation.
• Options of different system interfaces as standard
• Sealed to IP66 and IP67 (when suitable cable gland and sealant are
used) ensuring long term reliability in harsh environments
• Software masking of identified unwanted sources of radiation in the
detector field of view
FLAMEVision alarm superimposed on a CCTV image
(Illustration only)
FLAMEVision Dimensions
Adjustable Mounting Bracket and
Surface Mounting Dimensions
Mechanical Characteristics
Environmental Characteristics
Mounting bracket
Operating temperature
Operating temperature
Maximum temperature
Storage temperature
Detection window
Camera window
Guard/label plate
Mounting bracket
Exposed Fasteners
155.5 mm
152.0 mm
92.0 mm
4 kg
1.54 kg
Stainless steel 316L,
BS 3146: Part 2
Toughened glass
Stainless steel 316S16 to BS
1449: Part 2
Stainless steel 316S16 to BS
1449: Part 2
Stainless steel 316 A4
Electronic modules
Fibreglass substrate
Electrical access
FV311 series detectors
Standard M20 gland holes (2)
FV312 series detectors
Multi twisted pair screened cable
Interface outputs
MODBUS / 4-20mA / Fire and fault relay / Video Out
Relative humidity
Enclosure Protection
Enclosure protection
-40°C to + 80°C (no camera)
+10°C to + 55°C (incl. camera)
120°C (for 10 minutes max.)
-40°C to + 80°C
Up to 99% (non condensing)
Tested to IP66 and IP67
Normal operating
atmospheric pressure
910 mbar to 1055 mbar
Heat Radiation
Heat radiation from sun
0 to 1kWm2 typical
Camera Specification
Composite video
Horizontal resolution
Light Sensitivity (-30 IRE)
Iris / Exposure control
(1V p-p) into 75 Ohm
Standard 450 TVL
0.3 Lux
Elect. 1/50 - 1/100,000 sec
Array Based Infrared Flame Detectors
Vibration & Shock
The following maximum levels are applicable:
1.24 mm displacement
Operational vibration
(from 5 Hz to 14.2 Hz)
1.0 g (from 14.2 to 150 Hz)
Operational shock/impact 20.0ms2
Electromagnetic Compatibility
Tested to the following levels:
10V/m (from 80MHz to 2GHz)
Radiated radio frequency
30V/m (from 415MHz to 466MHz)
30V/m (from 890MHz to 960MHz)
Conducted radio frequency 10V/m (from 150kHz to 100MHz)
Fast electrical transient
± 2kV (applied for 5 minutes)
± 2.4kV
Slow high-energy surge
± 8kV (air discharge)
Electrostatic discharge
± 6 kV (contact discharge)
Flameproof Certification
All variants of the FLAMEVision detector are designed to comply
with EN 50 014 and EN 50 018 for flameproof enclosures. They
are certified: ATEX code: II 2 G Cenelec code: EEx d IIC T4 (-40°C to
+80°C) and T5 (-40°C to +65°C) Under ATEX certificate number
Baseefa04ATEX0176X. This certification shows the FLAMEVision
detectors are certified ‘flameproof’, meeting the requirements of EN
50014 and EN 540018. They are classified as suitable for zones
1 and 2 areas over an ambient temperature range -40°C to +80°C
for temperature class T4 gasses, or up to +65°C for temperature
classification T5 gasses. IECEX certificate BAS 07.0048X.
Electrical Characteristics
Supply Voltage 20Vdc to 30Vdc
up to 10W (depending on model)
158mA @ 24Vdc (no camera fitted)
196mA @ 24Vdc (incl. camera)
166mA @ 24Vdc (no camera fitted)
205mA @ 24Vdc (incl. camera)
Additional current when using 4-20mA output in source mode
4.0mA @ 24Vdc
11.5mA @ 24Vdc
Stabilise Time 5 to 20 minutes after power up
Ordering Information
516.300.006 FV311S cable gland entries no camera
516.300.008 FV311SC cable gland entries - PAL camera
516.300.007 FV311SC-N cable gland entries - NTSC camera
516.300.055 FV312S sealed back box - no camera
516.300.057 FV312SC sealed back box - PAL camera
516.300.056 FV312SC-N sealed back box - NTSC camera
Ancillary equipment
517.300.001 MB300 FLAMEVision Mounting Bracket
517.300.002 WH300 FLAMEVision Weather Hood
517.300.021 WT300 FLAMEVision Walk Test Tool
517.300.022 CTI300 FLAMEVision Off-line Config. Tool
517.300.006 MK300 FLAMEVision Field Spares Kit
FLAMEVision Coverage Plan - Horizontal
FLAMEVision Coverage Plan - Vertical
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